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How to Ensure a Smooth Onboarding Process Of New Employees

How to Ensure a Smooth Onboarding Process Of New Employees

The employee onboarding process has always been a challenging process. Therefore, only 12% of employees are satisfied with their company's onboarding process.
Now, in the hybrid workflow, where some employees work remotely and some from the office, the onboarding process flow has become even more complicated.
Thus, companies need to work on making the onboarding process smooth to effectively manage hybrid workplaces. Today, hybrid workplaces need to invest in the onboarding solutions that can: 

Simplify the onboarding process
It makes it easy for new recruits to understand the company's workflow 

A solution that's easy to use and maintain
Keeping the problem of hybrid teams in mind, the TrackOlap team has already designed a portal to simplify the onboarding process. Our onboard dashboard is pretty simple and easy to use. It is designed to reduce HR workload and make the onboarding process flow smoother for new recruits.  Let's explore the Best HR Management Software in detail. 

How Can TrackOlap Onboarding Process Help Your Hybrid Team
It's been almost two years since the global pandemic. Within these two years, workplaces have gone through dramatic changes. From temporary work from home to a full-time Remote Employee Monitoring Software ,many changes have been seen in the workplaces. 

At present, hybrid workflow is trending as some operations are being conducted in the offices and some remotely. This system allows companies to run their business operations smoothly despite pandemic conditions. 
But it has one downside; it can be confusing for new recruits to understand the hybrid workflow prevailing in the organization. Similarly, it will be hard for HR teams to maintain a proper onboarding structure for the new employees. 

But there is a solution. At TrackOlap , we have a complete suite for employees and employers to seamlessly operate in virtual and hybrid workplaces. Lately, we have introduced an onboarding dashboard that helps HR and new employees to simplify the onboarding process. 
We have focused on the core onboarding issues that modern teams are facing and accordingly designed an onboarding system featuring:

Creating or Updating a New Employee's Profile
Once a new employee is hired by the company, the HR and finance departments have to maintain a proper record of a person for payroll, taxation, and other purposes. 
Traditionally, organizations used to maintain an Excel spreadsheet with an employee's personal details. But unfortunately, in the hybrid work environment, this approach will not work. 

That's because hybrid teams can be working remotely or on-site. Thus, they need the employee's database in a centralized dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere. 

Our onboarding solution allows an authorized person to access an employee's database within the software. Further, they can update the employee's information such as: 

Date of birth 
Bank details 
Job details 
Date of joining 
Email address 
Marital status 
Father's name, etc. 

Since the employee's personal details are a matter of confidentiality and privacy; thus, you can only allow authorized people in your organization to access the employee's database. 

Define Job Title and Role 
For a new recruit, it is always challenging to understand his/her role in the organization and provide services accordingly. Using the centralized onboarding solution, HR managers can elaborate the job title and role for an employee. 
For example, if a new employee is hired for the role of an asset manager in an organization, the HR manager can define all the responsibilities under this job title on the portal. 

This practice will help new recruits understand their roles and responsibilities in the organization. Further, it will set accountability for new employees.  Besides this, other team members can understand the responsibilities of every person working on the team. This way, they will know whom to contact when they need any help. 
For instance, if the production department requires raw material from the asset manager, they can contact the new team member with their requirements via a dashboard.  

Clearly defined job titles and roles can streamline hybrid workflow dramatically. And make it easy for new employees to understand their roles in the organization.  

Maintain Joining Record 
When you have a large organization with over 1,000 employees, onboarding and exit management become very tiresome jobs. Frequently, old employees are leaving the organization, and new ones are joining to fill in their responsibilities. 
It is quite hard to make sure when a new employee is joining and for what role in this situation. Therefore, we have created a simple joining record dashboard that allows the HR department to know when a new employee is joining the organization. 

This helps the HR manager to prepare the joining documentation, training, and other things for a smooth onboarding process. 

Provide Organisational Knowledge to New Recruiters 
Often remote recruiters face problems while introducing employees to the organization's policies and goals. Similarly, remote employees find it hard to understand the new organization culture due to inappropriate information availability. 
In order to resolve this problem, we have designed a centralized dashboard for new employees to find the company's information. For example, there's a leave management tool that helps employees to understand how many leaves they are allowed per month, how they can apply for the leave, etc. 

When new recruits can access the information about the organization with a click, this will help them better step into their new job role. Also, this will save HR managers time, which they can utilize somewhere else.  

Define the Onboarding Process 
When HR managers have to spend hours conducting onboarding activities in the workplace, they won't get sufficient time to perform other operations.  But thanks to our onboard dashboard, managers can now define onboarding activities once, and then they can relax. 
For example, managers can create onboarding tasks for an asset manager's job post in the software. Now, when a new asset manager is appointed in the organization, they simply have to follow the same steps. 

This will save managers chunks of time that they can utilize to create robust recruitment policies and procedures.  

Track and Analyse Onboarding Process
Your job isn't done once you have defined the onboarding process. In fact, your work has started as you now have to monitor whether your new employees are following the onboarding guidelines or not. 
For this purpose, the TrackOlap task tracker is extremely helpful. Using the tracker, you can assign onboarding tasks to your employees, like reading the company's manual. 
Employees can mark when they have completed the given task. They can also ask for help if they get stuck somewhere. 
The tracker will provide a real-time analysis of the performance of the new recruit. This report will help you understand whether a hired person is suitable for your organization or not. 

Quick Tips to Create Smooth Onboarding Process 
Our onboarding solution will make your onboarding process super simple for your hybrid workplace. But if you use the software using these tips, you can gain better results:
Stay constantly in touch with your new recruits, keep them informed where they are in the onboarding process, and provide them with all the information they need.
Eliminate the extra paperwork burden. 
Create a simple and clear onboarding process that won't overwhelm your new recruits. 
Be available to answer all the questions for recruits, and don't get annoyed when you have to explain one thing hundred times.  

Create a buddy system and assign your new talent to an "experienced" person who knows the ins and outs of your company.

Start Onboarding Now! 
The onboarding process is a lot more complex than it looks. From providing adequate training to assisting new talent at every step, there are plenty of different layers in the onboarding process. 

In the hybrid system, it is even harder to streamline the onboarding process. But no need to worry as we have found a perfect solution for you.  

TrackOlap onboarding solution will allow you to track, organize and effectively perform onboarding activities in remote as well as local workflow. You can Book a demo today to know more about our onboarding software.  


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