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What Makes Employee Monitoring Software Ideal for Protecting Privacy of Employees?

What Makes Employee Monitoring Software Ideal for Protecting Privacy of Employees?

Employees are starting to question their privacy and transparency. They are worried that monitoring employees in the workplace at least let them have a private life after the working hours, but with the software monitoring, they are losing their privacy. Mostly, employees are using their personal computing devices to work from home, and they don’t want their seniors to snooping around their personal stuff.

The worry of employee privacy and transparency has further raised the question of whether employee monitoring increases productivity?

To be honest, employee monitoring software does increase productivity, but only when your employees are happy about it. If your employees don’t feel comfortable about monitoring or have privacy concerns about software, you can’t expect your employees to offer the desired level of productivity.

So, what’s the solution? Should employers let employees win arguments against employee monitoring software?

Privacy vs. Productivity – How to Get Both?

In work from home setup, employers want to increase the productivity of employees by monitoring their performance. Whereas, employees don’t want to sacrifice their privacy and demand transparency in the monitoring process. Both parties are right here because it’s an employee’s right to protect their privacy, and the employer has to increase employee productivity.

This reluctant behavior of employees can be easily addressed with the right employee monitoring software. When you pick an employee tracking software company like TrackOlap, which has developed employee efficiency and tracking software after keeping the requirements of both employees and employers in mind, you don’t have to worry about anything.

With transparent monitoring software, employers can easily address employee's privacy concerns by creating an open environment. How? When you have a perfect employee monitoring software, you can set arguments against employee monitoring by creating an environment on the following grounds.

1. Creating Relevant Tracking Environment

Employers should make a statistical decision while deciding up to which extend they should monitor their employees. The unnecessary surveillance doesn’t help in understanding employee productivity and creates a burden over the heads of employees. Thus, employers need to monitor the employee's relevant activities only, which has a solid impact on the employee's functioning and productivity.

For instance, application usage feature present in the monitoring software enables employees to track different apps or websites usage over a period. Now, employers don’t need to track all the apps here; they just need to track those which can somehow reduce the productivity of the employees. So, employees and employers can sit together and make a list of the apps or websites that should be relevant monitored.

The benefit of this exercise will be that employees know which apps shouldn’t be used during working hours. Thus, if they do use any such app, he or she will automatically get alert.

2. Creating Transparent Monitoring Environment

It is an amazing way to show your employees how much you respect them by creating an open and honest communication system. Tell your employees what you’re monitoring and why. Allow them to offer feedback. When you share automatically generated monitoring data with your employees, you can help them in making better decisions related to their careers.

Modern monitoring software enables employers to create different types of employee's performance reports based on the period. Thus, when you share a performance report of employees with them, they will accept their weaknesses and strengths. It will give an employee overview of his or her performance during a period.

Now, employees can provide a reason behind their dropped productivity and ask management to help them. Moreover, good employees independently start working on improving their performance without disturbing management. In both cases, it is an ideal solution for management to let employees work themselves. Transparent monitoring can also put employee's minds at ease as they know what type of monitoring is conducted by their employees.

3. Create a Motivational Structure

Employers should create an environment in the organization where employees don’t get scared of the monitoring. Management should tell employees how monitoring can help in growing their careers. When the employee's performance report is shared with them, they can understand their weak points and work on them.

It helps employees in developing better skills. In a way, transparent monitoring software is highly beneficial for a person's career growth, and management should clearly know employees about the career benefits of monitoring.

4. Creating a Cordial Environment

Today, the constant fear of coronavirus has disturbed numerous people because they are struggling to adopt the change. And, this constant fear and struggles have impacted the performance of every good employee also. With the help of monitoring software, management can recognize the employees who are struggling and help them out.

Employee tracking software isn’t only for the employers to control employees – no, it is a tool to understand the employees and help them. Today, if management compares the performance reports of employees during the before and after COVID-19, they found low performance of certain employees. They can then immediately reach out to those employees and find out the reasons behind the low performance.

Thus, employees should not worry about monitoring software because it is not here to find their flawless. It is a tool to understand your worries so that management can help you out to grow under unfavorable conditions.

5. Creating an Equal Environment

The key to a successful business organization is the diversity among its employees. The diversified employees bring a new approach and ideology to the business setups. But, sometimes, diversification among employees leads to groups and favoritism. Some biased managers start to favor certain employees based on their cast, creed, or color, which is ethically wrong.

To control such discriminating behavioral practices, management can use centralized communication software that monitors all the interaction among employees and managers. If an employee files a complaint against his senior of favoritism, using the communication data, management can resolve such conflicts and warn the managers. Thus, the monitoring software helps improve the productivity of employees, but it creates a healthy and unbiased environment for them.

6. Create Independent Work Environment

If you ask business professionals - does employee monitoring increase productivity? Then, they are going to say no. Yep, you can’t increase your employee's productivity by constantly monitoring their every move and micromanaging their every action. To make your employees productive, you have to make them self sufficient.

In remote work settings, you can’t control every move of your employees. Monitoring employees in the workplace is relatively easy because your employees just present in front of you. Thus, with the monitoring software, employees can show employers how competent and independent they are.

Once employers have allotted work to the employees from monitoring the software dashboard, employees can track down their work completion status and deadlines. By completing work on time without any manager's intervention, employees can show management that they are self-sufficient and can handle bigger responsibilities in the organizations. Employees can show their performance and timely delivery data to the management and even demand a raise or promotion.

7. Creating a Personalised Environment

For the smooth running of the business organization, it is very important to have a strong relationship between employees and employers. Employees should understand the company's deadline problems and put their 100% to complete the job on time. Similarly, employers need to provide a comfortable working environment for employees and understand their requirements.

With the help of leave management and event calendar features, employers can provide a one-tap facility to apply for a leaved anchor check out all the company holidays. This way, employees can manage their leaves schedule in advance and ensure that they complete their work before going on leaves. Moreover, employees don’t have to face the problem of applying for leave. They can check their leave status and apply for leave from the software. This software can bring comfort and ease in the life of employees.

Employee Friendly Monitoring Solution

Employees, if you are worried about your privacy and safety, don’t worry because the employee monitoring software is designed to help you – not to scare you. Companies know that you are one of the valuable assets for them, so they won’t do anything to harm you. Thus, you should yourself encourage your employers to install the monitoring software so that you can improve your productivity and grow in your business.

When you are looking for an employee-friendly monitoring solution, you just have to trust the dynamic TrackOlap software for the betterment of your employees.


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