Employee Time Tracking System

Monitor actual working hours, idle time and screenshots of employee's computer

Fully transparent, Get real working status of every employee in single platform.

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Desktop Monitoring

Desktop monitoring is one of the precious tools in the hands of management to analyse productivity and performance of employees closely. Screenshot enables the smooth flow of information and images of screens enhance the capacity of managers to improve efficiency of their team remotely. Our algorithms fetch the accurate productivity

Desktop monitoring keeps employees on their toes and keep management fully informed about their employees activities in real time.

Main Features

Employee Management

The loose strands of vital employee data such as DOB, DOJ, employment code, leave a record, etc., can be managed effectively with the well-structured management system for the proper record maintenance.

  • Multiple Hierarchy Provision
  • Centralization of Information
  • Multiple time zone support
  • Employee's Groups
  • Employment Record Maintenance
  • Shift Roaster Management


The proficient desktop application will mark the attendance of employees to map out their total working hours, idle time, and timely data can be recorded

  • Attendance Report
  • Total Working Hours
  • Punch IN/OUT
  • Reports of Every Activity

System Productivity

Productivity is the focal point of success. With our productivity analysis system, the productivity of the individual employees can be measured in depth to gain insightful performance data.

  • Idle Time Measurement
  • Graphical Analysis of Productivity
  • Total Activity Hours
  • Productivity Comparison


A clear view of the employee's desktop or laptop screenshot enables management to access performance and provide timely guidance to new employees..

  • Automated Screenshot
  • Team Screenshot view
  • Rule based Screenshots
  • Works Offline
  • Support upload on customer owned AWS, GCP and Azure
  • Blur screenshot option

Application/WebSite Usage

Analysis of Applications/Websites usage in desktop by employees during their working time. Total time spent in applications and name of the applications/website opened

  • Applications used
  • Top used application/websites
  • Application title level detailed tracking
  • Time spent on Application/WebSite
  • Graphical analysis
  • URL level tracking


Start and Stop activity time manually along with descriptions for particular time interval. Managers can track activities performed during specific time.

  • Project based tracking
  • Create Activity
  • Role level project authentication
  • Office Breaks
  • Approval based activities
  • Performance analysis with desktop productivity

Automated Reports

The reporting system has been simplified and automated to create a schedule for every manager via email ID to automatically send schedules on a fixed time..

  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports
  • Excel/PDF reports
  • Automatic Emailing
  • Employee Filter

Leave Management

Based on your company's leave management policy, employees can swiftly request a leave without affecting their work.

  • Customizable Leave Policies
  • Leave Application
  • Approval Process
  • Custom Leave Setup

Official Calendar

The special official calendar will keep the entire team updated regarding all the birthday's and holiday information and keep everything on the schedule.

  • Holiday Lists
  • Birthday Dates
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Employee Time Tracking

Starts from $ 3 /employee/month

7 days free Trial . No credit card required.

Employee Management
  • Employee's details can be easily recorded and maintained.
  • Multi-level hierarchy.
  • Employees Groups and Configurable Working shifts
  • Multiple time zones support
  • Android/iOS Mobile application for Managers to see team productivity on the go
  • The Desktop Application will mark attendance and a total duration of hours..
  • Managers will be able to view the attendance of their subordinates.
  • Attendance from all channels (iOS, Android, Desktop, Web).
  • GEO Fencing supported on iOS, Android.
  • Automated attendance - Desktop Application.
System Productivity
  • Total idle time knowledge can help in fixing wastage of time issues.
  • Total productive hours knowledge will help in comparing the performance of employees.
  • Employee can also see his productivity on real time.
  • Employees can view their own screenshot (permission based)
  • Managers can view screenshots of subordinate's screens.
  • Advance options to blur screenshot.
  • Configurable frequency of screenshot.
Application/Web site Usage
  • Application's name and their usage details will be showed to managers
  • Detailed website tracking with URL level tracking
  • Graphical analysis of top used applications by employees
  • Automated timesheets based on Applications
  • Mark Productive/Unproductive application/website and reports
  • Employees can mark break and also provide activities details against projects
  • Manager can create project and able to monitor employee project based.
  • Project Dashboards.
Real time alerts
  • Idle time alerts
  • Website/Application open alerts.
  • Punch In/Out Alerts.
Automated Reports & Dashboards
  • Many useful Dashboards and Insights to see productivity at one place
  • Reports can be automatically created for the help of manager
  • Schedules can be sent via emails.
  • Schedules can be sent via emails.
Leave Management
  • With one tap, leave can be requested or rejected.
  • Record of employees leaves can be maintained.
Official Calendar
  • Holiday list of every department or state
  • Birthdays of colleagues in easy way
100% Transparency & Privacy
  • No Spy or hidden activity
  • Does not record any sensitive information i.e. passwords etc
  • Employee can see productivty/activity in real time
Support - Included in each plan
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Free training and setup guidance
  • Help portal and Knowledgebase

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*Above price is applicable for minimum 20 employees

*Minimum billing is USD 90 per quarter

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