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Employee Efficiency

Employee Efficiency Platform - automates and mobilize the routine activities of various field forces who works remotely or on sight. This platform enables organisations to establish 24/7 engagement, track minute activities and enhance the productivity of their task forces.

It is a decision making tool in the hands of management with which they can draw conclusive decisions on the basis of insightful reports and vivid analytical reports. This is a custom built solution for business organisations of every scale.



With the kinetic geo-tagged and auto-capture attendance module, it is simplified to monitor- on time, out time, work hours of every employee.

  • Punch In / Out From Anywhere
  • GEO Tagged Attendance
  • Fingerprint Authentication
  • Shift Management
  • GEO Fence Restriction
  • IMEI Lock
  • Auto Punch IN/OUT
  • Reports Of Every Sort

Employee Tracking App

By exploiting the location science, TrackOlap present Employee Tracking App with an admin panel to have eagle eye view on employment geographical location and hourly history.

  • Manage Your Employees
  • Route Play back
  • Detailed Sensor monitoring
  • GPS ON/OFF Alerts
  • Stoppage Reports
  • Distance Traveled
  • Total Time Traveled
  • Auto Check IN/OUT

Intelligent Task Management

Sophisticated task management portal to create planners, meeting agendas, schedules and share them amongst employees and managers.

  • Daily Beat Plan
  • Task Reminders
  • Check-In/Outs at Customer
  • Customer data management
  • Assign Tasks To Employee
  • Create Tasks on the go
  • Prioritize Tasks
  • Save More Time on Follow Ups

Expense Claims & Approvals

Direct online expenses claims with direct rejection or approval and status of previous claims can be regulated by employees with a single flicker of their finger.

  • Dynamic Expense Forms
  • Create Detailed Policies
  • Know about your expenses
  • Customer Expense workflows
  • Dynamic Approval process
  • Payment/Balance management
  • Reduce Delays And Errors
  • Comprehensive Expense Reports

Real-Time Feeds

Instant Alerts & Notifications on every move made by employees on the field by power packed TrackOlap software in real-time.

  • Mobile Push Notification/Email
  • Attendance
  • Task Notification
  • Expense Notification
  • Leave Notification
  • Customer Notification
  • AirPlane Mode ON/OFF

Leave Management

Super simplified process for leave applying, getting approval or rejection and quick leave balance check to smooth out the workflow of employees and managers.

  • Customizable Leave Policies
  • Approval Process
  • Group wise Leave Policy
  • Leave Balance Summary
  • Leave Reports
  • Custom Leave setup
  • Sandwitch Rule
  • Holiday List

Two Way Communication

Dual communication channel for chatting or broadcasting messages between employees and managers without any interruption.

  • One to One Chat
  • Broadcast groups
  • GEO, Picture
  • Text, Attachement

Comprehensive Report

The blanket of highly technical report generation system that will compress microscopic figures like leaves, expenses, expense claims, etc.of individuals to assist in better business decision making.

  • 100+ Reports Available
  • Attendance Reports
  • Task Reports
  • Schedule Reports
  • Leave Reports
  • Expense Reports

Custom Forms

A dynamic tool for managers to create a custom forms on different topics using a variety of creatives - text, number, radio, drop down, photo, barcode, signature, bill images, photo proofs, etc.,

  • Easily Create Custom Forms
  • Clone Forms And Save Time
  • Nested Forms
  • Control Access
  • Custom Validations
  • Conditional forms

System Productivity

Productivity is the focal point of success. With our productivity analysis system, the productivity of the individual employees can be measured in depth to gain insightful performance data.

  • Idle Time Measurement
  • Graphical analysis of Productivity
  • Real time Alerts
  • Total Activity Hours
  • Productivity Comparison
  • Many different real time dashboard


A clear view of the employee's desktop or laptop screenshot enables management to access performance and provide timely guidance to new employees.

  • Screenshots
  • Team screenshot view
  • Preview and Zoom
  • Performance Assessment

Call Log

Call recording and call logging can keep an eye on the conversation between employees and customers. It is a centralised system of monitoring calls and making effective decisions based on real time data.

  • Maintaining Call History
  • Monitoring Calls
  • Taking Swift Action
  • Information Sharing and Analysis

Application/Websites Usage

Detailed analysis of Applications/Websites usage by employees during their working time. Total time spent for applications with detail and websites domain and URL level information

  • Easy Information Sharing
  • Real time Feedback
  • Close Monitoring
  • Performance Assessment


Start and Stop activity time manually along with descriptions for particular time interval. Managers can track activities performed during specific time.

  • Project based tracking
  • Create Activity
  • Office Breaks
  • Approval based activities


User Friendly Portal

This efficiency portal is a very easy to manage and can handle all the work details effectively- assign, prioritize, manage, or completion of tasks. A single platform to integrate all business needs.

No Paperwork Required

Business operations can be easily performed with custom created forms with multiple creative options and concrete solutions can be drawn with real time monitoring of human resources.

Effective Resource Management

Manpower is one of the vital resources for a business organisation which can be effectively managed with employee efficiency platform where in time, out time, leaves, working hours and other data related to employees can be recorded and can be viewed anytime.

Perpetual Communication

Unceasing communication between employees and management can highly improve the business efficiency level. The chat manager and broadcasting system present on the platform will open up the doors of free communication in a business environment

Highly Accessible Ecosystem

At the end of the day, when managers have access to Attendance Reports, Task Reports, Schedule Reports, Leave Reports and Expense Reports, then they can make accurate business decisions without any delay.

Live Interactions

Platform is well integrated with GPS tracking system which enables managers to tab their employees every move in real time such as Stoppage Reports, Distance Traveled, Total Time Traveled, Auto Check IN/OUT, Route PlayBack and much more.

Effective Decision Making

Manager will get quick alerts on their desktop if anything isn't going as per the plan. They will get quick push notifications related to tasks, expenses, leaves, customers on their mobile devices so that they can control the situation instantly.

Easy to Chase Deadlines

The process of task allotment to remote employees with Planners and sending one quick reminder with Schedulers has made the workflow clutter free and efficient in the busy business organisations.

What You Get

Admin Web Portal

  • Manage all employees
  • Real time location of Employees
  • Assign single/multiple Task
  • Create dynamic online forms for Employee
  • Reports of Task, Attendance, etc.
  • Approve or Reject Leave and Expenses
  • Chat and Broadcast

Admin Mobile App

  • Available in Android and IOS
  • View of employee activity in mobile
  • Real time alerts of activities
  • Instant access to reports
  • All admin web portal features
  • Chat with employees
  • Circulate notice at single click

Employee's App

  • Mark Attendance
  • Available in Android and iOS
  • Apply for Leave and Expenses
  • Notification for assigned task, task reminder
  • Mark follow up meetings
  • Filling up forms for every meetings in mobile
  • Capture Signature and photo

Desktop app

  • Available in Windows, MAC, Linux
  • Mark Attendance
  • Total duration of work
  • Screenshot of Computer
  • Total idle time
  • Total productive time



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