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What are the Work From Home Challenges organisation is facing?

What are the Work From Home Challenges organisation is facing?

The challenges of working from home for employees have been a wild ride where they have lost a blurred line between their personal and professional life. Overall, the way people have been thinking about work from home has turned out to be completely opposite. It is indeed a new challenge for companies and employees, but it can be tackled with the right approach and tools.

TrackOlap has evaluated work from home challenges and solutions way before the strike. Thus, if you have loaded up yourself with the remote employee efficiency and monitoring tools, you are ready to fight with the WFH monster.

Striving Work From Home Challenges and Solutions

The list of work from home challenges for companies has been increasing every other - from latency in deliveries to low productivity of employees – the challenges of both the employees and employers are gigantic. However, if you want to derail the WFH challenges, you don’t need to do much as below; you will find solutions for all the challenges.

Time Management Challenges

When employees don’t have to wake up early, get ready, and travel all the way to the office, they have so much spare time – this was employees' thoughts four months back. But, now they have realized without the proper timeline, their productivity and efficiency have deflated dramatically.

This has surged the problem of “work from home productivity challenges” for the companies. Employees aren’t trained to schedule their own time table, and they definitely don’t have the discipline to avoid all the distractions present in their home. The malfunction of timing has affected the performance of employees, which has eventually reduced their productivity.

Now, this monstrous issue can be handled with an easy solution. Companies should set a work timetable for the employees, the way they used to do before pandemics, but with the little twist of virtual tools.

Companies can use the attendance tool to measure employees' attendance in real-time and allot them weekly or monthly work with strict deadlines. Now, employees know they have to complete a certain task in a given timeframe, and if they got delay, the software would automatically indicate them. So, when they have a tool to monitor their timely attendance and work schedule, they won’t feel out of focus and productivity won’t suffer much.

Distraction Challenges

The huge challenge of working from home for employees could be avoiding distractions. Yep, when employees are working from home, they have thousands of distractions to deal with. From a play station to playing with your dog, being an employee, you have many distractions lying around the home. For God's sake, if you are women, you have some extra distractions laying your way as your kids are out of the school.

All these home distractions can be a challenge for both the employees and employers. To overcome the challenge of distraction, employees and employers both have to play their part.

Employees have to make a work corner in their homes where they don’t hear or see any distractions. Plus, they should complete all their domestic chores before starting the workday. Once an employee has logged into his or her company dashboard, they should stay focused and work with 100% dedication.

Employers need to set fixed working hours for the employees and don’t force them to work overtime. Moreover, to calculate the exact working hours of an employee, the monitoring software will be very helpful. The software will automatically record the time when employees are working or taking a break. This way, both employees and employers will know the exact working hours to avoid any conflicts. Moreover, employees can work to increase their working hours when they see low numbers, which reduces managers' work.

Supervision Challenges

Now, this situation falls under the working from home challenges and benefits category. When employees are working from home, they have the liberty to work without any directions and supervision. It allows them to solve problems on their own and improve their analytical thinking abilities.

However, all the employees aren’t the same. Some employees need constant monitoring and supervision; otherwise, they will make wrong decisions that will eventually impact the reputation of a company. Thus, remote workers need to be monitored but ghostly.

Desktop monitoring software can be the perfect ghost monitoring solution. It will be recording all the employees' activities and sending periodic screenshots to the employers so that they can monitor their activities. Moreover, this won’t disturb the employee in any way so he can work as per his will.

Furthermore, the software will generate a performance report based on regular monitoring. Employers can share this report with the employees so that they can analyze their mistakes and make efforts to avoid them. This will reduce the task of managers to provide frequent feedback to the employees. It is a win-win solution for remote task forces.

Communication Challenges

It’s hard enough to hold productive in-person meetings to coordinate different team members’ efforts to remain aligned. This work from home challenges for companies has created numerous problems. Miscommunication or partial communication can slow down decision-making and take the business for a few years.

It has been shared by numerous businesses that they aren’t able to make decisions swiftly in the WFH setup due to miscommunication. It has become a challenge for companies to align the entire team together to make timely decisions.

To solve the problem of inadequate communication channels, companies have a great solution in monitoring software. The software has a dedicated communication monitoring system through which employees can communicate with other employees and employers. Moreover, all the communication conducted through a centralized system is recorded so that future references can be drawn.

On the top, when an employee makes a sales call to the potential clients, the call recording will be shared with the employer and other concerns employees so that a proper sales pitch can be prepared. Additionally, employers can schedule regular meetings with the entire team so that they can brainstorm new ideas and formulate new strategies. Your employees will feel connected when you are properly communicating with them, and the decision-making process can improve.

Performance Metrics Challenges

The measurement of performance metrics has been very challenging remotely. Employees frequently complain that employers aren’t using the right system to measure their performance. Mostly, employers just keep records of employees working hours to evaluate their performance, which is the wrong parameter. That’s because the working speed of each person is different – one person can complete the same task within one hour, whereas others might take 2-3 hours to complete it.

Now, measuring employees on the parameters of time will wrong. Thus, employers should let the performance measurement task in the hands of automated software. The software will analyze the performance of an employee on numerous grounds and prepare a comprehensive performance report that can be analyzed in the graphic format for the quick interpretation.

When employees know that performance report is automatically generated by the software without involvement of the personal basis, they can’t question the reliability of the report. For the correct reporting and analysis of the performance, the automated performance evaluating software is very useful.

Motivation Challenges

When employees aren’t surrounded by the professionals and working under career-driven energy, they will start to feel demotivated. Employees start to lose their vision as they don’t have so many people around them to drive inspiration from. Moreover, social distancing and isolation will negatively impact the productivity of the employees.

It is work from home productivity challenges another shade that employers have to focus on. Employers need to create an engaging and competitive environment in the organization. Even your team is working remotely, but still, you can offer them promotions and bonuses. Companies should create a reward system in the organization so that employees feel motivated and keep on track.

When you allot work to the employees, you can set bars for early completion or quality work. Suppose one of your employees has submitted work before due date throughout the month; you can appreciate that employee by giving a bonus or other type of reward. This will motivate your entire to work efficiently so that they can get the reward too.

Working From Home Works

In spite of the several works from home challenges for companies, this setup has numerous benefits also. Thus, when the remote work setup is implemented perfectly with the support of adequate software, the real benefits of the work from home setup can be driven. To perfectly implement the WFH system, you need to tie knots with the TrackOlap team. With the support of our tool, you can effectively overcome all the work from home challenges. We have achieved success while working from home, so you can!


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