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7 Reasons Why You Need Geofence Field Tracking Software

7 Reasons Why You Need Geofence Field Tracking Software

In the constantly evolving world of mobile workforce and frontline jobs, businesses cannot risk the bottom line with outdated operations. That’s why, to help businesses stay ahead of the competitors and track the loopholes in sales reps and employees' attendance, TrackOlap offers a one-stop solution field tracking software. It includes Geofencing to track the field employees' routes, analyze their attendance, and accurate sales strategies. 

Relying on manual sales databases, or traditional attendance records can cease the organization’s growth as it is a time-consuming and disorganized system. With technical advancements and changing business patterns, every organization must adapt better solutions like staff location tracking software to maintain brand identity and improve business operations. 

Field tracking software automates the process of analyzing repetitive errors, and opportunities to maximize sales reps, and enables managers to have long-term visibility. Sounds interesting? In this article, we will walk you through the benefits of Geofencing and why every business should switch to field tracker. 

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing involves establishing virtual routes to physical locations for your field employees. In short, geofencing refers to monitoring devices, and employees based on the radius operations. Whenever employees enter the geofence, they can mark their attendance quickly, this helps managers to record attendance and track total time spent on specific tasks to identify time theft and accordingly allocate resources further. 

Businesses can manage driver fleets, and field employees equipped with mobile devices, and also set goals and boundaries for sales operations using field tracking software . In addition, managers can create schedules per week or month for each employee with specific geofence to achieve targets in certain areas. 

Geofencing and staff location tracking software assist businesses with:

  • Tracking the exact location of field employees
  • Get instantly notified when employees enter or exit the location. 
  • Based on the device profile, set the device policy
  • Track employees to ensure they are following security measures
  • Easy attendance tracking system
  • Access to insightful reports on the sales reps based on location
  • Monitor vehicle movement in real-time

How does Field Tracking software work?

Geofence-based field force automation software relies on mobile or wearable devices that have GPS. To help you understand how geofence works, here’s a quick step. 

Establish Geofence boundaries

To understand potential sales targets and the strengths of your employees, focus on establishing specific work locations through GPS coordinates. This step can help in tracking attendance, monitoring vehicle movement, and minimizing employees' idle time to ensure maximum targets are achieved. 

Through field force automation software, your employees need to time in and time out using their mobile devices. This will lead to settling disputes related to targets, attendance records, and reimbursement and managers get to track employee’s movement.

Track employees through the virtual map view

With a virtual map, supervisors can check the location of their employees in real-time. You can easily monitor how quickly or slowly your employees move between each task. With the feature of notification and alerts, managers can carry on with managing varied tasks simultaneously as they will be notified of their employee's movements timely or if there is an occurrence of suspected activity. 

Note that managers can set up the activities that they want to be notified about.

Get access to the history data of your field employees

TrackOlap retains data from the previous 3 months, which helps supervisors rely on the travel data of employees and generate reports to analyze employee performance, find gaps in sales reps, and optimize resource allotment. 

Additionally, with this data, you can understand certain factors like whether any employee is practicing speed violation, vehicle condition (if an organization offers vehicles to employees), and stoppage details - how quick or fast an employee moves. 

Export insightful report

Using sales staff tracking software , you can create and export varied reports based on the insightful data. Reports can be focused on vehicle usage, attendance, sales targets, employee performance, and more, and accordingly make wise decisions to allocate tasks, and improve business operations. 

Benefits of staff location tracking software

Along with automated attendance records, field tracking software offers multiple benefits to businesses. 

Improved accountability

Foster a transparent work culture, when employees are aware that they are being monitored they tend to be more focused, and there is a sense of accountability in their work. 

Saves time and cost

Automated staff location tracking software saves managers time by manually maintaining databases and reports and helps to analyze potential sales opportunities and allocate resources to achieve goals. In addition, managers can schedule tasks and routes beforehand which saves time for employees and simplifies their daily work. 

Insights on Location

Geofence assists managers to access valuable data on time consumed by employees for certain tasks in specific locations. Based on sales reps opportunities in certain areas, managers can plan on allocating resources and optimize schedules accordingly. 

Get more accuracy

Utilizing TrackOlap’s field force automation solution helps businesses in omitting frequent mistakes and provides a seamless method to maintain accurate and reliable records whether it is report for attendance, fuel usage, tracking employees idle time or sale targets. 

