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What is Desktop Monitoring System? How to Find Suitable Desktop Monitoring System for your Company?

What is Desktop Monitoring System? How to Find Suitable Desktop Monitoring System for your Company?

Computer systems are one of the most important parts of business setups today. In the era of technology, no business can survive without the proper computer system. From storing important data to establishing a swift flow communication – computers are used to perform multiple functions in an organization. Computers streamline the organization’s workload by managing workflow, sharing information quickly, and securing the business assets.

In a nutshell, today the place of paper files and folders have been taken by the computerized files and folders. Now, when your entire team is working on their designated computer systems, then you can’t monitor or regulate their performance using the traditional methods. You need to adopt a Employee Time Tracking System to track, control, and anal yze the computer activities of your team.

Why Do You Need Desktop Monitoring System?

The Employee monitoring software can bring integrity and efficiency in your business operations in one go. With tracking software, you can uplift your organization’s performance in many ways –

Employees efficiency tracking

Smooth flow of communication

Optimization of the company’s resources

Securing the firm’s software system

Evaluating the performance and so on.

How to Pick a Perfect Desktop Monitoring Software?

If you want to establish a centralized control to monitor and track computer activities of your workers, then you have to evaluate the traits of desktop monitoring software. When you purchase a highly functional desktop monitoring system like TrackOlap, then you can achieve the full return on your investment. Thus, it is crucial to consider all the essential factors before selecting the perfect tracking solution for your firm.

1. Features & Functionality of Software

One of the prime factors of selecting the best screen monitoring software is to closely analyze all the features and functions offered by the software. Different tracking software has different features – some useful and some unnecessary. So, you have to thoroughly study the features and functions of a desktop monitoring software before including it in your company’s network. There are plenty of different styles of desktop monitoring software available in the market. But, the most crucial traits of desktop monitoring software are -

Record Management – Software should have a proper database where vital information can be stored for future references. From the employees personal records to their professional calls – a good desktop monitoring software must have the option to maintain all the important records.

Automated System – The tracking software needs to be fully automated to reduce the manual work. Many monitoring tools have different automated features such as attendance management, total work hour records, automated reports and so much more.

Productivity Enhancing – You are installing employee tracking software to enhance the productivity of your team. Thus, software needs to possess some high-quality system productivity-enhancing features such as idle time calculation, productivity analysis reports, etc.,

Screenshots– To facilitate the remote working, the monitoring software must include the screenshot taking and sharing features. By using the screenshots, employees can easily share information with their employers and can even clarify their doubts.

2. Functions that Suits You

Well, computer tracking software can be designed with multiple effective features. But, all these features are useless for you if the software won’t fix your core issues. Yep, you don’t need to pick the desktop monitoring software with a large number of features – no you need to select the software that meets your company’s requirements. While checking out the features of monitoring software, always consider how can a certain feature benefit your company.

For instance, if your main goal is to set up a transparent business culture, then you need to pick the software that can help you in achieving your goals. With features like automatic attendance capturing, screenshots sharing and idle time recording, transparency between the employee and employer can be ingrained. When everything is transparent between the worker and employer, then various business-related conflicts can be avoided like employers can’t unnecessarily blame employees for every wrongdoing, and employees can self evaluate themselves without employers' intervention.

3. Prioritize your Needs

When you want to make a solid investment in a desktop monitoring software , then you have to first straighten up your priorities. You need to self evaluate your business

operations and make a list of things that you want to improve on a priority basis. If you know what are your priorities, then you can easily achieve them by properly using the software.

Suppose, if you find out in the evaluation test that your projects are getting delayed due to the distracted nature of your employees, then you should prioritize to remove all the distractions around your employees. And, to do that you have to analyze the idle time of your employees. With idle time data, you can figure out why your employees are being distracted while working and how you can fix it. When you select the desktop monitoring system based on your priorities, then you can take leverage from the software in the best possible manner and improve the productivity of your team overnight.

4. Find the Right Software Vendor

Once you have shortlisted required features and straighten up your prioritize, then the next important aspect to think about is the software vendor. If you want to get the right software, then first you need to find the right vendor. Thus, if you truly want to get highly technical and simple tracking software, then you have to find the best software service, provider.

To find the best desktop monitoring software provider, you have to make a list of all the software providers that closely matches your requirements list. To understand the features provided by different vendors, you have to send your requirements to vendors and ensure that they completely understand them. You can ask vendors to provide you a demonstration of how their solution addresses all of your requirements. Narrow down your list by focusing on the vendors that impressed you.

5. Valid the Vendor

Once you have received a demonstration from different vendors, then you can easily pick 2-3 most suitable vendors based on your requirements. However, to pick a vendor out of the most suitable ones, you have to validate them on different grounds such as –

Support– What sort of support is offered by the vendor? Do they provide after-sale services? Do they provide maintenance and repair services?

Training – What methods are adopted by vendors to train your staff? How frequently they provide training?

Updates - How does the vendor handle software updates? What is the typical frequency and cost?

Free Trial – Does the vendor provides a free trial to test the efficiency of the software? How easily you can understand the software?

Reputation – How reputable is the company? Do they have good customer reviews and feedback? Do they have significant likes and followers on social media?

Suitability– Is the product offered by the vendor suits your company and environment? Can software scale up as per your business’s need? Is the software available to meet your future requirements?

6. Final Call

If you have analyzed your internal factors and evaluated the external factors as well, then the last step is to order the PC performance monitoring software. But, in the final step, you have to make some important decisions such as –

Select the Right Package – Most of the software comes in different packages varied according to price and features. You need to check the features available in different packages and select the right package as per your budget.

Professional Negotiation – It is a common business practice to negotiate the price before doing the final paperwork. But, adopting a professional approach while negotiating the deal and don’t ask absurd discounts. Plus, if you want high-quality services, then you should be prepared to pay the right price.

Draw a Contract – It is very important to draw a detailed contract between your company and software providing company so that future conflicts can be avoided. In the contract, all the clauses should be drafted after full consideration such as the number of software copies, maintenance support, non-disclosure agreement, employee training, validity period, and so on. The terms of the contract should be thoroughly discussed between both parties and duly signed before making the final payment.

Final Verdict

Computer Employee time tracking software is a way to improve the efficiency, productivity, and performance of your team. The corporate houses are using this type of software a lot because they can monitor the activities of their staff while staying in the background. Thus, they can give creative liability to their employees meanwhile ensuring that they are following the right methodologies. With suitable desktop monitoring software, you can build a positive work culture in your organization.

When you are looking for suitable desktop monitoring software for your firm, then don’t forget to get a demo and quotation from the TrackOlap because we are masters of creating employee efficiency portals.


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