Lead Automation Software To Manage Your Leads & Close Deals Faster

Use The Power Of Lead Automation To Increase Your Conversions!

Capture, nurture and track all touchpoints of a lead before handovering it to the right person to take action within a centralized dashboard. Let's shorten your sales cycle today!
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Lead Distribution

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Lead Management Software

Lead Automation Software To Manage Your Leads & Close Deals Faster

Use The Power Of Lead Automation To Increase Your Conversions!

Lead Automation Software
Capture, nurture and track all touchpoints of a lead before handovering it to the right person to take action within a centralized dashboard. Let's shorten your sales cycle today!
Lead AutomationSet Custom Fields
lead tracking softwareSet Follow-Up Reminder
lead management systemLead Distribution
Lead Management ProcessCustomize Lead Workflows
TrackOlap™ SaaS Based Lead Management System Brings
Why Should You Choose TrackOlap™ Lead Management Software?
TrackOlap™ Lead Automation Software meticulously presents qualified Sales leads for salespeople to quickly convert them into paying customers. Lead Management software has reduced lead management process layers and centralized the whole database in a place to share and assign tasks to authorized persons.
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Lead Distribution platform
Lead Distribution
Systematically segment your leads and distribute them to the relevant person with a flicker of your finger.
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Pipeline Management
Keep your sales pipeline clutter-free to track and monitor individual leads' journeys in real-time.
sales lead management system
Priortise Your Leads
Mark leads based on their convertibility in your sales funnel to chase the hot leads before they turn cold.
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Manage Details
Manage all your leads, employees, and other relevant data sorted in a place with high-end security features.
Lead Management Tool
Dashboards & Reports
Gain a 360-degree insight about your leads via an analytical dashboard and generate 100+ powerful reports with a click.
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Mobile CRM
You can now manage your customers and field workers anytime and anywhere using the TrackOlap™ SaaS Based mobile CRM solution.
How It Can Help ?
Improve Your Lead Conversions Today
With TrackOlap™
Lead management tools
Prioritize your Leads & Amplify your Vision
Sales executives can define priority tasks based on a lead's readiness to turn into a customer. This will broaden the decision-making capabilities of managers and allow them to dramatically improve the lead conversion rate.
Lead Management Solution CRMPrioritize tasks
CRM Lead AutomationSmooth communication
lead pipeline management
Get a Bird's View of the Leads in your pipeline
TrackOlap™ analytical dashboard will compress all your lead information and provide a holistic view of your sales pipeline to know where each lead stands on the conversion table and how much work is still required to convert leads.
Sales Lead Pipeline Management100+ analytical reports
Sales Pipeline ManagementGraphical interface
Lead follow up management software
Never Miss Follow-Ups or Chance to Take Action
When you assign tasks or send follow-up requests to your employees via the transparent dashboard, there's no chance of missing out on follow-ups or latency in taking actions by your team.
lead crm systemInstant notifications
lead management applicationCentralized dashboard
lead conversion tracking system
Shorten Sales Journey & Improve Lead Conversion
SaaS Based Lead Automation software takes away all extra layers and repetitive operations from your sales team's table like task allocation, reporting, analyzing, etc. This, in return, fastens a lead's movement in the pipeline and dramatically improves lead conversion rate.
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Here's How TrackOlap Lead Management
System Works
TrackOlap™ SaaS Based Lead Automation/management system supports a rhythmic acquisition,
tracking, and distribution of leads in a particular manner.
Empower Your Field Forces with Simple yet Intuitive TrackOlap Field Sales Automation Solution
Fully Customize Lead Workflows
At Lead Workflows, we understand that every business is unique, with its own specific requirements and dynamics. That's why TrackOlap Lead Management Software offers the flexibility to design and implement lead workflows that align perfectly with your business domain, lead size, and internal/external factors. With a customizable approach, you can create a lead workflow that suits your exact needs and maximizes your sales potential
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Multiple Workflow
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Workflow automation
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Customizable reporting dashboards
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Move Pipeline Up
Indeed! The ability to update task status with a simple click can greatly streamline your sales pipeline and contribute to increased efficiency and productivity. TrackOlap Lead Management Software provides you with a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily update the status of tasks associated with your sales pipeline, enabling you to progress through the various stages smoothly.
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Increase Responsiveness
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Track Performance
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Forecasting and reporting
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What Is Lead Management
Follow Up Until Lead Converts
Exactly! With TrackOlap™, you can effectively track and follow up on leads until they convert into paying customers. Lead Tracking Software provides comprehensive lead management features that enable you to nurture leads, monitor their progress, and optimize your sales efforts for higher conversion rates
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Lead Tracking
Lead Tracking
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Lead Nurturing
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Analytics and Reporting
Analytics and Reporting
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Task Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead tracking is a condescending process that shows the source of leads, monitors their position in the sales and marketing funnel, and assigns effective actions to move leads closer to sales. In this process, everything is documented and categorized under prospective heads so that sales teams can easily locate a lead’s position in the sales pipeline.

A lead management system is jam packed with features to simplify lead capturing, nurturing and managing processes. Using the ultra advanced TrackOlap™ lead management system, you can explore features like:
Lead tracking
Assigning leads
Dashboard and reporting
Real-time analyses
Follow up and move up the pipeline

A lead management software is a simple tool that helps businesses capture and track leads through a dashboard. TrackOlap™ SaaS Based lead management software automatically adds leads to the sales funnel so you can track and follow until they convert or drop. Besides this, a lead management system helps to:
Bond with customers
Follow-up the sales pipeline closely
Improve employee productivity and efficiency, etc.

Lead management is the most important in CRM because it helps businesses understand which marketing strategies bring more quality leads. This allows businesses to effectively and efficiently manage leads. Since there are no sales without leads; thus, lead management is a core part of customer relationship management. Here are some other benefits of lead management software in CRM:
Helps to better sort leads
Improve lead response time
Smoothen lead distribution process
Make it easy to track leads in the sales pipeline
Good for building and maintaining customer relationships

Lead management is a step-by-step process, which involves several stages, such as:
Stage 1 - Evaluate your inner operations and check what's missing ther
Stage 2 - Set criteria to prioritize your leads
Stage 3 - Monitor and track your leads
Stage 4 - Follow up until lead converts
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