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Why Encourage your Employees to Work From Home?

Why Encourage your Employees to Work From Home?

In the present work environment, the concept of Work From Home has been gaining huge momentum. Corporate and IT companies have been encouraging their employees to work from home to maintain social distancing nowadays. However, some companies are trying other social distancing methods like rotating employees' shifts, altering roasters, and so on.

But, out of all the innovative methods of maintaining social distancing, the work from home concept is the most viable and reliable method. However, companies working on the traditional work module are still reluctant to trust the financial benefits of working from home. Some traditional companies think that -

  • They can’t monitor their remotely working staff activities.

  • They can’t properly communicate with WFH employees.

  • They can’t establish a centralized control in the organization.

  • They can’t meet deadlines in remote work setup and so on.

All the concerns of the companies are viable because using the traditional work module, you can’t set up a work from home environment in the organization. To encourage your employees to work from home effectively, you need to install a TrackOlap Work From Home Software in your organization.

Benefits of Working From Home 2020

According to one study, remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than their office-based counterparts, resulting in more than three additional weeks of work per year. Working from home with dedicated software can even elevate the productivity of your team. If you want to prepare your firm for the future, you have to befriend work from home software and encourage your team to work from their own homes.

With the desktop monitoring and employee tracking sciences, you can gain numerous benefits of working from home 2020. Some of the valid reason to work from home with centralized software are –

1. Monetary Benefits

The financial benefits of working from home are enormous. When your employees are working from their homes, you can cut down the numerous operational costs of your organization. You can run your business under a less monthly budget as compared to the traditional system. With this setup, you can reduce the following costs –

Office Rent – When your office is based on the internet, you don’t have to rent out big office space to accommodate all of your employees. In the WFH setup, you might not at all required an office space, even if you get an office, you don’t need a bigger space so you can save up lots of your rent money.

Utility Bills – If you don’t have in house employees, you don’t need to pay your utility bills like electricity, water supply, internet connection, and other property taxes. These utility bills chunk out most of your monthly expenses so you can save a major portion of your monthly expenses with remote working.

2. Infrastructure Benefits

In today’s competitive work environment, companies have to offer numerous lucrative benefits to employees. Many companies offer free lunch, personal cubical, transportation, travel allowances, and other additional benefits to retain theirs in house staff. But, with the WFH, you don’t have to worry about providing any additional benefits to your employees.

Moreover, if you ever have to provide a travel allowance to your employees for a work-related trip, you can track their travel time and expenses using the tracking app. On top, employees can send their claims using the same app without personally visiting the office. This is one of the prominent financial benefits of working from home for both the employees and employers.

3. Time Benefits

Daily, your employees spend a minimum of one hour traveling to reach the office. The employees who live far even have to travel for a longer period. Now, this commute time can be easily converted into productivity time because your employees just have to log in to their desktop, and automatically their attendance will be recorded. With the spare hour in hand, your employees can use the same time to work for the betterment of your company.

This time benefit of work from home has one another outlook also. Your employees can conduct virtual and telephonic meetings using employee efficiency software. Thus, they don’t have to travel far to conduct meetings. Moreover, telephonic meetings can be recorded for future references. So, all the commute time of your employees will turn into productivity time.

4. Emotional Benefits

Apart from the financial benefits of working from home, you can gain emotional or sentimental benefits also. When employees are working from their homes under their schedule, they feel happier as they can spend more time with their time. This will improve the family life of your employees as they can spend break time with their family. Especially for working moms, it is a great way to balance their home and work life.

However, some companies have concerns that employees will spend work hours with their family and neglects their work. Now, this could be a problem, but not when you are using desktop monitoring software. The software will record the total work time and break time of the employees. So, you can always check what your employees have been up to all day. This way, you can let your employees emotionally charge as well as productive in one go.

5. Recruitment Benefits

Due to the problem of the skill gap, it is very difficult for companies to hire skilled professionals in the fifty kilometers radius of their office. On the top, the cut-throat competition makes it harder for employers to retain good employees without putting much pressure on the company’s financial resources. But, when you open up doors for remote employees, you can easily hire professionals from all around the globe.

You can gain a competitive edge over your competitors by appointing highly skilled and professionals employees. With the screenshot sharing, you can easily introduce remote employees with your work culture. This way, you can use the services of highly skilled professionals without burdening your financial resources.

6. Employment Benefits

When you are allowing your employees to work from home and stay close to their families, they will feel gratitude towards your company. This gratitude will soon turn into loyalty, and having a loyal employee is one of the biggest assets in today’s cut-throat work environment.

When you have an army of loyal employees behind you, then you can note that the number of sick or personal leaves will also go down. That’s because small ailments like a cold or food poisoning might make it impossible to work from the office desk space, but employees can easily work from his bed. Plus, if your employees ever have to take a leave, they just have to check their leave status in the software and apply for the leave with one tap and instant notification. This will improve the employee-employer relationship to a great extent also.

7. Productivity Benefits

If you ask your in house employees to work late, you might have to provide them some extra insensitive along with food and travel allowance. Importantly, female employees need to be dropped home safely at the odd hours of the night. Moreover, when employees have to spend long hours in the cramped office space, it will automatically impact their productivity.

On the other hand, if you ask your working from home employees to put some extra hours, you don’t have to go through all the trouble. You just have to clock in extra work hours of the employees using the desktop tracking software and just pay for the particular time. You don’t have to worry about providing refreshments or travel expenses to your employees for extra hours.

8. Competency Benefits

Under the working from home schedule, you are giving more power and responsibility to your employees, which is a good way to improve your employees' competency levels. You can encourage your employees to work independently without constant guidance. It is good for both the employees and employers – employees will grow in their careers, and employers will become competent and independent working clients.

With the work from home software, employers can monitor the activities and performance of their employees, but without interfering with their work. This way, you are regulating activities of your employees, meanwhile giving them the freedom to work as per their judgment. It is a good way to gain the trust of your employees.

Futuristic Work Style - Work From Home

With the intervention of the high-speed internet and the dynamic work from home software, it is a common knowledge that WFH is the safest and effective work style. In the upcoming days, digital business practices are going to increase ever than before. Thus, you need to start encouraging and training your employees for the futuristic workstyles for now.

To properly implement the work from the home module, you need to tie a knot with the tracking and monitoring technologies with which you can effectively run your remote office. TrackOlap can here help you in setting up your work from home environment smoothly.


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