About TrackOlap

TrackOlap is leader in location science and solutions for modern businesses, enterprises and educational institutions. Our Location science and Efficiency solution is a perfect fit for all type of business owners to improve their business operations whether assets, vehicles, employees or managing facilities. TrackOlap helps global enterprises to re imagine their businesses for the digital age. We seek to innovate in a way that minimizes the gap between our offerings and client needs, until both are at zero distance from one another.
We focus on simplicity and therefore, our solutions reflect an ease to work and applicability to complex problems in a simplified manner. With our rich experience of over 12 years in innovative product delivery, applications & services, TrackOlap is serving as the new age digital sales partner to clients worldwide, helping companies to manage their operations efficiently in real time at optimal costs with concomitant gain in market share, revenue and profit.

Our Solutions

Vehicle Tracking

Facility Management

Manage facilities completely paper less and improve the operations efficiency on the go. Gate secuirty, Digitalisation and many more .....

Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet of vehicles/assets on the go and assess productivity and implement procedures that allow you to make the best use of your assets......

Vehicle Tracking

Employee Efficiency

Mobilizing and automating the routine business task. Help to increase the employees Efficiency by more then 100% .....

Vehicle Tracking

School Transport

Smart School Transport is a location science that helps you track the safety and location of your child. Help parents and school admin.....

Why Choose TrackOlap ?

TrackOlap's open platform makes it unique in the industry. TrackOlap data is completely open and easily integrated with other business systems for added value. TrackOlap will continue to develop innovative solutions to support the sustainability of businesses large and small.

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