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What Is The Best Way To Track Sales Online?

What Is The Best Way To Track Sales Online?

Sales are the pillars of business. The more sales you have the more successful you are. Bridging the gap between prospective customers' needs and the products or services of the organization, sales play a kingpin role to help businesses build a robust customer base with lucrative ROI. The sales team can be considered the backbone of any organization. If you can't track the sales and leads and do not bother to improve them, you might be heading to turn your business into a charitable organization.

Different business leaders have different sales strategies. For instance, with the help of an online sales funnel one can sell products without having a dedicated sales representative. But what about the efficiency to fulfill the order seamlessly? Today's custom before placing an order try to connect with the customer service where they expect a human representative, not a bot. When a business efficiently increases the scales without increasing the cost per sale, then the business is on its acme not only in profits but size and margin. 

However, tracking the sales is not as easy as it sounds. Tracking every point of sale from reaching out to prospectives to converting them into leads, can be huge and tedious tasks. 

Thankfully with Trackolap's sales tracking app , you can track everything point starting from the total distance travelled by your sales representative to assigning customer visits with customer feedback forms. These are only the tip of the iceberg there are many more features to discover by visiting our services page.

However, tools won't be able to deliver you the expected results until you have some unique strategies. The stellar combination of dynamic software and strategies will help your business reach the acme of success with myriad sales & leads. 

In this blog, we have mentioned some practices to track your sales online. After all, if you couldn't track the sales and hurdles in the delivery of the products or services, how will you gonna improve it?

Let's dive into the blog!

Best Ways To Track Sales

When we talk about best practices to track sales there are numerous ways. But do you know what will work for you? Do you have that much time to experiment? What if we tell you some basic proven steps to track all of your sales and leads in one place efficiently? Keeping in mind your precious time to save we have mentioned the top ways. Let's dive deep into the blog. 

1) Track Leads Pipeline

Keeping track of the sales funnel will not give you the desired result alone. Integrating the lead pipeline will give you the maximum visibility on what you have achieved and how far you are from the goal whereas the sales funnel only focuses on every stage of the conversation. Every lead has different expectations and different queries from your business. 

When you track individual leads with the help of a pipeline, you become aware of lead needs. Every stage of the pipeline makes you aware to take any action that is required at that moment. When you organize leads and track them according to the pipeline, you eventually ended up creating an organized process to track leads & followed by sales. If you can't track the leads how will you gonna convert them into sales?

With sales automation app your team becomes more organized and builds relationships with your leads to convert them successfully. By streamlining the whole process, we reduce your efforts and time without forgoing personalization. 

2) Practice Evaluating Lead Cycles

Lead cycles can go for months or weeks depending upon your business. However, if you practice a lead cycle for six months and that doesn't make any sense, you will be ended up using unnecessary resources than it's worth. Sticking to an effective lead cycle ( long-term or short-term) that actually worth your business model can increase sales followed by the overall growth of the company. Practicing a productive lead cycle is very much required for your business because you can't engage with the same customers over and over. 

Doesn't it make sense? If you are unable to expand your customer base, connecting with new opportunities with the lead cycle means you are going into the red zone. In the end, everyone wants a prospective lead, not a dead one. For example, a B2B business must have a longer lead nurturing cycle even up to one year whereas a B2C business such as e-commerce, always has shorter lead cycles up to 3 weeks.  

3) Use A sophisticated CRM Solution

In the end, you require a sophisticated tool to perform all these practices. A customer management relationship software (CRM) is the one and only lead management software to efficiently manage leads and convert them into sales. A CRM software runs and analysis data. You cannot spend hours analyzing the spreadsheets, assigning scores to leads and adding new leads to the lists. To stay competitive you should take the help of automation so that you can utilize your resources on meeting other business goals. A CRM software will you visibility leads, and offers that are attracting more leads, manage pipelines and help you assign the lead tasks to the authorized person at one click. 

With Trackolap CRM solutions, you can distribute and prioritize your leads, and get a 360-degree view of the details of your leads with an analytical dashboard that can generate 100+ powerful reports with a click.

With these reports, you can identify strong and weak points in your sales operations. With in-built lead management and Employee live tracking software of your salesperson, you can practice a robust strategy to track the sales & leads of your business. 

4) Embrace Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is one of the crucial practices to track prospective leads to convert them into sales. It is the process of separating leads with the highest priority and leads with the least priorities. You can prioritize the leads based on size, required resources and urgency. Most businesses treat all the leads the same in one place. Thus they can't focus their resources on the leads that are highly convertible and beneficial for the business.  

With Trackolap's lead prioritizing features & crm lead management, you can easily get to know about the right time to replace dead leads from your pipeline with fresh ones. Your sales team can focus on the highly convertible leads without hovering here and there. 

If you have a smaller business with limited resources, you should practice lead scoring with advanced tools to ensure that your sales team is putting effort into high-profile leads. It increases the probability of making a sale and onboarding, new clients or customers. To stay competitive in the market you need to keep that not each lead that is entered in the sales funnel is not ready all the time to be converted successfully. Some leads may require extra resources and effort to convert. 

5) Tracking Follow-Ups

 Well, tracking 50 leads through lead pipelines may sound easy, but imagine you need to track 1000. Losing track of leads and their status can bring havoc on your business. You might forget about the leads that are to be converted or ended up selling myriad products/services to the customers without sharing enough resources. Both the way can damage your brand reputation. 

When you invest in the best lead management software make sure it has follow-up features with a centralized dashboard. And it is always recommended to talk to your prospective leads to give them a personalized experience and make them feel that you care about them.  

6) Tracking Inbound And Outbound Calls

Tracking Inbound and outbound calls is important to keep a bird's eye on your sales strategies. You can get an overview of your sales team's efforts and support them by tracking the inbound and outbound calls over a certain period of time. It is one of the pivotal metrics to keep track of your sales operations. Analyzing the number of total calls, auditing their quality & duration, and conversions rate you can get insights into your sales strategies. 

We have ensured to integrate all of the requisite aspects of sales — lead management software , lead prioritizing and live to track of sales team. 

Technology is evolving and there shouldn't be any excuses to not adopt it. When you are wasting your resources, your competitors are using unique sales lead management software solutions to manage their leads, and follow-ups to create a quality customer experience. If you haven't chosen any yet, you may fall behind. 


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