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TrackOlap™ is an awesome HR management software to build interactive experiences for your people using insightful data.
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Product Information
What is TrackOlap™ HR Management?
TrackOlap™ HR management program is a dedicated platform to automate all your HR operations. We provide a complete HR management solution that can handle payroll, time tracking, and employee data with fluid movements. Make your HR department more effective and productive with competent HR software today!
Here's how TrackOlap™ HR Management can help you :-
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Automate HR operations to
save time
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It helps HR managers to make strategies to achieve goals
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Ability to track, manage and monitor Employee
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Quickly manage payroll and company policies
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What TrackOlap™ HR Management Bring to Your Table?
TrackOlap™ HR management suite is laced with advanced human resource
management technologies to automate people handling in your organization.
How Can TrackOlap™ HR Management Help?
TrackOlap™ HRM will save time and improve HR
managers' efficiency instantly
Manage Your HR With Ease, With our System's Amazing Features
Capture Attendance
TrackOlap is designed as a time tracker, expense tracker and project management tool. It has simplified the reporting system for remote managers to regulate their productivity, provide timely feedback and make wise decisions. TrackOlap provides a complete solution for remote managers who do not have access to their team members' calendars or email inboxes.With our Attendance app, you can see who is on site and where they are at any time for your teams.
Geotagged attendance
punch in/out
Punch in/out from anywhere
Monthly Attendance Reports
punch in/out
Attendance Data Analytics
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Maintain leave policies
Simply create and maintain leave applying, leave approval, and rejection policies to build a transparent workflow in your organization. Our leave management software simplifies your organization’s processes and improves user experience by creating a more transparent workflow. It integrates well with other tools like claims processing software, allowing you to create a single platform that includes all of your employee data.
leave policy
Customizable leave policies
leave policy
Group-wise leave policies
leave policy
Manage Multiple Types Of Leaves
leave policy
Manage Holidays And Non Working Days
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Manage Salaries of employees
TrackOlap is a cloud-based solution that helps you create an individual salary structure for each employee based on his or her category, specifications, and other business requirements. This feature allows you to create a flexible pay scale without sacrificing loyalty from your employees.
salary element
Add salary elements
Add salary elements
analytics and alert
Team's Analytics & Alerts
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Add Salary Templates
Add salary elements
analytics and alert
Salary Revision
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Payrun and Salary slip
Save time by automatically generating payslips in our payroll management system, HR managers can focus on other important things rather than creating payrolls. You'll be able to track employee wages and hours, calculate taxes and bonuses, as well as generate payslips for your employees in just a few clicks.
save time
Save time
automatic salary
Automatic salary slips
save time
Payslip Templates
automatic salary
Reduce Workload
Automatic Payslips Generator
Pricing Overview
Now get start from our different types of Plans which
suits your business
Basic HRM
Starting from $ 3.5 / user/ Month
Basic + Payroll
Starting from $ 4.5 / user/ Month
Payroll + Policy Center
Starting from $ 5.5 / user/ Month
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HRMS or HRIM is a suite of software that allows companies to manage their internal HR affairs. This program can record all people's data in a centralized dashboard and provide access to the authorized person to take further action.

TrackOlap™ HRM dashboard developed to integrate, manage and automate all your routine HR processes. It is embedded with a variety of functions, including organizing and managing employee details and a payroll calculator. It is a complete solution to manage your HR resources.

Human Resource management is important for big and small companies to secure top talent, build a strong onboarding process, improve employee retention and save time. It is very important for modern businesses to manage their people using advanced technology.

TrackOlap™ human resource management software will provide a complete solution to manage payroll, perform basic HR functions and manage policies with a click.

Our HR platform is for everyone. Regardless of your company size or operations, you can use our HR software to empower your human resources team with automation.
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