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TrackOlap Facility Management Software is a one-stop solution to manage all your tangible and intangible company assets.
Save your time and money with an automated facility manager.
Increase your productivity
Improve your assets life
Reduce your workload
Save money and time
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What is Facility Management
This software will give the swift decision making power to building managers- to access information anytime and anywhere, limited departmental interventions, make relevant analyses so that important decisions can be taken on timeand reduce dependency of extracting information. Quick Information and Swift Actions make the building operations smooth.s
Here's how the TrackOlap facility management system can help you :-
Ensure regulatory compliance
Fast and accurate reports
Employee insights
Mobility and collaboration
Facility Management System
How It Can Help?
Manage Apartments With Ease, With
Our System's Amazing Features
Easily Manage Your Sales Process & Build Lasting Relationship With Customers
Domestic Help/Vendor Management
Data of Domestic Help/Vendor Management is synced into one management system for the convenience of residents as all information is just one click away from them.
punch in/out
Punch In / Out From Anywhere
employee portal
Employee Portal
Facility Management Software India
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Facility Management Solution
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Footfall Management
Complete digital tracking system to record visitors and vehicles entry inside the building's premises to entirely eliminate the paperwork.
live gps
Live Gps Vehicle Tracking
tracking history
Tracking History of 3 months
Best Facility Management Software
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Top Facility Management Software
Disciplined Security
Every entry and exit into the building is monitored by Apartment Management Software and real time notifications are shared with the residents.
analyze vehicle
SAnalyze Vehicle Utilization
Analyze Vehicle Utilization
analyze driver
Analyze driver performance
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Billing Service
Promptly generated automated bills for various prepaid services for the ease of residents.
driver report
Driver Reports
breaking alerts
Harsh Breaking Alert
Intelligent Task Management system
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manpower management system
Visitors Authentication
Apartment Management Software only let pre approved visitors step foot into the building and visitor approval is gained by residents using OTP authentication.
mark geofence
Mark Geofence On Map
alert in/out
Alert for In/Out
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Intelligent Task Management
Building managers can intelligently allot tasks to their staff and regulate their activities in real time using ons dashboard.
add vehicle
Add Vehicle Groups
role based
Role Based User Hierarchy
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Customer Support Helpdesk
Residents can easily register their complaints regarding their flat or common area in the form of tickets using pre designed custom forms.
reduce fuel
Reduce Fuel Expense
Error-Free & Easy Record Keeping
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Manpower Management
This software will manage all the essential manpower and and track attendance, leave, task performance of all staff life security guards, plumbers, electricians, etc.
vehicle usage
Vehicle Usage & Fuel Reports
easily export
Easily Export In Any Format
How You Will Get Benefit From Our Fleet Management
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domestic management
Effective Domestic Management
Using apartment management software, residents can manage their domestic duties effectively as data of domestic helpers and vendors are stored up on the portal.
High End Security
A highly secured environment for residents is created where no vehicle or person can surpass the threshold of building without proper authentication.
Easy Management
Residents can manage everything at their home with few clicks like generating bills to filing their complaints in the form of tickets about own flat or common areas.
Monitor Facilities in Real-Time
Fuel consumption level and idle time on the road can be controlled with live tracking along with the chances of theft.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Facility management software is a dynamic program that allows companies to manage all their tangible and intangible assets through a dashboard. Using this software, companies can save time and money by managing all their buildings, office equipment, and other assets.

You should use TrackOlap facility management software to better manage your business resources. With our FM solution, you can analyze all your business assets through a centralized dashboard and make sure no asset is wasted by your team members. You can set accountability and better allocate your resources with our solution.

Facility managers oversee the entire operations in the organization to make sure that all the assets are maintained properly. The main function of a facility manager is supervising multi-disciplinary teams of staff, including cleaning, maintenance, grounds, and security.

Facility management helps business organizations to create a safe and energy-efficient environment. Facility managers can create a safe work environment for employees and make sure that the company's resources are utilized in the proper manner. For the better efficiency of your employees and the company, facility management is highly important for business organizations.

Yes, you can easily contact our team if you need any help to understand the facility management dashboard.
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