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How Desktop Monitoring Software Can Improve the Efficiency of Your Business?

How Desktop Monitoring Software Can Improve the Efficiency of Your Business?

What is Desktop Monitoring Software?

Today, all the employees have dedicated desktops to perform their daily tasks. When all the employees are working individually using their dedicated computer screen, then for management to establish a centralized control to access minute activities of employees won’t be possible. Moreover, if employees are working on different geographical locations, then establishing centralized control becomes even harder.

Hiring a competent employee and introducing the high tech tools and software to them – is not at all economical process. And, on the top, if you can’t check what your high paid employees doing with the advanced tools given to them during the work hours, then that’s a perfect recipe for failure. This is the primary reason for having a well-structured employee monitoring software to be proactive. TrackOlap always suggests that the longevity and efficiency of your employees can adhere to the dedicated screen monitoring software.

How Desktop Monitoring Software Can Help Your Business?

With the desktop monitoring and management system, you won’t only be able to establish centralized control, but you will be able to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your workers also. The desktop monitoring system is a compact solution with basic screen sharing and system productivity features that can track desktop activities in numerous manners to improve the ROI of your business.

1. Reduce Idle Time

It is one of the biggest cost enhancing factor for companies when their highly paid employees are wasting their working hours on unnecessary activities. If employees are using their work time to browse on the internet or do personal work, then the managers won’t find that out unless they have access to the screen of their employees.

When managers can monitor the screen of the employees occasionally and find them idling, then they can send a warning to them or can put them on track. So, when the idle time is converted into productive time, then the overall productivity of your organization will improve.

2. Offline Activity Tracking

When employers want to make sure that their employees are working properly and honestly, then desktop tracking software can help them. This software maintains the integrity of the job by checking the behavior of employees. Sometimes, employees deliberately shut off their desktop and complains that due to power cut or network failure – they weren’t able to work.

The desktop software works in offline mode as well. Thus, it helps managers in tracking the activities of employees that they performed in offline mode. This way when employees know that they can’t cheat or misguide managers in anyway, then they won’t ever dare to be dishonest.

3. Facilitates Asset Management

Your company has a different tangible and non-tangible asset. The management of tangible assets is easy as you can physically see them, but the management of non-tangible assets isn’t simple. However, using screen monitoring software, you can effectively manage your software and hardware assets. Such as software licenses, warranties, usage statistics, and blacklisted applications that can be easily monitored by you.

If you have purchased a third party software for your company, then desktop monitoring will facilitate you to check whether employees are properly using the software or not. The system will also show if employees misuse software in any way. To protect your expensive business software, it is essential to have a centralized screen monitoring.

4. Assisting Employees

The role of the desktop tracking system isn’t only to monitor or control the activities of the employees. No, this software is very useful in detecting the problem and providing an immediate solution. If your employee stuck somewhere and requires your immediate assistance, then by sharing the screenshots by their work employees can ask help from you.

Moreover, when management has to provide training to the new employees, then desktop app helps them in providing quick assistance by sharing multiple screenshots without any hassle. Especially when the manager and employees are not working at the same office.

What is Desktop Monitoring System? How to Find Suitable Desktop Monitoring System for your Company? 

5.Helps in Running Self Assessments

The best way to improve your team’s efficiency would be giving them an opportunity to self assess themselves. When an employee self evaluate his performance, then he can better understand his strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, for senior employees, the best way to improve their productivity would be asking them to self evaluate their productivity.

Desktop monitoring software dashboard allows employees to access their own performance screenshots. When employee can evaluate their own productivity, then they can easily enhance their productivity by finding weak links. This will reduce half work of the managers as they don’t have to closely monitor efficiency of their team. They can just focus on providing guidance to employees so that they can perform even better by looking at the screenshots.

6. Maintaining the High Standard of Security

With the increase in the operation of your business, the number of PCs will also gradually increase. And, ensuring that the correct security measures and patches are available in all the computers is a difficult task. Thus, by regularly sharing the screen of desktops, you can check which system requires security updates and need to be thoroughly cleaned. You can also ensure that your employees must follow the standard security protocols while communicating or sharing information while commuting with their clients.

7. Monitoring Behaviour of Employees

Your employees are representing your company, thus the way they behave or communicate with clients and various business associates affects the image of the company. If employees aren’t behaving well with clients while pitching sales ideas via email, telephone call, or any other medium of digital communication, then you can monitor the behavior of employees by using activity tracking tools.

You can even record the calls of employees to better analyze their behavior in depth. By desktop monitoring, you will automatically analyze the behavior of your team and issue them warnings, in case of any inappropriate conduct.

8. Performance Improvement

It is a primary goal of businesses to improve the efficiency and productivity of their employees to the brim. And, to elevate the performance, it is mandatory to establish control over your team. The control doesn’t mean that you have to monitor every move made by your employees like a hawk or you have to question their every decision, no you just need to overview their work and provide nudge from the outside.

Desktop monitoring is the best solution to control your employees from the sideline without interrupting or overpowering their decisions. But, still, be aware of all the activities of employees so that you can provide your valuable feedback and assistance at the time of need to elevate the performance of employees. Plus, the automated reports can be generated based on the desktop monitoring software data to create calculative decisions.

9.Record Management

When managers enter into the device of employees using a screen sharing feature, then they can record each session. This will helps in creating the legal documented proof and even helps management in analyzing the performance of the employee. The software will automatically download recorded files from all computers on a scheduled basis and store them in a central database. This way you can maintain a proper record of your employee's activities and use them as proof, in case of any disputes in the future.

10.Improve the Speed of Business Operations

A delay of minute in business operations can result in a huge loss. With desktop monitoring, the time and efforts of the managers and employees can be saved, resulting in the swiftness in the business operations.

For instance, if an employee has to immediately send an email to the vendor regarding upcoming raw materials and for this, he requires some information from his manager, but the manger is out of office. Then, instead of waiting up for the manager to come back, the employee can share the screen with the manager and they both can together compile the email and swiftly send. This will fasten up the business process and bring ease as well.

11. Automatic Attendance Record

Normally, offices employees punches in their attendance by biometric and turns computer after 30 mins of break. Here, desktop tracking software provides attendance system in desktop so that employee can provide attendance by punches in . Employees need to manually punch in their attendance in Desktop software, thus attendance data is free from human intervention.


With employee monitoring software, businesses can improve efficiency, productivity, performance, speed, and so on. Thus, there’s no debate whether to have desktop monitoring software or not because, in the present business environment, it is becoming essential to have a remote monitoring software . So, if you want to be always present with all of your employees irrespective of their location, then having a desktop monitoring tool is a great solution for you.

If you want to quickly introduce an employee tracking tool to your employees, then you can contact TrackOlap to get the demo of customized desktop monitoring software.


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