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Automatic Employee Time Tracking Software: Why It's The Best Way to Track Time

Automatic Employee Time Tracking Software: Why It's The Best Way to Track Time

Be it managing your remote or in-house team, automatic time tracking is the best solution to boost productivity and efficiency in your organization.

With the proper time tracking software, you can streamline numerous organizational operations, such as:

* Improve communication system
* Better measure performance
* Increase team coordination
* Reduce lead leaks and latencies, etc.

Therefore, the global Employee Time tracking software market was valued at $425.32 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $1785.36 billion by the year 2026, at a CAGR of 22.36%.

Now, in this exploding time-tracking software market, you have to find the best way to track time using the right tool. And in this post, you will learn exactly that! So, let's get started.

Why Automatic Time Tracking is The Best Way to Track Time?

Work culture and dimensions have dramatically changed today. Almost 7 in 10 Americans are working remotely, and at least small companies have over 10 employees working for them.

Since the size and structure of companies aren't the same anymore; thus, you can't effectively manage your employees via traditional paper-based time tracking solutions. You need the automatic time tracking solutions to meet today's business requirements and gain numerous other benefits, such as:

Quick Data Collection

Data is the cornerstone of business success today. The company that has the fastest access to the relevant data can better succeed.

Here using the Employee Tracking App , you can build your employee and customer database quickly. You simply have to once enter your employees' or customers' information into the software; it will automatically store it for easy access.

For instance, whenever you want to know the salary structure or DOB of a particular employee, you can easily access the information from your software database with a few clicks. This is something that isn't possible with paper-based time tracking.

Flawless time tracking

Using the time tracking software, you can reduce errors in your time management system. This is something that the manual timesheet system lacks. In the manual method, it is humanly impossible to record the exact attendance hours.

Additionally, error of omission and personal basis involvement further makes it hard to create correct time records.

Fortunately, the automatic timesheet system eliminates all the manual problems. First of all, no human intervention is required to record the attendance. The software will automatically record employee's work starting and closing times when they log in to their system.

Further, it can record attendance in real-time without any mistakes. This helps to create accurate payroll accounts and understand productivity in depth.

All in all, if you don't want to lose your sleep over faulty payrolls or unproductive employees, flawless automation is a must for you.

Smooth Workflow

Nowadays, businesses require multiple tools to effectively run their operations. For instance, they need CRM software to build a relationship with their customers and payroll management software to pay their employees on time.

Here if you have to manage all these software separately, it will create a huge chaos in the organization. Therefore, an automatic time tracker like TrackOlap can integrate all your vital business tools and operations for you.

For example, you don't have to retrieve data from timesheet spreadsheets to calculate the payslips. The software will automatically use time tracking metrics to generate payslips for individual employees. This small integration can save your accountants lots of time, which they can channelize somewhere else.

Reduce Company's Operational Costs

Despite all the speculations, automatic time tracking actually helps you save a company's operational cost. There are many direct and indirect ways in which time tracking software can saves money for you:

* Through the software, you can monitor your team in real-time and quickly improve their productivity.
* You can better monitor potential leads and nurture them into your customers when they are still hot.
* You don't need to get separate business management tools as most time tracking software like ours contains all the features in one.
* Better utilize your employee's billable hours and ensure that they aren't wasting their working hours, etc.

In a way, automatic timesheet software is like a one-time investment that can yield you a higher rate of return in the long term.

How to Pick the Best Time Tracking Software?

Now, you know how automatic time tracking software helps your business, so the next step is to know how to pick a Best time tracking software . That's because there are many great time trackers available in the market today, which makes it harder to select the right tool.

Here we have highlighted the qualities of a perfect time tracking and management software that can help you pick the best tool:

Mobile attendance system

Today, employees aren't working at their desks. They are working on the field, remotely or on-site. In this case, you can't record their attendance in real-time with the standard desktop software.

For this, you need a mobile attendance system that your employees can use to mark their attendance. With the mobile-based time tracker, managers can keep an eye on all the employees despite their locations.

Centralized time tracking solution

Being able to view and track attendance data in one centralized system provides tremendous value to a company. Employees and managers can check working hours, leave status, and other information anytime.

Additionally, the centralized brings transparency to the organization. This further helps to build a positive and trusted environment in the company.

Integrated solution

While selecting a time tracking software for your company, make sure to check its integration capabilities. It is always recommended to select the best-integrated software that can better streamline your workflow.

With the integrated software, you can save time, resources and boost productivity in your company.

Different time and performance metrics

This is a very crucial factor that one should consider while choosing a custom time tracker. Make sure that your software can provide different time and performance metrics so you can better evaluate your team's productivity level.

For instance, in TrackOlap Time Tracking Software , we have added multiple time measurement options that allow you to monitor your team's productivity in many ways, such as:

* Application and website tracker let you track time spent by your employees on any app or website. This way, you can ensure that your employees aren't wasting their time on non-work-related apps.
* Screenshots help you monitor your worker's dashboard randomly. This helps you observe your team's productivity in real-time.
* The leave management board allows you to check the leave status of your individual team member.

Periodic reports

Reporting is yet another important time tracking element. Through periodic reports, managers can understand changes in the individual employee's productivity and efficiency over time. Similarly, employees can self-evaluate their performance via graphic-rich reports and improve their efficiency.

Also, get the software that can provide you reports across different periods. For instance, via our software, users can generate daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports. That allows them to compare their team's performance on different levels.

Cloud-based software

Cloud storage and integration are also something that you can't ignore in modern time tracking tools. The cloud-based software makes it easier to run remote teams without any hassle.

Using the cloud server, employees can anytime and anywhere access the information. It reduces the burden of sending data back and forth on different devices.

Additionally, the cloud servers make your time tracking more secure and quicker than the on-premises system. If anyhow, you lose your tracking data or your hardware damages, the cloud can preserve your data. You can simply restore your employee's performance data via a cloud server.

Automatic timesheets

An automatic timesheet is one of the important Time Tracking Software Features . That's because manual timesheet recording is time-consuming and prone to errors. Plus, often, employees hate to spend their time on boring spreadsheets.

Therefore, get software with the automatic timesheet facility that can free up your employees' time. Further, the automatic timesheet can record different time fractions like—

* How long do your employees take breaks?
* How much time does an individual employee spend on a project?
* How many total hours did an employee work in the month?

Automate Your Time for Better Business Growth

Whether you want to grow your business or improve your team's productivity, time tracking software is the best way to achieve all your business goals. For this, all you have to do is find the best time tracking software for your company, and you can easily optimize your business resources.

Automatic time tracking can smooth your workflow, improve team collaboration and efficiency in no time. So, if you want to adopt an automatic time tracking solution today, you simply Contact to TrackOlap team, and we will h andle everything for you.

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