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What is Employee Time Tracking Software? How to Pick the Ideal Monitoring Tool for Your Company?

What is Employee Time Tracking Software? How to Pick the Ideal Monitoring Tool for Your Company?

What is Employee Time Tracking Software?

Employee monitoring software empowers administrators wit h an array of productive tools and features that monitor and record individual employee's behavior on the clock. The extension of monitoring includes which websites your employees can access, which program, how long they can use, what message they can send, and so on.

With the best employee tracking software 2022, you can achieve two goals - systematically implement the company's rules and improve the productivity of employees. For instance, if you have a company rule of No Social Media During Office Hours,’ you can monitor the desktops of your employees to check whether they have used any social media apps during office hours or not. On the other hand, when employees know that their actions are monitored, they will automatically improve their productivity without any intervention.

How to Pick the Best Employee Tracking Software 2022

When you are looking for the best employee monitoring software, you have plenty of compelling options ahead, such as TrackOlap. You should consider all the robust features, lucrative pricing plans, and other considering curves before getting the best tracking software 2022. You have to strike a balance between functionality and durability while selecting your tracking app. Some of the pivotal consideration pointers are –
Log Monitoring

One ideal employee desktop tracking software should be layered with multiple log monitoring features. The software should automatically record the login time of the employee so that real-time attendance can be recorded. The app needs to be embedded with a desktop time tracking feature that enables employers to check break time, the ideal time, and the employees' production time. With the automatic log monitoring, time-stamped activities of employees with a reference can be obtained to make result driven decisions.

Application/WebSite Monitoring

Application monitoring or web page monitoring is a useful feature to monitor your employees' online activities. Nowadays, you can’t restrict your employees from the internet as all the operations are online. Thus, you can limit your employees from using specific programs that aren’t related to the work.

With application monitoring software, an employer can examine which applications have been used by their employees and for how long. If your employee has been using an app that has nothing to do with your operations or is spending time on the application more than necessary, you can immediately share screenshots of application usage with your employees and demand explanation. When an employee doesn’t offer you a viable explanation, you can issue a warning to improve his behavior.

Call Monitoring

Call monitoring refers to recording the live conversation of your employees with your clients or other business associates. With proper time-stamped and dated conversation, you can understand the objective of the call. The call recording shows the competency and conversational skills of employees. Moreover, employers can make sure that employees don’t share any sensitive or unethical information with the clients. Call recording can also be used as a reference to make sales and other customer policies. One call recording can benefit an organization in multiple different manners.

Screenshot Monitoring

Many employee monitoring software solutions include periodic screenshots that give administrators a literal window into employee activity at a given time. This screenshot sharing feature assists employers in multiple ways. For example, employees can share screenshots of their screen when they want a reference of seniors; employers can share performance logistics with employees so that they can self improve themselves and so on. The screenshot monitoring lifts the gap between remote workers and management. With the screenshot sharing feature, employers can easily monitor the productivity and performance of their employees.

Report Monitoring

Reporting is one of the vital parts of Employee Time Tracking System . Each software follows a different solution to handle report management, but the best employee monitoring software allows you to create custom reports as per your preference. The automatic reports are generated by comparing employee’s activity and inactivity time. The software automatically shows you whether your employees have been productive or unproductive during a certain course of time. Some of the advanced software even presents reports in graphical format for quick reading.

Multiple Device Monitoring

The main objective of employee tracking software is to track activities in real-time. Thus, when employees are working on the field or multiple locations, the regular employee desktop monitoring software isn’t sufficient. So, you need software that can work on all the devices, including desktop and mobile devices. With the dual dashboard system, employees can send their reed from the mobile phones to the manager's desktop or vice versa. That’s why you should pick the employee tracking software, which can be operated over Android, iOS, web, etc.,

Privacy Monitoring

When you are adopting software to monitor your employees' activities, you have to pay attention to the security and privacy features of the software. That’s because one loophole in the security shielding of the software can expose your company’s confidential data in front of the wrong people. Thus, the employee tracking app should not record any sensitive information. Moreover, ideal tracking software needs to be cloud-based so that no information can leak or lost.

Leave Monitoring

In an organization where numerous employees are working in different departments, you can’t keep a tab on the leave requests of each employee. Thus, monitoring software should track down all the pending paid or non paid leaves of the employee. If the manager has access to leave records, he or she can immediately accept or reject leave requests. With the adequate leave record, the financial department can easily prepare the monthly payments of employees. Moreover, employees can monitor their own leave records to know whether they are applicable to leave or not.

Work Monitoring

Employee monitoring software helps employers in allotting the work to their remote and in house. Apart from assigning the work, tracking tools help in tracking the work completion and pending status. Employees can update their work status on the software so that employer can monitor the progress report. If an employer finds that the work schedule is behind, they should have the facility to send a reminder to the employees. The ideal software enables management to effectively complete work on the clock.

Holiday Monitoring

The employee tracking systems should provide a different kind of monitoring to the employees and employers. Holiday monitoring is one of the exciting features of the software where the company can upload a list of all the state and department holidays allowed to employees. This way, employees know which holidays are entitled to them. It will bring transparency and smoothness in the workflow.

Real-Time Monitoring

All the monitoring features offered by tracking tools are mostly in real-time. With real-time monitoring, employers can understand the actual reasons behind the low productivity of their employees. And, they can take practical steps towards improving the efficiency of their employees. The real-time data helps management in making correct and timely decisions without any delay.

Miscellaneous Factors

Apart from the prominent monitoring features, you need to consider a couple of other essential factors before picking the best employee tracking software 2022 including –

* Your software manufacturer should provide you with free training and setup guidance to correctly use the software.
* Software manufacturers should offer the impactful after-sales services using different means of communication such as email or phone.
* You can’t expect highly functional software for low prices, but you should go for the fair pricing policy software.
The Best Tracking Software

With the best tracking solution, you can improve your team's efficiency, productivity, and performance. One solution can let you monitor your employees closely without interfering. You can quickly deliver high quality and timely work to your clients after the installation of the tracking software.

However, to achieve all the benefits of monitoring software, you have to find the best employee monitoring software. To find the best software with all the excellent monitoring features, you don’t have to look far; just contact the TrackOlap software team. For affordable and dynamic services, we are always ready to serve you.


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