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What is Call Recording System? & Its Benefits for Businesses

What is Call Recording System? & Its Benefits for Businesses

What is Call Recording?

Call recording is a systematic and automatic process of recording all the phone calls. Once you have enabled the call record feature on your company's dashboard, then all the conversations following between employees, management, and other authorized parties will be automatically recorded. It is a simple way to make sure that communication is fully monitored and important conversations are fully documented for future reference.

Merits of the voice recording system are gigantic in the business culture where numerous employees and managers are working on the same line. To empower the business identities with the enormous features of the call recording, TrackOlap has introduced a call recording feature in our complete efficiency platform.

Why Is It Important to Record Calls of your Team?

Business organizations are always seeking a cost-effective way to understand the needs of their clients and employees. It is common knowledge that with the proper information, they can make conclusive decisions and locate the performance gap. Businesses need to keep an eye on the sales figures, employee retention rates, and customer satisfaction levels.

Thus, with the introduction of call recording software, businesses can easily determine the strengths and weaknesses of their employees by listening to their calls. By employees call recording, you will get insightful on different things including the effectiveness of the calls, employee's behavior, and sales strategies. It is a cost-effective solution that can bring numerous benefits to the business organization.

Benefits of Call Recording System for Businesses

If you haven’t introduced call recording system into your business setup, then check out the merits of voice recording system –

Helps in Taking Notes

When the manager is talking to an employee or employee is talking to the customers, then it is important to actively listen and take notes for future references. But, talking, listening, and taking notes altogether is not at all an easy task. You might miss out on something while trying to do all operations together. Thus, with the call recording software, you can give your full attention to a call and take notes later on by replaying the call recording. This makes sure that you won't miss out on any important instructions shared by the customers or managers.

Moreover, sometimes it is difficult to understand what other person is saying on the call due to a noisy environment, fast-talking, accent, or any other reasons. And, it is quite irritating to ask the person to repeat the sentence, especially when you are talking with your superiors, then you have call recording as the best solution. You can replay the call repeated to understand the content of the conversations. This way you can ensure that you aren't missing out on any essential components of the conversation.

Guide your Team

When you record the calls conducted between your employees and clients, then you can access how your team members are speaking with them. It is a good platform for managers to analyze the communication skills of their employees and guide them to improve their communication skills. You can provide tips to employees on how to effectively communicate with the clients or potential leads.

All the team members can benefit from the call recording – from a receptionist to the sales representative. This is a good thing for the overall development of the employees also when they get the granular coaching and feedback from the experienced managers. The benefits of call recording for businesses are numerous, but coaching the team for better performance is one of the important ones.

Helps Marketing Teams

The marketing team has to constantly observe the customer's needs and satisfaction to provide a proper roadmap to the sales team. By using the call recordings, the marketing team can try to understand the behavior and persona of the customers. The marketing team can develop effective marketing strategies based on real-time feedback from actual customers. With the realistic idea about the customer's behavior, marketing efforts can be amplified and become much more impactful. The core values of the marketing services can be improved with the call recording.

Easy Sharing of Information

In business operations, multiple departments and employees have to work together. By sharing the call recording with the specific team members, managers can smooth up the business operations. For instance, if an employee records the meeting with the potential client, then the recorded meeting can be easily shared with the manufacturing department so that they can understand the requirements of clients and design products according to the real-time feedback. With the call recording feature, the inter-department sharing of the information becomes a lot easier and effective to make important business decisions without any hassle.

Maintenance of Call Log

With the call recording software, you can make a proper call record funnel to retrieve the essential information at the time of need. From creating personalized services for your customers to guiding your employees to perform better, everything can be improved with the proper call log maintenance. You can anytime check the history of calls going between employees and customers to enhance performance of your business.

Assistance in Maintaining Legal Compliance

One of the important things to remember here is that call recording is legal until you have the permission of both parties. You have to ask permission from the customers before recording the call. If you have the full consent of the customers, then the call record database will help your business comply with legal, industry, and service-level compliance guidelines.

Getting into a lawsuit with your customers, associates, or employees can lead to loss of time and money. According to statistics, most of the companies lawsuits occur due to miscommunication. Thus, with the proper recording, you can easily clear the misunderstandings and save up a trip to your lawyer.

Useful in Providing Personalised Experience

In today's competitive environment if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then you have to provide a personalized experience to your clients. By recording the calls of your clients, sales reps can provide the personalized experience. For instance, if a client shared concerns about a certain feature of your product, then sales reps can give follow up calls to clients to make sure that the client is satisfied with the product or not. You can even provide special demo or support to the customers to provide satisfaction.

Capture Feedback

It is always a concern of management that they can't evaluate the performance of their field workers properly. Thus, from the call records, management can understand how much a customer is satisfied with the services offered by particular employees. If management realized from the recording conversation that the clients aren't happy with the services of certain employees, then they can raise a ticket against them. The customer's feedback plays an important role in the performance evaluation.

Resolving Conflicts

It is the responsibility of managers to resolve conflicts between the employees and customers. But, this gets difficult when employees and customers are present in a separate geographical location. However, by checking the call record history, numerous conflicts between the employees and customers can be resolved.

Suppose, if customer complaints that employee hasn't reached to the meeting on agreed time and employee justifies statement by saying that the agreed meeting time was different. So, managers can here easily check the call record to resolve the conflict and take timely actions based on the proof.

Check Performance Enhancements

By comparing the database of all the call recordings of a particular employee, you can check the growth. You can see how communication of an employee has improved vs how he used to communicate in the past. But, if you don't find any difference in the communication tone and style of the employee, then you can ask him to improve his performance. Moreover, if the warnings employee hasn't improved his communication skills, then you can terminate that employee.

Creates Honest Environment

When employees know that all their calls are monitored by the seniors, then they don't waste time on leisure calls or use any offensive language while communicating with clients. It helps in creating an honest work environment where everything is transparent between employees and managers.

Call Recording Is Essential

Keeping all the benefits of the call recording system into consideration, we can easily conclude that it is highly essential to have a call recording software. This software helps in aligning the work of remotely working teams and providing effective customer services. In modern work culture, call recording is an essential tool that every big and small business organization should practice.

The TrackOlap employee efficiency dashboard is now laced with the call recording feature as well. So, you can contact them anytime and use an impactful call recording feature today!


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