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6 Challenges Thrown Towards Salesforce by COVID-19 with Simple Solution

6 Challenges Thrown Towards Salesforce by COVID-19 with Simple Solution

Sales in coronavirus are gone to the lowest of the lowest point. First, lockdown and now strict implementation of social distancing has made the sales road very slippery for salesmen. However, salespeople are known to turn the adverse situation into their favor with their charming tactics.

But, when salesman can’t personally visit his prospective lead, thus he can’t impress clients with his professional and engaging sales pitch. Now, this curveball has hit salespeople very hard and completely knocked them out of their axis. If your sales department is spinning around aimlessly, you can’t run your operations for very long because sales are the bloodline of your business. Sales team challenges are gigantic today without any solid solution. But, there’s always a solution.

How Can Salesforce Overcome COVID-19 Challenges?

Sales in coronavirus are very hard, but not impossible. The sales team challenges list might have increased with coronavirus, which means you have to understand new challenges and find a solution to overcome them. At TrackOlap, we are thriving our sales in the pandemic because we have understood the prevailing market trends and developed our salesforce coronavirus app. With the salesforce coronavirus tracking system, you can easily address all the salesforce coronavirus challenges.

Challenge 1. Clients Are Reluctant

COVID-19 isn’t a pandemic anymore; it is fear. People are in fear today; they are worried about their health, they are stressed about their work, and they surely confused about the coming changes. Thus, when people are under stress, they definitely don’t want to invest in your sales because they aren’t thinking about growth anymore.

Thud, it is harder to convince your new clients to even listen to your sales pitch. Plus, clients don’t want to meet new people personally, no matter whether you are wearing PPE kit. That’s why you have to follow the emotional approach with your clients. You should call all your new, old, and even prospective clients and ask them how they are coping with new changes and their future plans. In your call, don’t talk about sales anywhere; just tell them how you have prepared a plan to grow in coronavirus.

If you use the salesforce coronavirus app to record your calls, you can review calls later on and understand your clients' behavioral patterns once you have adequate data to understand the behavior of your clients in the prevailing market conditions. Then, your intelligent sales team can prepare a new COVID-19 sales policy easily.

Challenge 2. Clients Are Pulling Out

Today, sales team challenges don’t only include getting new clients. No, they have a bigger challenge to retain their existing clients because numerous companies are planning to disinvest to cover their losses. So, it is a challenge for salespeople to stop their existing clients from pulling out.

You can use the salesforce coronavirus tracking dashboard smartly to retain your existing clients. How? Well, there are a couple of tactics that you can try to retain your clients including –

  • Timely Delivery – You can assure your clients that you can deliver the services and even after-sales services swiftly. Using the virtual dashboard, you can immediately direct customers to your employees who are available right now. Your sales employees can handle queries of your clients using virtual methods and immediately notify you of the work status.

  • Share Employees Credentials – Mostly, businessmen analyze the personality of salespeople before giving the contract. The small hand gestures, sitting manners, and posture of the salesperson talk a lot about his or her personality. As now, clients can’t personally access sales forces, so you can drive information related to your sales employees' skills and experience from your dashboard and share with your clients and assure them that your employees are viable to handle operations during unfavorable conditions also.

  • Man to Man Marking – It is a hockey trick where one player is set behind one opponent player. In sales, you can mark your one salesperson behind your one client. You can ask your salesman to send you a minute to minute details of your clients through software like how they are coping with the current situation, how eager are they to grow, and so on. You can even ask your employees to constantly stay in touch with clients through calls, even when they are working from home. With the automatic activity tracker, you can ensure that your employees are on the right track or not.

Challenge 3. Handling Safety Concerns of Clients

If you are providing a niche-specific sales services, sales team challenges are going to be even tougher. For instance, people in food delivery businesses have to ensure their customers that their food is delivered after following all the safety protocols. Similarly, you have to show your clients before they are asking how you have followed the security protocols. You have to show how serious you are about your employees and clients well being.

Today, work from home is highly promoted by government and health care services, so you need to set up a proper work from home system. This will show your clients how serious and innovative you are. You can install TrackOlap desktop monitoring software in your company and train your employees to use it. When your clients see that you have made genuine efforts to serve them with safety, they will never think of going anywhere else.

Challenge 4. Keeping your Clients Engaged

The sales team has to maintain a cordial relationship with clients. They have to constantly stay in touch with all the clients. However, present conditions won’t allow salespeople to visit their clients frequently and keep them engaged so they won’t think of going anywhere else. This challenge is quite tricky, but using the salesforce coronavirus app, you can overcome it as well.

The desktop monitoring app has a special calendar feature where you can record all the important dates like their employees' birthdays and holidays. You can now use this feature to record special details like your clients' birthday, work anniversary, or festivals list, and you can send gifts or greetings to your clients on those special dates. This small gesture is quite effective to impress your clients and keep them engaged in your services. One simple thought can build a better relationship with you and your clients. And, having a loyal client is the way towards success.

Challenge 5. Providing Effective Service

Today, numerous clients are holding back some services because they think companies can’t provide high-quality work in the crisis. They think that companies don’t have adequate staff and tools to provide premium quality services during the pandemic. Thus, salesforce has to find a way to convince their new and old clients that COVID-19 hasn’t impacted their service quality in any way.

Showing your clients that your team is working harder than ever can show them automatically generated performance reports. The employee efficiency software will automatically generate performance reports based on multiple factors such as working hours, idle hours, activity details, and other performance factors. You can share a performance report with your clients and show them how your employees' productivity hasn’t comprised a bit.

Challenge 6. Cybersecurity Concerns

Due to coronavirus, you might be taking your sales services online, but some clients won’t be comfortable sharing their personal data virtually. This concern of clients is viable because cybersecurity is a major issue ahead of us. When all the business activities and transactions are being performed online, the problem of security is going to be difficult to manage.

But, if you are using a dedicated portal to share information between your sales team and clients, you can offer an extra layer of security to your clients. With third-party apps, you have no control over the security system. Your or your clients' information can be easily hacked. But, when you have a dedicated software, operated over a dedicated network along with the secured cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about cyber threats. When you tell your clients about the cybersecurity efforts you have taken, this will definitely relieve some of their hesitations.

Be Prepare for the Change

If you want to overcome the sales challenges thrown by COVID-19, you have to be prepared. Indeed coronavirus will bring some changes in the traditional methods. But, you don’t need to get scared of them. You have to welcome all the challenges, and by using the innovative technological approach, you have to find a way to overcome them.

You can take a new step towards the change by calling the TrackOlap team and getting a demo from them. With one call, you can make corona-proof your sales team.


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