10 reasons why businesses need to switch towards field force automation software

1. Live Monitoring and Notifications

Field tracking software provides real-time updates on employees' live location, enables managers to track field employee;s attendance, progress with sales tasks and evaluate overall team’s goals. Here’s what you can expect from the field sales tracker:

Instant visibility: Track employee’s activities, pattern on time consumed for each task and attendance to make informed decisions. 

Notifications for specific activities: Managers can set notification preferences for specific activities like when they enter or exit from a geofence route, or if they exceed idle time than expected and more similar factors. 

2. Enhanced accuracy in Business operations

Staff location tracking software offers reliable and accurate reports for attendance records, analyzing sales reps, and fuel usage, pinpoints travel expenses of employees, and more. This software eliminates inaccuracies in manual reports, encourages managers to strategize improved sales operations, and simplifies the process of allocating resources. 

Access to consistent data: Sales staff tracking software captures data of varied activities of field employees through geofencing to help managers keep a record of a team's progress seamlessly. 

Accurate record: Field sales tracker offers reliable data that is customizable and verifiable with access to retained data of the previous 3 months. 

3. Save cost in sales operations

Improve the bottom line of your business with accurate data and simultaneously save your organization’s cost from the budget. Sounds too good to be true, right? Here’s how you can save up the organization's cost. 

Minimized administration workload: Since the Live Tracking app automates the record for attendance so organization can save its costs from freeing hiring HR for manual entries. 

Optimized payroll method: Through the geofence feature, managers have access to accurate data on vehicle and fuel usage which can help in reimbursement to employees, and automated attendance record simplifies regular payroll for salary/wages. 

4. Minimize the risk of time theft with Geofencing

Through a selfie verification or face recognition feature, you can avoid the chances of time theft practiced by employees. You can incorporate the clock-in and clock-out process with an extra layer of security to ensure your employees are physically present on the field. 

Facial recognition feature: This feature utilizes the employee’s face through a face recognition algorithm during the clock-in or clock-out procedure, to verify the employee’s identity. 

Real-time tracking: Through GPS, managers can constantly monitor the activities of employees to identify idle time of employees and they follow the scheduled route to complete sales tasks. 

5. Effortless Integration with other systems

Live tracking software enables organizations to seamlessly integrate with their existing system whether it is attendance records, sales results, travel expenses, or potential revenue-generating business opportunities. In short, TrackOlap ensures businesses have the right compatibility with the company's other tools. 

Seamless integration: You can effortlessly switch around your organization’s system and Geofence-based field sales tracker with user-friendly integration. 

Sync your data: Field tracker allows organizations to personalize insightful data and export reports to other existing systems effortlessly. This step can be helpful for businesses to eliminate time-consuming data transfer methods. 

6. Benefit from a scalable solution

Field tracker systems that provide features like geofence are ideal solutions with enhanced visibility, and scalability to meet business needs and faster future organization’s growth. 

Effective functions: With a field employee tracking system, organizations can choose features and activities that align with your business goals. For example, if you are a food delivery company, you need to focus on streamlining route mapping to avoid scheduling routes that consume more time. 

Improved scalability: By monitoring employee activities, identify location of varied employees to allocate urgent tasks which are nearby of your employee’s scheduled location to promote healthy brand reputation. Additionally, businesses can use live tracking data to find the gap between the unachieved sales targets. And lastly, evaluate time consumed by each employee to improve the process of effective resource allocation. 

Adaptable configurations: A live tracking system allows businesses to customize daily operations by defining geofence boundaries, notification preferences, and report parameters as per your organization’s needs. 

7. Stay ahead with competitive advantage

The field tracking system is a commitment to adopt efficient work management, and advanced technological measures, which can act as a competitive edge in the market. If you are wondering how? Refer factors outlined below. 

Improved operational efficiency: Sales tracker optimizes managing varied field employees, saves cost and time, improves sales reps, provides accurate insightful reports, and lastly helps in planning to maximize revenue. Implementing features of this software can be in your favor compared to businesses that rely on manual reporting methods. 

Technological advancement: Utilizing Live Tracking Software can help businesses maintain their identity as a forward-thinking company. 

Final Words

Field tracking software helps businesses maintain transparency with employees, avoid time theft, disputes between team members, and plan to maximize sales reps with insightful reports for future growth. By switching to a geofencing field tracker, you can expect only effortless and cost-efficient employee and sales management procedures. 

To know more about Live tracking software, get in touch with us today or ask for a demo right away! 


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