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How Can No-code Tools Make Your Non-technical Employees Efficient?

How Can No-code Tools Make Your Non-technical Employees Efficient?

So, you must be wondering, “what are no-code tools.” And how the hell a software solution can be developed without coding.

Well, it is possible to develop software for backend users with zero coding. Today, many development companies have created no-code tools for non-technical users to customize their business operations without any coding hassle.

We are also one of the leading software development companies, which has created a full employee time tracking software for non-technical business users without codes.

Yes, all the solutions available under the TrackOlap flagship have zero codes. Business users can access our productivity management software in India without having any technical knowledge.


If you have any doubts, you can follow this guide to understand better what no-code tools are and how they can help to improve the efficiency of your non-technical employees.

What Are No-code Tools?

No-code tools are software that non-technical employees can use to develop and deploy custom applications to run different business operations. These tools have a simple user interface and drag and drop menu that allows employees to create or use software without any technical knowledge.

No-code tools were developed to support non-technical teams. The software has a visual interface, which helps employees to work without knowing codes.

Demand for no-code tools suddenly arose during the pandemic. During the lockdown, companies had to provide technical solutions to their employees for working remotely like time tracking solutions, productivity management software and so on.

But, for non-technical employees, it was a big challenge to learn how to use all those technical tools. Therefore, the no-code tools become necessary. 

Considering the non-technical teams' challenges during the pandemic, our team has also designed comprehensive remote team management software. TrackOlap’s solution is also codeless. It allows companies to run remote teams without any technical requirements.

However, people often confuse no-code platforms with low-code platforms. The no-code platforms are designed with a visual interface, and no IT team assistant is required to use them. But, low-code tools require some technical knowledge to operate.

For example, WordPress is a low-code software. You can create a website using WordPress without any codes. But, if you want to customize and add advanced features to your website, you require some basic CSS and HTML coding. 

On the other hand, we have no-code employee live tracking software . You can add your employees' details to the software using a visual interface, and it will automatically show the real-time location of your field employees on the map. There is no need to adjust or modify any code.

How Can No-code Tools Enhance Your Team’s Efficiency?

Do you have a non-technical business? If so, there is no need for you to hire an IT person to manage your remote or hybrid workflow. Your non-technical team members can easily manage the technical aspects of your remote team management software.

Using the no-code tools, you can empower your non-technical staff in many ways, such as:

Reduce Business Management Cost

With the advancement in business automation solutions, business management costs have increased dramatically. Companies now have to establish an IT department within the organization to manage and keep their technical resources secure. Some small companies prefer to outsource IT services as they don’t have a significant budget to establish in-house teams.

But, in both cases, business management costs have put pressure on financial resources. Therefore, many businesses don’t even want to automate their operations. This, in return, is impacting their business performance and growth.

No-code tools are a highly economical solution as you don’t need an IT person to manage or run them. Your non-technical employees can easily learn to use and customize business operations using no-code platforms.

In addition, no-code software developers automatically update and keep the software secure. Like, we constantly keep on improving efficiency and removing bugs in our productivity management solutions. This way, our clients have nothing to worry about regarding software development or management cost. 

Improve Team’s Productivity

Thanks to no-code software, you can now improve your team‘s productivity in real-time. First of all, your employees don’t have to wait for the technical team every time they are stuck somewhere. They can now easily solve their own technical problems.

For example, managers can generate performance reports with just one click on our employee time tracking software. They don’t need to contact the IT team to add a few code lines to generate real-time performance reports.

When employees can resolve their problems on their own, they can work faster. This will reduce problems like latency, poor performance and ineffective leadership. 

Seamless Integration

The best thing about no-code tools is that they are extremely simple to use and highly integrated. You can easily integrate your codeless tool into different business automation solutions.

In fact, most software is designed to work with other business solutions. For example, we have created a complete integrated office solution for modern businesses. With our product management software, you will get integration with CRM, payroll software, design tracking solution, onboarding platform and so on.

