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How to Stay Ahead of the Competition with a Field Sales App?

How to Stay Ahead of the Competition with a Field Sales App?

The on-field sales-driven industry is evolving with increasing demand for automating sales procedures through cutting-edge technology. This encourages many companies to adopt modern field sales management solutions to avoid the hassles of manual or repetitive tasks, which consume time and lead to an increasing gap towards driving significant growth. However, companies can implement solutions like field sales management software and stay ahead of the curve hassle-free. 

In addition, automating field sales workflow through sales live location tracking can transform your sales results, and aid in improving customer services with insightful data. As we know, converting potential leads into buyers is a challenging task for field employees. However, by implementing solutions like the field sales tracking app, managers can guide field employees about possible leads, track target audience details, optimize routes, and more to generate more revenue. 

Sounds interesting? In this blog, we highlight features and methods that can assist you in optimizing your sales operations and outperforming your competitors through a centralized platform like a lead management system. 

How Does Field Sales Tracking App Boost Business Growth?

A sales operation involves multiple aspects, and tracking progress with field sales employees' movements can be difficult due to a lack of visibility. However, a robust and centralized solution like a lead management system offers real-time updates to managers, which aids in getting detailed insights, acting as an impactful element to improve decision-making and drive business growth. 

Let’s explore a few features a sales live location tracking system offers to varied businesses to track field workers and take suitable actions effortlessly at the right time. 

1. Increases Sales

Through GPS features infused in employee live location tracking software , businesses can ensure that their field employees accurately represent their company when engaging with customers or potential leads. This approach often results in increased sales and boosts customer loyalty and engagement. 

2. Streamlines Complex Sales Processes

Companies with various products, a wide geographical reach, and customer cycles can trust field sales management software to access well-structured sales systems. It helps businesses stay ahead of the competition by engaging with customers, building long-term relationships with them, understanding their needs, optimizing the sales pipeline, and understanding challenges through insightful data. 

3. Better Sales Organization

Companies need organized teams with seamless communication, error-free guidance, and optimized resource allocation to manage sales operations, lead management processes, and sales results. A field sales tracking app can address all these aspects by updating organizations about field employees' movements and other on-field activities in real-time. 

4. Improve Time Management with Field Operations

A field tracking app can help businesses manage sales operations easily, with effective time management and resource utilization leading to boosted work efficiency. This approach often tends to reduce wasted time on the field, time-consuming follow-ups, and waiting time for acquiring guidelines or updates through managers, resulting in effective time management. 

5. Capture Customer’s Attention

A well-organized sales pipeline and lead management plan can help organizations strategize to grab the attention of potential leads in the right target market at the right time. Software like sales GPS tracking helps businesses track and retrieve customer reports and varied insights to continuously improve sales operations and enhance conversion rates. 

Top Competitive Features Of Field Sales Management Software

Whether you want to track your field employee’s movement while interacting with potential leads, offer services to customers, or enhance your overall sales operation to stay competitive, you would need real-time access to what's happening on the field to manage varied processes. TrackOlap’s Field sales tracking app makes managing field workers, their activities, and overall workflow simple. Let’s explore the top features of this software. 

1. Data-infused Decision-Making Process

The field sales monitoring tool automates acquiring insights into varied metrics at your fingertips by enabling the Geofence feature. While these insights are critical to running successful sales operations, getting delayed in preparing reports and evaluating aspects can lead to missing quality opportunities. 

Hence, TrackOlap helps you access insights into varied aspects on a centralized dashboard, through which managers can seamlessly create custom reports to track the quality of services, identify opportunities or drawbacks in sales strategy, and check the effectiveness of tasks assigned to employees and seamlessly track the progress on every task in real-time. 

Whether you want to compare results to the previous two months or wish to check single aspects separately, it is possible to do so as per your convenience and goal through TrackOlap’s field tracking app, as it retrieves historical data for a seamless decision-making procedure. 

2. Automates Managing Varied Sales Tasks

A field employee tracking system saves employees and managers time by eliminating manual tasks like constantly following up and checking attendance and reimbursement factors through paperwork and data entry. In addition, this software allows managers to optimize task scheduling beforehand to streamline the workflow and manage varied tasks easily. 

In addition, through the Geofence feature, managers can track an employee's movement through a seamless map view. This can be accessed to update employees about urgent work requirements near their location, saving time in manually guiding them and eliminating the process of checking the availability of employees in specific locations and reachability. 

This allows them to provide premium-quality services to customers. It also enables a smooth sequencing of tasks outside the office, which helps reduce ineffective activities like time theft.

By implementing this approach, businesses can focus on offering premium and quality services to customers and seamlessly enhance their trust and loyalty. In addition, it ensures managers can manage task scheduling remotely and maintain workflow accuracy without compromising time theft. 

3. Streamlines Sales Operations

Field sales management software features like dashboards, task scheduling, custom auto-lerts, and more enable managers to gain real-time visibility on sales operations and the field workforce. In addition, Geofence-infused features automate attendance management by tracking the moment an employee logs in through mobile phones, which means there’s no room for inaccuracy in tasks or data storage in the system. 

In addition, managers can verify multiple aspects through live tracking, such as average working hours for accurate payrolls, attendance management, fuel usage per day, ideal work hours between varied tasks, compliance factors with traffic and other regulations, and more. 

Top Practices to Outperform Competitor's Field Tracking System

Are you looking to drive maximized business growth and stay ahead of the curve? Consider integrating top practices with the features of a field workforce management tool to improve your sales operations and enhance results with seamless tracking, a robust decision-making process, and improved customer response time. 

1. Proactive Field Monitoring

To outperform your competitors, it is important to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy and align solutions with market trends. This can be done by actively tracking the moves of your field force and planning to improve your response strategy. This approach will help companies mitigate the potential risk of losing leads or current customers and update their sales pipeline through accurate data acquired by live location tracking. 

2. Regularly Reviewing and Adjusting Goals

It is essential to keep your field workforce agile, updated, and responsive to evolving market trends, customer needs, and expectations by regularly reviewing and adjusting the sales operation’s objectives and strategy. This practice will enable your team to stay focused on achieving staple targets and offer them accurate guidance and resources that can help them meet the dynamics of the sales procedure. 

3. Offer Continuous Support and Feedback

Creating a culture for continuous learning and development in your organization is vital to keeping your sales teams updated to meet evolving market conditions. Consider providing ongoing regular check-ins and constructive feedback, rewarding their achievements, conduct training sessions whenever required. 

Through this approach, organizations can seamlessly improve sales performance and enhance brand image, as the sales executives are skilled and updated with changing trends. This would create a good impression in potential customers' minds and also improve employee retention rates. 

Drive Business Success with TrackOlap’s Solution

By implementing field sales management software, organizations can seamlessly improve sales operations, make an impact with ideal decision-making, enhance customer services through real-time data insights, and provide training, feedback, and rewards to employees on their achievements or high effectiveness, which can improve employee satisfaction, leading to overall business growth. 

Do you want to know more about Field tracking software? Get in touch with our team or explore its features with a demo right away!


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