Field Sales Automation Software

One-stop solution to manage all field sales operations!

TrackOlap Field Sales Automation toolkit is gunned with live tracking, monitoring, and reporting features that will always keep you connected with your field forces.
Geo Based Attendance

Live Tracking & Travel History

Customer Visits & Check In/ Out

Easy to Analyze Dashboard
Field Sales Automation Software

Field Sales Automation

Powerful Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting Platform

Field Sales Automation Software
Eliminate guesswork using a live tracking dashboard to always know what, when and how your team behaved in real-time. TrackOlap live tracking constantly.
Geo Based Attendance
Live Tracking & Travel History
Customer Visits & Check In/ Out
Easy to Analyze Dashboard
Our Amazing Features
Dynamic Features to Make Your Field Sales Operations Effective and Visible
Attendance Management
Manage Attendance
Allow your field employees to punch in and out their attendance from anywhere.
Location Tracking
Location Tracking
Know what and when your field employees are doing in real-time.
Total distance traveled
Total distance traveled
Insightful report on how much distance individual team members have traveled.
Journey Replay
Journey Replay
You can replay detailed step-by-step movements of each field worker.
Customer Visits
Customer Visits
Assign customer visits to your employees who are nearby the location.
Manage Customer Database
Manage Customer Database
Record your customers' name, address, and all the other details in a place.
Turn By Turn Navigation
Turn-By-Turn Navigation
Powerful Employee GPS tracker to know the exact location of your field Employees.
Custom Forms
Custom Forms
Custom forms help employees to get instant feedback from customers.
Meeting Report Summary
Meeting Report Summary
Sales reps can share meeting details with their managers in real-time.
Centralized Dashboard
Centralized Dashboard
Manage your field sales operations through a centralized dashboard to get complete insights.
Mobile App
Mobile App
TrackOlap Field Sales Automation is a mobile-based app that you can download on any smart device.
How TrackOlap Field Sales Automation Works!
Empower Your Field Forces with Simple yet Intuitive TrackOlap
Field Sales Automation Solution
Empower Your Field Forces with Simple yet Intuitive TrackOlap Field Sales Automation Solution
Mobile-centric Attendance
TrackOlap is a mobile-based solution that allows your field officers to mark their attendance from anywhere.
Geotagged Attendance
Geotagged attendance
Punch in/out from anywhere
Punch in/out from anywhere
Mobile Centric Attendance line svg
mobile svg
line svg Live Tracking
mobile svg
Route Mapping and Travel History
You can replay routes taken by your field employees and maintain travel history to reduce fuel consumption.
Live route tracking
Live route tracking
Past route tracking
Past \route tracking
Route Tracking and Travel History line svg
mobile svg
Custom Form Builder line svg
Custom Form Builder to create Sales/Task Forms
Using different text, numerical and other elements, you can customize forms for your field workers.
Attractive Forms
Attractive forms
Attractive forms
Digital Signatures
Digital signatures
mobile svg
line svg
Assign Tasks to your Sales Executive
Allows you to assign tasks to every team member based on their availability status and check progress in real-time.
Easy Task Allotment
Easy task allotment
Monitor Task Progress
Monitor a task progress
Tasks to Your Sales System
mobile svg
line svg Custom Check in/out
Customer Check In/ Out, by Sales Executive
Sales reps can check in a customer before starting a meeting and check out once it is over via mobile app.
Monitor Meeting
Monitor a meeting status
Customer check in/out
One-click customer check-in/out
mobile svg
Meeting Summary and Reports
Managers can monitor complete meeting summaries and make well-informed decisions based on automated reports.
Detailed Reports
Detailed reports
Complete Meeting Details
Complete meeting details
Meeting Summary and Reports
How It Can Help ?
How Can TrackOlap Streamline Your Sales Operations In No Time
Stamp Attendance Anytime
Stamp your attendance anytime and anywhere
Field employees can mark their attendance using mobile applications from any time and anywhere. Managers can monitor individual employees' attendance in real-time and generate insightful performance reports.
featuresPunch in and out attendance
featuresReal-time synchronization of attendance status
Live Location Tracking
Comprehensive live location tracking with historical data
TrackOlap Field Force Management App will show you the employee live location of each field sales rep on the map to better assign tasks. Our tool can save historical location data for effective team management.
featuresEmployee Live GPS tracking
featuresRecords minute location details
Cusotmer Visits and Navigation
Easily schedule & manage Customer Visits & Navigate the meeting venue
Our intelligent meeting booking and scheduling platform empower you to manage different client visits faster. You can quickly assign hot leads to your sales reps and gain a competitive edge with TrackOlap.
featuresTrack all client visits
featuresGet instant feedback from your clients
Detailed Meeting Summaries
Detailed meeting summaries and insightful reports
Managers can receive minute details on how a sales rep performed in the meeting. You can generate graphical reports on your individual field workers' performance to ensure they are being productive throughout the meeting.
featuresOne-click performance reports
featuresInstant feedback
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Frequently Asked Questions

Field sales automation is a process of streamlining field sales operations like meeting customers, assigning tasks, creating to-do lists, setting job priorities, sending reports, etc. It helps organizations to smoothly manage their field tasks and improve customer experience.

We have designed TrackOlap Field Sales Automation software after understanding all the needs of field sales reps. Our solution is useful for both managers and field employees to streamline all sales operations and improve customer experience.

Yes, you can anytime book a free demo with our team to know how our software can better help you.

It is legal to track your employees' performance during working hours. For more details, you can check our privacy policies.
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