In a way, you can manage your entire office from a no-code tool. This will save your employees from adding repetitive entries to different software. It can also reduce errors and fasten up your work operations. 

Smooth Workflow

For modern workplaces, it is highly challenging to manage their workflow in different work environments like remote, hybrid or in-house. Managers often struggle to streamline the information flow between their teams so that everyone can access the right information on time.

With no-code software, it has become easy to simplify the workflow structure. Most no-code software has a centralized dashboard that allows employees to access information with a click. 

Besides this, these tools help to create a transparent workflow. For example, using TrackOlap remote team management software , managers can assign tasks to individual team members with essential instructions and monitor their progress. They can build transparency and set accountability to complete the assigned task on time. 

In addition, integrated communication channels help to streamline smooth conversations between team members. It will help to have work-related conversations in a monitored environment.

Highly Flexible

With no-code tools, you will get unlimited flexibility to scale or reduce your business size. Generally, the software doesn't allow you to easily upscale or downscale your company operations. Most of the time, you have to stick with one size software. 

But not anymore. You can customize no-code platforms based on your team size, operations, etc. For example, many businesses need to scale up their employee base during certain periods, like accounting firms. During the taxation period, accounting firms need to hire some extra help to complete their tax returns on time. 

At that time, they might need software that can generate payroll and manage operations of more people. On regular days, accounting firms can easily operate with their small team. 

In this situation, traditional software might fail to scale up for a short time. But, you can easily scale up your no-code software by contacting developers. 

At TrackOlap, we give full freedom to our clients to add or remove a number of employees to their time tracking software at any time. 

Perfect for Small Teams

Do you have a small team? If so, customizing a business automation solution is an expensive and time-consuming process for you. 

On the contrary, you can order no-code software with just one click. No-code tools are ready-to-use. You simply have to visit the developer's website and click on the purchase button, and you are done.

In addition, no-code tools are available under different subscription plans. This allows you to select the perfect plan under your budget and is suitable for your business requirements.

Great Customer Support

You have nothing to worry about regarding the maintenance and up-gradation of no-code tools. It is a developer's responsibility to make sure that your software is running without any glitches.

However, if you ever face any problem while using the software, you can quickly reach out to the development company and ask them to fix your problem. Due to the high competition in the no-code software development industry, most companies nowadays offer 24 hours customer support to their clients. 

That means, no matter whether it’s a weekend or holiday, your development team will help you any time. Importantly, companies don’t charge any additional fees to fix problems in your no-code software. 

The TrackOlap customer support team is also available around the clock to help our clients.

Easy to Use

We have already mentioned this, but we couldn't stop ourselves from repeating the fact that no-code software is extremely easy. The software has an intuitive and visual interface that can be used by even a school student.

There is no technical knowledge or skills required to use these platforms. Using the simple drag and drop menu, you can easily use the no-code software to perform multiple functions. 

Boost Team Members' Morale

When the first-time computer was introduced in Indian workplaces, it became a mental trauma for non-technical employees. They start to feel overwhelmed because they don't know how to operate computer systems. And this eventually impacted their morale, and many people took voluntary retirement just because they fear of losing jobs. 

This is something Indian workplaces again witnessed when the employees were asked to work from home during the pandemic. It has become challenging for employees to use Technical tools and work remotely. 

But thanks to no-code tools, non-technical employees now feel confident to work remotely or in a hybrid work environment without any worry. This helps to improve the morals of non-technical employees and gives them the confidence to work effectively.

Parting Remarks

No-code tools are the future. More business organizations are planning to use the software to streamline their operations. In addition, many companies are developing hybrid non-code tools to increase the efficiency and performance of businesses using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud integration, etc. 

So, if you don’t want to stay behind in this technical business environment, you can now book a free demo to understand the TrackOlap no-code business suite. Our team will show you how you can run your business without a single line of code. Book your demo session today!


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