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Improve Customer Engagement with Automated FMCG Field Sales Solutions

Improve Customer Engagement with Automated FMCG Field Sales Solutions

The FMCG business industry is filled with a wide variety of sales activities that come to mind when we think about sales management. There are many challenges faced by FMCG sales. Growing competition, fragmented lead data, expanding sales cycles, and tracking field sales forces are some of the main concerns. These issues cannot be avoided since they are the greatest influence on business growth in the FMCG industry.

To handle all of these tasks with time constraints, sales managers must find ways to work smarter to get everything in order. And the best way to accomplish this is to implement a field sales tracking app . By automating repetitive sales activities, field sales tracking software eliminates time-consuming processes associated with order processing, distribution, and customer management as a result of automating repetitive sales activities.

We will discuss some of the appealing advantages that field sales tracking for FMCG industries offers, such as the ease of collecting data, managing customers, and performing their tasks. In this article, we will show how field force management software can help your business achieve sales goals in real-time by enabling you to gain a better understanding of how it works.

Business challenges in the FMCG industry

Failure to use data to analyze

In the absence of proper data collection and trend analysis, many companies waste thousands of dollars. By analyzing data, you will be able to find trends, including those of sales teams, business areas, and clients who are buying more of a variety of products. Optimizing sales by adjusting these elements, these elements can enable companies to optimize deliveries. Through its interactive dashboards, TrackOlap can help companies better understand sales metrics by gathering and presenting data to their representatives on their phones.

Not much insight into customers

A customer is a person who consumes FMCG products. Therefore, it is important to reach out to them to understand their preferences. The FMCG industry can track sales representatives in real-time to record their total travel distance, mapping the shortest distance to the customer and their buyer journey to analyze and strategize the marketing. This enables items to be tailored according to client needs and desires to increase sales.

Insufficient inventory management

A majority of FMCG products are perishable and have a short shelf-life. The company needs to monitor the inventory dynamically in this respect to make sure that the right amount is replenished to stabilize the supply chain and reduce storage costs by preventing overstocking. 

Not Knowing Sales Team Whereabouts

To ensure that sales teams are in the right place at the right time, and to prevent important deals from being missed, they need to be monitored to ensure that they are on time. By using geo-fencing, FMCG sales representatives from designated areas can be ensured to check in at assigned locations by using field force tracking . This saves time and facilitates the sales process. It increases your control over sales representatives as a result of that, so you can eliminate the fact that you have no eyes on the field.

Absence of Team Connectivity

For FMCG sales representatives to achieve greater performance, managers need to identify trends in sales that must be communicated to maximize their performance. Reps who are inadequate and in dire need of strategic alignment should also be trained. By sharing strategic goals and training with managers so that the team can accomplish sales targets, TrackOlap can help to enhance managers’ connectedness by helping to help them accomplish sales targets by sharing strategic goals and training.

Advantages of using a software solution for FMCG industries

Improving sales operations and delivering better customer experience

There is a need to manage FMCG field sales activities with greater care to ensure that customers are satisfied with the product. This way, businesses can ensure that their customers are satisfied with their purchases. By tracking field sales activities and connecting with sales representatives, FMCG field staff management software helps businesses get control over their field sales activities. As soon as field sales representatives collect orders from the shops, the information is entered into a central system, which allows them to process the orders as soon as possible.

The result is that the end customer has a satisfactory buying experience since the product distribution is seamless and the item is delivered promptly.

Solving problems as they occur

There is no doubt that field force managers are the best people to handle any issues that may arise within their territories. However, they need precise information to solve those issues. Because they lack the necessary insight, they behave more like managers who are merely directing their teams rather than leading or resolving their issues.

Field force tracking platforms like TrackOlap are capable of detecting problems in the field force execution process. In other words, the platform can detect a problem, based on the fact that sales of a particular product start to decline within a certain territory.

Boost sales from priority stores

Using a data-driven approach to sales force automation allows us to gather and analyze the ground data provided by the sales reps into different sets of data points, resulting in a more accurate analysis of ground data. The application collects all these data points, analyzes them, understands the sales potential of each store and organizes them into priority stores, and categorizes them accordingly.

Those classifications are based on the potential sales of each store independent of any feedback or manual recommendations, as they are based on the sales potential of each store.

In this way, the sales leaders can plan the frequency of visits to a particular store, and if a store has more potential for sales, it can be increased to make more frequent visits. You can also use a variety of sales levers to impact sales at such stores in a highly targeted manner, such as display campaigns or trade schemes.

Connect managers from multiple levels to see various tasks

An FMCG field sales management app allows managers to keep track of their entire sales management process on a single platform. The mobile CRM, coupled with the web dashboard, helps sales managers track field sales executives in real-time. It is also possible for field sales representatives to stay in touch with sales managers in real-time on sales tasks, target management, client meetings, and so on.

During order placement, distribution of products, and collection payments, the sales manager can keep track of sales performance across many levels.

Make intelligent use of field force data

A field force sales app analyzes sales data to provide insights into the future performance of a company. To increase visibility into sales activities, managers can use data analytics to identify sales reps, products, and communications that are performing well or poorly, and determine the future sales numbers of their companies. Using data analytics insights can allow for a more predictable sales model and improved sales strategies.

An analysis of the model will provide business leaders with a conclusive analysis that will help them review and revise it if necessary.

Making recommendations to help customers

This is yet another elementary reason you should choose the best sales management software for your business, since facing the competition in the market is the biggest challenge for any business organization. As a result of the database, sales executives can access the details of past orders to customize products so that they may cross-sell or up-sell products on the sport based on the customer information saved in the central database.

Additionally, you will be able to view other information about the customer, such as the types of products they are interested in, the number of complaints they have raised, and how frequently the sales reps have visited them, to offer them exciting opportunities that will be hard to reject and offering them customizable forms.


It is no secret that FMCG sales have a significant impact on customers as the scope of field sales software expands. Companies in the FMCG sector plan their sales with specific consumer target models according to their requirements and insights derived from analytics. As you can see from the above list, all of these variables do play a significant role in combination with a variety of specifications to achieve the desired results.

In today's fast-moving consumer goods industry, such free employee tracking software programs are becoming much more important than they were previously. Moreover, to be able to pitch their clients more effectively, the salespeople are going to need a well-thought-out sales strategy.

TrackOlap is changing how global enterprises manage their field service operations. By leveraging the power of cloud computing, enterprise mobility, the Internet of Things, as well as data analysis, we help enterprises boost the performance of their field sales operations through our comprehensive and easy-to-use field sales management software.


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