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Gone are the days of tedious paperwork and complex systems. Let empower healthcare heroes to take control of their time, tasks, and schedules with just a few clicks, freeing them to focus on what truly matters - providing the best possible patient care.
Employee GPS location Tracking
Detailed Timesheet Reports
Monitor a Task's Progress in Real-time
Mobile Based Attendance
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How is TrackOlap Elevating Health Experiences?
Elevate health experiences to unprecedented heights with TrackOlap’s ingenious blends of sophisticated tools. This integrated approach envisions a landscape where healthcare practitioners operate seamlessly, empowered by real-time location insights that enhance response precision. Tasks are orchestrated with finesse, optimizing workflows and elevating patient care coordination.
Future-Ready Healthcare: TrackOlap's Features for Tomorrow
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Optimize Efficiency with Seamless Time Tracking
Time is precious, and so is your business. With just a few clicks, employees can log their working hours and breaks, ensuring precise records for effortless payroll management. Stay one step ahead with real-time tracking, allowing you to optimize resources, make data-driven decisions, and propel your business to new heights.
Streamlined Timesheets
Real-time Productivity Tracking
Customizable Reporting
Detect latency reasons
Elevate Task Management to Improve Patient Care
Coordinate tasks effortlessly and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Assign responsibilities with a click, and track progress in real-time to stay on top of patient needs. From medication reminders to treatment plans, our platform keeps everything in perfect sync, fostering a well-coordinated and patient-centric approach.
Task Assignment
Progress Monitoring
Priority Setting
Centralized Dashboard
Simplify Attendance Management for a Punctual Workforce
No more manual tracking or endless paperwork. With just a few clicks, you can manage shifts, track attendance, and receive instant alerts for lateor missed entries. Leave no room for confusion – stay on top of your team's schedule effortlessly.
Shift Scheduling
Absence Tracking
Overtime Regulation
Geotagged attendance
Take Full Control of Your Home Health Care Business - Anytime, Anywhere
Experience the freedom of managing your home healthcare business without being tied to a desk. Whether you're in the office, at home, or on the go, mobile time tracking, GPS, and reporting features empower you to oversee your operations with ease.
Mobile Time Tracking
GPS Location Tracking
Comprehensive Reporting
Performance Analytical Dashboard
How TrackOlap's Advanced Tools Shape Future Healthcare
How does TrackOlap foster a culture of innovation and growth within the IT industry?
Live Visibility and Tracking
Develop actionable plans that harness employee strengths, prioritize tasks, and encourage efficient collaboration. Regularly assess progress and refine strategies to align with evolving goals.
Data-Driven Decision Making
Collect and analyze data from diverse applications to evaluate usage, engagement, and performance. Leverage insights to optimize workflows and enhance productivity across the board.
Efficient Staff Allocation
Implement an automated payroll system that integrates attendance data, and leaves, reduces manual tasks, and ensures accurate compensation. Ensure compliance, and simplify access to pay information
Predictive Resource Management
Establish consistent attendance policies and mechanisms for leave requests. Regularize attendance records to rectify discrepancies and maintain accurate timekeeping, contributing to transparent workforce management.
Sharable Reports for Informed Decision Making
Maintain a secure digital repository of employee information for streamlined access. Provide authorized personnel with instant access to roles, contact details, and performance history.
Playback of Past Dates for Comprehensive Analysis
Keep clear records of deductions, ensuring accuracy in tax calculations, benefits, and contributions. Summarize an employee's total presence and leave patterns, facilitating efficient resource planning.
Explore How TrackOlap Fits Your Needs
Transform the way you manage your operations! You'll experience a seamless flow of productivity and enhanced patient care. It is time to leave administrative headaches behind and embrace a dynamic and efficient work environment. Join the healthcare revolution with TrackOlap and unleash the power of success!
Boosted Productivity
Healthcare professionals can focus on what truly matters – providing top-notch patient care. Empower your team to breeze through administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time for what truly matters.
Optimized Staff Management
Simplify employee scheduling, ensuring adequate coverage and compliance with labor regulations. Never worry about staffing challenges again!
Real-Time Insights
Stay informed with a centralized dashboard. Monitor staff activities, track performance metrics, and gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions for your healthcare organization..
Enhanced Patient Care
Your team can deliver exceptional patient care with improved efficiency and coordination. Experience the positive impact on patient outcomes and satisfaction. The future of healthcare management starts here!
Why Is Everyone Talking About TrackOlap
GPS location Tracking
Monitor employee locations in real-time. This ensures that caregivers arrive punctually for patient visits, minimizing delays and optimizing the overall patient experience. With accurate Location tracking.
Real-time Attendance Alerts
Keeps you informed about staff attendance patterns. Get instant alerts for late, missed, or abandoned appointments, allowing quick intervention to address any scheduling issues.
Task Management & Assignment
Assign specific responsibilities to caregivers efficiently. Task assignments are easily communicated through the platform, ensuring a seamless workflow and reducing the risk of overlooked duties.
Seamless Mobile Access
Allows you to access the platform on the go. With the ability to track time, manage tasks, and communicate from the smartphones, caregivers can stay connected and productive, even while in the field.
Boosting Employee Time Management
Let empower your team members with the ability to stay informed about task updates, deadlines, and important announcements in real-time.
Mobile-Based Clock-ins & Clock-outs
Employees can conveniently record their attendance by clocking in and out, simplifying attendance tracking, mitigating disputes, reducing overtime occurrences.
Healthcare CRM Checklist
Here is a list of important capabilities in an Healthcare CRM you choose
  • Patient Management
  • Contact History
  • User Friendly
  • Integrations
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Analytical Reports
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Appointment history
  • Customized Patient Forms & Task Forms
  • Patient Segmentation
  • Data Security
  • Call Logs capture
  • Alerts for late, Missed appointments
  • Attendance Management
  • Alerts of staff attendance
  • Customizable reporting
  • Reports Schedule Feature
  • Shareable reports
  • Prioritize Patient
  • Real Time Progress check
  • Detailed Timesheet
  • Patient Doctor Mapping
  • Doctor Hospital Mapping
  • No-Code Capabilities
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Frequently Asked Questions

Location tracking Software can help ensure the safety and well-being of patients and staff, monitor the movement of medical equipment, and streamline the workflow in healthcare settings.

Healthcare employee location tracking software is a system that allows healthcare facilities to monitor the real-time locations of their employees within the facility. It helps ensure staff safety, streamline workflows, and improve resource allocation.

Task management software can be integrated with location tracking to assign tasks to specific staff members based on their location, skills, and availability. It helps streamline communication and task allocation.

Attendance tracking in healthcare involves recording when employees clock in and out for their shifts. It's essential for ensuring that the right staff is always present and for payroll purposes.

Employee location tracking in healthcare can help in several ways, including:
Ensuring quick response times to emergencies.
Enhancing patient care by knowing staff availability.
Monitoring staff adherence to safety protocols.
Reducing the risk of infection spread in a hospital
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