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How to Optimize Sales Operations with Best sales management software

How to Optimize Sales Operations with Best sales management software

In the constantly changing customer needs, field employees are always on the move to meet customers, offer the right solution, and close deals. However, tracking each sales executive can be tricky for sales manager. If you are wondering how do you ensure your employees are utilizing their time correctly? Don’t worry, the Best sales management software comes into action. 

TrackOlap offers a significant field sales automation solution , which acts like a digital assistant for managers to keep track of your sales team - where are they going? And, how do they use their time? 

Imagine having an automated sales management system that fosters well-planned sales reps, ensuring sales employees are in the right place at the right time. With a field sales tracking app, sales managers can optimize sales operations, and strategize enhanced sales performance without any hassle. In this blog, we will navigate how Live Tracking Software helps businesses maximize leads with effective sales team management. 

How does a Field Sales Tracking App work?

Field sales executive tracking software is designed to help managers monitor a few specific activities of the sales team. Whether it is monitoring location, total distance traveled, or accessing accurate live tracking data, TrackOlap has it all. 

By utilizing a digitalized sales management procedure with Best sales management software, managers save efforts and mo ney to track records and analyze the progress of field employees through different platforms. 

Want to learn more about the features of Field sales tracking app? Stay tuned with us. 

Seamless attendance management

Your field employees can punch in and punch out with just a touch on their mobile phones. Managers can easily schedule the team’s work and check real-time activities. 

Live monitoring

With a Employee GPS tracking software, managers can view or get not ified of employees' current location. You can understand the work pattern of every employee by tracking how slow or quick he or she moves, and assign further tasks accordingly. 

Analyze sales performance via travel data

TrackOlap offers access to travel history data for the previous 3 months. Based on the information, managers can simply monitor the effectiveness of the field employees and strategize sales activities.

Additionally, with customized reports managers can create visually appealing reports on different attributes, like fuel usage, vehicle maintenance, per-employee performance, and more. 

Benefits of installing Field sales automation solution

Whether your company offers deliveries, cab services, or other field services, you will observe improved sales activities through the GPS feature of field sales automation solution . If you are not sure whether investing in sales executive tracking software is right or not, this blog is your ideal source to make a final decision. 

Enhanced route selection

One of the key indicators of TrackOlap’s Best sales management software includes a reliable GPS tracker. By tracking the sales team’s location regularly, managers can get insight into finding an ideal route to avoid traffic and reduce idle time on the road. 

In addition, through live location sales managers can identify inefficiency or find loopholes to improve sales reps and guide the team for improvements. 

Maximized accountability

With sales staff tracking software, managers can seamlessly monitor field employee's real-time movements, and ensure each employee is utilizing time at the right place, and not engaging in ineffective activities. 

Furthermore, a sales employee tracking app helps managers stay accountable for improving sales reps by offering valuable insights and helping find the right solutions to optimize further sales operations. 

Align marketing efforts with sales monitoring

Optimize your sales process by aligning real-time tracking data with insightful data of your marketing activities. Sounds too good to be right?

In addition, sales managers can utilize sales executive tracking software to identify the link between marketing campaigns and sales rep activities in order to plan out effective sales strategies to attract more leads and close deals. 

Simplified sales operations

Managing sales operations is a constant struggle of most managers, well not anymore! The GPS tracker of Best sales management software helps you reallocate your resources easily. But how?

Initially, you can prioritize identifying underserved and frequently utilized routes via Live Tracking reports and allocate sales reps to balance out overall sales workload. 

This approach enables companies to focus on targeting sales in highly potential areas and achieve enhanced outcome alongwith ideal planning through GPS tracker. 

5 ways to optimize sales operation

The field sales tracking app reduces the time and effort to follow up on varied sales activities, analyze expenses for fuel consumption, and more. Additionally, Live Tracking provides salesforce flexible time, and optimized routes to deal with customers and boost sales. 

1. Analyze customer visit report

Irrespective of your brand’s offerings, understanding the time spent by the sales team for customer visits is important. This data will help you analyze the efficiency of your sales team and strategize more leads in future. 

As per the total time spent data of each employee, managers can evaluate average time required to target leads and combine the data with additional marketing plans in order to achieve lead conversion goals. 

2. Optimize urgent task

To manage urgent tasks seamlessly, managers need to plan a simplified procedure to find suitable personnel and vehicles. By leveraging route and tracking data from sales executive tracking software , you can connect with the nearest available sales employee and allocate them the urgent task instantly. 

This feature enables managers to deal with quick reaction situations easily, and avoid non-essential traveling to save time, money and resources. Furthermore, prioritizing on selecting the right vehicles saves time and fuel for the company, aids in navigating challenges, and reduces total travel time. 

3. Find more sales opportunities with Live Tracking

Sales rep tracking software aids managers in monitoring the sales team’s current location, analyzing customer visits and identifying missed sales opportunities. By evaluating live location data of your field employees, you can find potential leads and plan to reach out to more targeted customers. 

Additionally, understanding the time spent by each employee, you can feasibly replan schedules of your team members to ensure enhanced sales performance and make wise decisions to manage overall sales activities. 

4. Track Sales Route

Establish a streamlined system to set up ideal sales routes and avoid agreements with salesforce for sales outcomes and designated routes.

Geofencing feature of the sales employee tracking app oversees regional territory for salesforce and makes sure the team adhere to compliance. With Geofencing and route mapping, you can build territory and get notified when they enter or exit from a particular area. 

This step can aid in identifying average time spent by field employees, and minimize travel time to encourage them in achieving daily sales targets easily without the need of overtime. Also, by regularly monitoring sales routes managers can evaluate overall sales performance at different stages like product lines, salesforce performance, or effectiveness of the territory selected. 

5. Implement best practices with data-driven analysis

Data received from sales staff tracking software can help managers identify the patterns and activities of the top-performing sales members and then can be set as a target for the entire team. 

In addition, through data-driven reports, you can set the performance goals for your salesforce by getting insights into areas of improvement, and provide suitable training to boost more sales outcomes. Along with performance, you can identify employee behavior while driving, vehicle usage and total customer visits to further plan and motivate the team to reach expected targets in exchange for exciting rewards. 

A slight change in your action planning can improve overall sales operations, maximize revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

How can Sales staff tracking software assist your business in saving money?

Best sales management software offers solutions catered to elevate sales operations and aids companies in saving money in a few attributes. Yes, you heard it right! Keep reading to explore a few aspects that sales employee tracking software provides to minimize your investment and maximize sales outcomes with simplified procedures. 

Cut down fuel usage

The average cost of fuel consumes 60% of the sales budget. Optimizing sales routes, tracking the current location of your sales force, and monitoring employees' driving behavior, over consumption can help you cut down overall fuel consumption. 

Minimize operating expenses

Through field sale tracking app, managers can detect bad driving practices, and ensure timely vehicle maintenance by accessing vehicle reports, eliminating breakdown and fine costs. 

By digitizing tracking different sales activities, Live Tracking promotes driver’s safety, replaces paper logs, analyzes accurate data, and hellp you track employee idle time and more through one platform. 

Streamline your Sales Operation with Live Tracking

The field sales tracking app offers an overview of varied sales activities through valuable insights, effective communication, and live tracking time spent by salesforce. It is your secret to optimize sales operations and strategize with best practices to maximize revenue. To know more about features of Live Tracking Software get in touch with us today!


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