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What is the TrackOlap IT & Helpdesk solution?
TrackOlap IT & Helpdesk solution is designed to enhance the overall customer experience. Our platform provides businesses with customer services management and asset management suites to improve customer/employee engagement across all communication channels. We empower organizations to instantly handle technical queries of their users.
Here's how TrackOlap IT & Helpdesk solution can help you : -
assign tickets
Assign tickets to the right team members
resolve tickets
Resolve tickets with the fast internal communication
customer experience
Improve customer experience
technical assistance
Ability to provide technical assistance from anywhere
Help Desk Software
TrackOlap IT & Helpdesk designed to convert support issues and requests into tickets
so assigned employees can resolve tickets on priority.
How Can TrackOlap IT & Helpdesk Help?
TrackOlap IT & Helpdesk solution will provide full support
to improve internal customer service workflow to enhance
customer experience.
TrackOlap IT & Helpdesk solution will provide full support to improve internal customer service workflow to enhance customer experience.
Create a workflow for Customer service
Easily assign customer service tickets to the right person and follow up ticket resolution status to handle customer queries on the spot.
assign cases
Assign cases
cloud calling
Integrated cloud calling
assign cases
Multiple Workflow
cloud calling
Stage Based Authentication
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line svg Best Help Desk System
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Assign the cases to employees
TrackOlap dashboard allows you to assign tickets to the right employee and monitor the progress in real-time for effective customer services.
automatic report
Automatic reports
realtime monitoring
Real-time monitoring
automatic report
Task Assignment
realtime monitoring
Case Assigning to Employees
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mobile svg
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Manage all the office assets
Ability to manage all office assets department-wise in proper categories to eliminate asset wastage and mismanagement.
asset holder
Search the asset holder
Search the asset holder
asset category
Add asset categories
asset holder
Barcode Scanning
Search the asset holder
asset category
Maintain Asset Record
mobile svg
Allocation of assets
We can help you instantly find your office assets and organize them in a systematic manner for quick access at the time of need.
vendor management
Vendor management
repaired assets
Lost or repaired assets
vendor management
Department Wise Asset Allocation
repaired assets
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Office asset management software helps to keep a record of all your purchased or rented office assets. It can align asset costs to services so you can acquire the right resources within your budget.

Customer service management software is bundled with the technologies that companies can use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. It helps to address customer complaints instantly to enhance the customer experience.

Providing high-quality customer services is the end goal of every business organization that can be easily managed with IT & Helpdesk solutions. It allows companies to serve their customers with fast and accurate services while aligning all internal affairs and assets.

Yes, our IT & Helpdesk solutions are simple to understand due to intuitive interface and graphics. But, if you need any help, you can book a free demo anytime.

Everyone. Our software can easily scale up or down as per your business needs. Therefore, from small to large teams, anyone can use our software.
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