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TrackOlap remote team management solution.
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Remote Team Management
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What is TrackOlap Remote Team Management?
TrackOlap Remote Team Management Software is a powerful platform that helps you harness diverse skills and different work cultures in your remote or hybrid teams. Remote Employee tracker will allow you to effectively manage remote teams despite different time zones, location barriers, and performance improvement challenges. We make remote work possible for all!
Here's how remote team management can help you :-
Set clear communication guidelines
Define expectations for remote workers
Train and connect remote employees
Effectively manage projects and maintain productivity
Remote Employee Management
What TrackOlap Remote Management brings to your table?
Our remote team management solution provides remote team leaders with the insights to
better guide their team members to achieve company goals with a clear mind set.
How Can TrackOlap Remote Management Help?
TrackOlap remote team management solution harnesses
productivity and efficiency to prevent remote teams
from burnout.
Manage Your Remote Team With Ease, With our System's Amazing Features
Capture & Maintain the Attendance
Our kinetic solution will auto-capture remote workers' attendance and provide a detailed overview such as out time, on time, break, and more.
Automatic attendance from anywhere
Maintain attendance record
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View screenshots
Automated team screenshots to access performance and provide real-time guidance to establish smooth remote workflow. You can better understand your team with screenshots.
Team screenshots
Rule based screenshots
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Approve timesheets of Employees
Managers can track individual projects, tasks and employee’s activity in a chronological order to better manage time and achieve goals without missing a deadline.
Project based tracking
Project based tracking
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Schedule Daily or Periodic Reports
TrackOlap has simplified the reporting system for remote managers to regulate their productivity, provide timely feedback and make wise decisions.
Automatic reports
Daily, weekly or monthly reports
Managing Remote Teams
Pricing Overview
Now get start from our different types of Plans which
suits your business
Time Tracking
Starting from $ 4 /user/month
Time Tracking + Project
Starting from $ 5 /user/month
Employee Monitoring
Starting from $ 6 /user/month
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Managing a team remotely might sound like a daunting task. But, if you do it the right way using the cloud-based TrackOlap remote team management software, you can effectively manage your team via:
Set clear communication guidelines
Train staff to operate in a remote environment
Establish a process to manage projects and productivity
Constantly provide feedback based on real-time reports

A powerful remote management solution like TrackOlap allows users to track, monitor, and report remote work operations. Our software enables managers to drive maximum productivity from remote workers. A good remote management software has following main traits:
Real-time tracking
Insightful reports
Application/website usage
Mark attendance from anywhere and anytime
Collaborate teams
Improve productivity

Remote monitoring systems are essential to manage and enhance productivity of remote workers. Using a remote monitoring dashboard, managers can keep an eye on remote team operations and assist them in real-time. With TrackOlap remote monitoring dashboard, you can gain several benefits, including:
Reduce downtime
Improve productivity
Eliminate latency
Provide insightful reports
Streamline remote control
Make operations more efficient

Remote monitoring is the ability to view a remote employee's status, behavior, and performance from a distance. It allows managers and employees to collaborate together on a project without being present in a physical location. Through remote team monitoring software, it becomes easier for managers to monitor their teams’ efficiency, productivity and performance in real-time. This helps managers to provide timely assistance and feedback to remote workers for better performance.

TrackOlap remote team management software can be used by everyone, including small, medium, and large remote teams. You can customize the TrackOlap solution as per your business size. We can scale with your remote team. TrackOlap remote team management software is available in a pay-per-user model. That means you can increase or decrease the number of users anytime with your business size. For more details, you can contact our team and request for a free demo.
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