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How to Improve the Efficiency of Contract-Based Workers or Time based projects by Overpowering Challenges?

How to Improve the Efficiency of Contract-Based Workers or Time based projects by Overpowering Challenges?

Today, business organizations have to employ different types of the workforce to effectively run their operations. From full-time office employees to part-time remote workers – businesses require the support of different professionals. In the vastly expanded business organizations, they have to perform multiple operations which aren’t their primary services, thus hiring a full-time employee for the job isn’t a feasible option - that’s why they hire contract workers.

Who is a Contract Worker?

Contract workers are working for the organization but to just complete one job for a given time period. For instance, the web and app development companies require the support of different types of programmers and engineers to effectively deliver their project. Now, they can’t appoint masters of various programming languages for a full-time basis. Thus, as per the requirements of their projects – they hire contract-based programs and pay them on an hourly basis.

Hiring contract workers to perform a certain job is a highly economical and proficient method to deliver high-quality work. However, to properly implement the contract work system, companies have to change their performance evaluation structure because they can’t manually count each minute spend by a professional worker on completing the job. To improve the efficiency of contract-based workers, businesses have to install TrackOlap like Desktop Monitoring software so that they can get done the optimum quality of work.

How to Improve Efficiency in a Business by Hiring Contract Workers?

The thumb rule of the business industry is - increasing the productivity of resources. It is a simple pathway of success for business organizations to utilize the full potential of all the available resources. Now, if you have appointed a professional worker to handle a particular job for you, then you have to find a solution for improving the quality and productivity of the worker.

But, it isn’t that easy to enhance the productivity of your contract workers. You have to ensure that every penny spends by you on hiring the contract worker offers a maximum return. To achieve the desired outcome, you have to adopt different ways to motivate employees and increase productivity to an optimal level.

Solution 1. Accurate Workweek Analysis

One of the major problems that businesses have to face while working with professionals on an hourly basis – they can’t track time spent on work-related activities. It is very difficult for managers to track every moment of their hired professionals. And, if they can’t access whether the value spends on hiring workers has given them the desired results, then it is a loss for the business.

In this case, improving the quality and productivity of workers becomes simpler with desktop monitoring software. Once a worker login to his computer, then the timer will automatically start recording activities. Using the data retrieved at the end of the day, you can run a report and get an objective look at your business in one easy-to-scan chart. Moreover, at the end of the week, you can analyze weekly productivity, idle time, and overall efficiency of the worker. You can even answer the following questions easily –

* How time has spent by a worker on a particular task?

* What type of work takes up more time for the worker?

* How much time a person is spending on a profitable task?

* What job of an employee can forego?

* How much time will a new project take to complete based on the data?

* How can the productivity of a worker be increased?

Solution 2. Track Profitability of Workers

To improve the efficiency of contract-based workers, you have to access the work done by workers based on profitability and non-profitability. To complete a particular job, workers have to perform plenty of different tasks – out of all the tasks performed only a handful of them can be called profitable tasks. So, to understand the number of profitable and non-profitable tasks done by an employee over the week, you can use desktop tracking software.

The software will show how much time has spent by an employee on unbillable activities like answering phone calls, communicating with other employees, and so on. The desktop monitoring dashboard can further help management in distinguishing between the important communication or leisure communication as all the calls conducted by a worker are monitored and recorded precisely.

After calculating the profitable and non-profitable hours of a person, management can calculate the working hours accurately. This way they have to pay for the exact time spent by a worker on completing their project. It will help in increasing the productivity of resources because you are paying only for the actual time spent by an individual on performing your business duties.

Solution 3. Real-Time Progress Analysis

When you have multiple contract workers working with your organization, then at the time of raising monthly invoices – a situation of conflict can raise. Yep, if you haven’t recorded the progress of the workers in real-time, then you can’t accurately filter the correct lump sum payment amount. Plus, you don’t have extra time to evaluate the performance of an individual worker by going through their respective weekly performance chart.

To conquer this challenge, the desktop monitoring tools are designed with a real-time progress report feature that simply produces an Excel progress sheet based on the data received. You can share this automated report with the other departments, import data to invoicing software, or can even send a link to your seniors. This one report can resolve invoice related conflicts and can save lots of time. On the top, when the report is completely developed by the machine automatically, then the involvement of personal bias will be negligible. Thus, workers won’t feel that they have been underpaid.

Solution 4. Proficient Management

When you are looking for different ways to motivate employees and increase productivity, then you have to establish proficient management. With a strong and friendly management system, you can build a better team. By tracking the time of your different team members, you can see what they worked on and how much in a report. When the time comes for payroll, just run the report to see how much you need to pay them. On the top, you can provide accurate feedback to workers also so that they can improve themselves.

Effective management not only means controlling the team – no it also means that you have to help your employees at the time of need. With the help of software, you can improve your management process by –

* Checking the daily activities of your workers and know which worker has worked on what

* You can even analyze the experience of your workers

* You can view the performance of employees using visual graphics

Solution 5. Assign Work to the Experienced Person

If you don’t want to waste your time on providing feedback and improving the productivity of your contract workers, then you have to hire an experienced person who can complete the job without any extensive guidance. For instance, if you are looking for an experienced person to write PHP codes on your client’s website, then you need to find the candidate possessing the vast PHP knowledge.

Using the automatic reports generated by the Employee monitoring software , you can easily find the experienced employees. The software will keep an eye on all the activities of your contract workers or in house employees and enables you to find the right employee to perform a particular job. When management has a piece of adequate information regarding the extracurricular skills of their employees, then they can easily assign the project to a person from their own team instead of searching for a new contract worker.
Solution 6. Maintain Focus of the Entire Team

If your entire team isn’t focused or dedicated to achieve the predetermined organization goals, then you won’t be able to achieve those goals. Thus, it is important to make sure that your entire team including contract workers are fully focused on achieving the organizational goals.

With the help of monitoring software, you can monitor the activities of your entire team and compare their performance with your organizational goals. Now, if the performance or task completed by any employee doesn’t achieve your organizational goals, then you won’t be able to achieve your goals. That’s why it is important to align your employees' and workers' focus to achieve your business goals.

Secret of Success – MCA

When you are wondering how to improve efficiency in a business, then just adopt the mantra of MCA – Monitor, Control, and Action. Yep, when you monitor the activities of your workers, then you can analyze their performance and control their operations to take swift actions. So, if you appoint different contract workers to perform different operations in your business, then you need to follow the MCA formula of success for sure.

Now, if you want to get a dedicated desktop monitoring software for your company, then you just have to drop a request at TrackOlap to effectively manage your contract workers.


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