COVID-19 forced us to work from home and we are helping companies by providing Employee Time Tracking System

We Help You To

Grow Your Business!

Suite of revolutionizing products that helps to grow your business to

the next level by using the right Technology.

We Help You To

Grow Your Business!

Suite of revolutionizing products that helps to grow your business to

the next level by using the right Technology.


TrackOlap started Employee Time Tracking System

We are helping company by providing enterprise level Desktop Employee Time Tracking System to make work from home success due to COVID-19

What We Do?

Location Science

Our core expertise is with Location Intelligence which helps businesses to mobilizing, automating the routine activities and optimize the overall operations. Few examples are sales/field force force management, routing, capacity planning and improving efficiency of field representatives who are on the move most of the times.

Sales platform with Mobile CRM

Revolutionary Sales platform with Mobile CRM. Everything you need to organize, track, and build better relationships with leads and customers. Yes! It works completely on mobile devices and support the field operation. We understand that business grow without compromise. Because "Fit for Business" should also mean "good for the customer"

Employee Efficiency Solution

Offer our customer the Industry's Best Technology Platform for improving Employee Efficiency. EEP focused on mobilizing and automating the routine activities of the sales/field force, customer executives and the field representatives who are on the move most of the times. The need of the hour for all the organizations engaging field force, in any form to track the overall productivity and task completion rate on a daily basis.

Fleet Management and IOT

Fleet Management based on advance IOT solution helps in assessing productivity and implement procedures that allow to make the best use of vehicles, equipment and personnels.It helps in decreasing operating costs and getting more hours out of every work day. At remote sites or after working hours, assets are vulnerable to tampering or theft when it appears there is nobody watching. TrackOlap Fleet Platform shows you what you always need to know: where everything is and what it is doing, at any given time..

Smart School Transport

Location intelligence based platform that helps you track the safety and location of school children while in transit. It is specially designed to manage your fleet of buses effortlessly by transforming them into Smart Buses with no investment. With its extensive research and exposure is able to incorporate a ream of features to allow schools to better manage their vehicles and provides parents with ultimate visibility, that too in most user-friendly way. with our innovative GPS tracking solution, parents and school can track the school bus using IOS/Android application from anywhere, anytime.

Facility Management System

Facility management system provides real time dash board to keep all the data handy and results of various analysis to check what is happening throughout the facility. Intervene wherever required in real time problems and optimize the process taking the decision right away. Limit authorization department/designation wise and reduce dependency of extracting information. Know the wastage before its too late and take the corrective actions right away. When right decisions will be taken at right time, money and time both will be saved..

Powerful Alone. Better Together

Trackolap offers a full stack of products for your growing business needs.
Employee Efficiency

Upliftment in the employees efficiency of field force with the assistance of mobilization and automation technology to surge the business operational structure.

  • Employee Tracking App
  • Attendance
  • Task Management
  • Performance Report
Fleet Management

Easy management of moving vehicles with the help of location science and live tracking technology that will enhance the productivity of various business operations.

  • Live Tracking
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Insightful Analysis
School Transport

Technology oriented school transport system to safeguard the security and safety of children. The parent security app will put mind of parents and school admin at ease.

  • School & Parents app
  • Live Tracking
  • Route Management
  • Stoppage Alerts
Facility Management

Paperless residential operational management, dashboard systems, residential assistance and many other tools to enhance the efficiency of day to day tasks at residential complexes.

  • Manpower Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Vendor/Visitor Management
  • Billing service

For Whom The TrackOlap Is?

Field Force Automation

Manage field workers by tracking and monitoring their every move in real time.

Delivery Services

Deliver services at a faster rate with Live tracking and Digital Signatures.

Branding Services

Real time market analysis and digital marketing tools to adhere the needs of branding industry.

Communication Services

Fast and efficient dual communication channels to harness the needs communication sectors.

Transportation Services

Live tracking and effective task management system to uplift transportation department.

Government Services

Quick report generation and performance evaluation system to surge the speed of government operations.

Agro Services

Real time monitoring helps in increasing the standards of agriculture production.

Medical Services

Medical operations are easier to perform with employee efficiency management.

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