Employee Live Tracking System Boost Your Business Performance !

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Eliminate guesswork using a Employee live tracking software to always know what, when and how your team behaved in real-time. TrackOlap™ employee live tracking system constantly keeps you informed.
Employee Live Tracking App

Real-time tracking details on the app

Employee Live Tracking softwareGeofence your field workers
Employee Live Tracking tool

Monitor Employees using mobile app

Employee Live TrackingBoost productivity and efficiency
Employee Live Tracking

Employee Live Tracking System Boost Your Business Performance !

Signup to Start Tracking Your Field Force From Anywhere & Any Device

Employee live tracking solution
Eliminate guesswork using a employee live tracking software to always know what, when and how your team behaved in real-time. TrackOlap™ employee live tracking system constantly keeps you informed.
Real time tracking softwareReal-time tracking details on the app
field workers management softwareGeofence your field workers
field Employees management softwareMonitor Employees using mobile app
field employee productivity softwareBoost productivity and efficiency
TrackOlap™ Live Tracking Brings
Why Is TrackOlap Employee Live Tracking App Better?
TrackOlap™ Employee live tracking software is the best in class geofencing and location science technology Employee GPS tracking software that can every moment of your team. Employee Live Tracking App can provide instant notifications, real-time reports, and track minute moments of your field, remote or hybrid teams.
TrackOlap™ live tracking System
employee live location tracker
Live Location
Always know what your team members are up to using dynamic GPS tracking technology.
employee routing playback software
Managers can rewind your team members' activities anytime to monitor their progress and provide helpful feedback to them.
employee live tracking dashboard
Auto Attendance Reports
Analytical dashboard will provide 360-degree view of all your tracking data to generate quick shareable reports with a click.
employee total distance tracking software
Total distance traveled
Managers can keep an eye on their field forces to ensure how much distance they have covered and how much fuel they have consumed in a day.
employee stoppage tracking software
Stoppage details
TrackOlap™ automobile tracker will display every moment of your team members’ vehicle on the map including stoppage details, idle moving, fast moving and so on.
employee live tracking crm
Mobile app
Employee live tracking system is a mobile-based program that allows you to monitor and track 24*7 without any interruption.
How It Can Help ?
Amplify Your Live Tracking Capabilities
With TrackOlap™
Employees time management software
Boost your employee's time management
Instant alerts and real-time tracking will help you better manage your employees time and set their daily schedule to improve their productivity in no time.
bulletInstant alerts
bulletReal-time tracking
Remove time wastes
Remove unwanted time wastes
By creating a route map for your individual team member, you can reduce all the time gaps between different client meetings and keep traffic problem away from your employees life.
employee Route mapping softwareRoute mapping
Control travel expenses
Control travel expenses
You can pick the shortest and safest route for your employees to minimize their fuel usage so that travel expenses won't overburden your accounts department.
employee Expense tracking softwareExpense report
employee GPS tracking softwareGPS tracking
Privacy for employees
Privacy for Employees
Despite the real-time tracking, your employee's privacy will never be compromised with this tool. We have made sure that only authorized people can access your employees' private information.
employee real time tracking softwareSecure dashboard
bulletMaintain privacy
Here's How TrackOlap Live Tracking
System Works
Empower Your Field Forces with Simple yet Intuitive TrackOlap
Field Sales Automation Solution
Empower Your Field Forces with Simple yet Intuitive TrackOlap Field Sales Automation Solution
Employee punches 'in and out' from mobile app
Your employee can punch in and out from a mobile app to mark his or her attendants any time. It will be easy for you to settle quarrels, say no to extra work, and avoid any late arrivals by setting up a schedule in advance without calling for the change.You can easily view time, location and comments to know your employee’s activities.
Geotagged Attendance
Geotagged attendance
Punch in/out from anywhere
Attendance policy
Geotagged Attendance
Maintain In time and Out Time Record
Punch in/out from anywhere
Geo fence based attendance
Mobile Centric Attendance line svg
mobile svg
line svg Live Tracking
mobile svg
Playback of past Dates
Our software can keep a history of up to 3 months, which will allow you to track back your employee's travel data and generate effective reports. Our team can also customize an employee training plan just for you, so you can make sure that all employees are fully trained and ready to work by the time they arrive at your facility.
Live route tracking
Tracking of past dates
Past route tracking
Battery stats
employee Live route tracking software
Speed Violation
Past route tracking software
Stoppage Details
employee Route Tracking and Travel History line svg
mobile svg
Custom Form Builder
Download reports
You can create and download a variety of reports based on your employee's live tracking data to make wise decisions such as vehicle usage reports, fuel reports, and more.
Attractive Forms
Attractive forms
HTML or Excel format reports
Digital Signatures
Scheduling report
Attractive Forms
Report Templates
HTML or Excel format reports
Digital Signatures
Reports Sharing
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Frequently Asked Questions

A real-time fleet tracking software allows users to know the whereabouts of a vehicle at any given point. TrackOlap™ live tracking software is a combination of multiple features such as routing, real-time notifications, and much more. Fleet tracking software is loaded with GPS navigation technology that can track a real-time location and pinpoint on the map. Using this feature, fleet managers can fasten up the delivery process and improve fleet management systems.

Using TrackOlap™, employee tracking is 100% legal. We have a very strict privacy policy and security system that can fully protect your employee's personal data. However, we advise you to have a full discussion with your team before tracking their whereabouts. Also, create a proper employee tracking policy and get consent from your employees before implementing it.

Whether you have a remote, field, or hybrid team, you can use our live tracking system to drive maximum efficiency, productivity and better manage your individual team members' time. Our live tracker is useful for all Indian companies with:
Field workers
Remote employees
Hybrid workers
On-site or off-site staff

Good live tracking software will provide real-time notifications, live tracking on the map, generate effective reports and help you better organize your team. Besides this, TrackOlap™ live tracking software can help you:
Assign tasks in real-time
Improve your staff's safety
Reduce fuel costs
Control speed limit
Lower down operational costs
Boost productivity and efficiency
Theft recovery
Minimize accidents and damages

Yes, real-time GPS time tracking is possible with our software. We use the advanced GPS tracking system to provide accurate and fast tracking information to our customers. If you have any doubts, you can book a demo today to know how real-time tracking actually works.
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