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How To Do Motivate Lazy Employees & Improve Their Productivity

How To Do Motivate Lazy Employees & Improve Their Productivity

Lazy employees are everywhere. In every organization, you can find lazy employees who waste their own time and others.

As we all know, one rotten apple is sufficient to ruin the entire basket. Thus, one lazy employee is enough to derail your whole productivity train. 

Thus, you need to identify slackers in your workforce and help them become productive. But that's easier to say than done. 

That's because, in large organizations or remote workplaces, managers can't keep an eye on individual people and determine whether they are lazy or not. In addition, slackers are smart fellas; they know how to cover their tracks. 

But thanks to the TrackOlap Employee Productivity Monitoring Tool , you can now quickly recognize lazy employees in your team and help them become productive. Let's see how to do it. 

10 Practical Strategies to Turn Slackers into Most Productive Employees

Are you tired of your employees taking unnecessary leaves? Do you want your employees to complete assigned projects on time? 

All this is possible if you find those slackers in your organization and turn them into your most productive employees. Sounds like a challenging task?

But it is not that hard once you use the powerful employee efficiency monitoring software. Here's how you can get rid of lazy employees using time tracking software:

#1. Interact with Slackers Privately

Once you find a lazy employee in your organization, you should not directly call out to them. Especially never confront them in front of their colleagues. No matter how frustrated or annoyed you are, always interact with your lazy employees in private. 

In fact, you should not even interact with them. Wait, what?

Yes, instead, you should send them automated performance reports generated via employee time tracking software. The reports will automatically tell your employees that they are not performing as per your expectation. If the employee is serious about their performance, they will self-evaluate themselves based on the real-time report and make efforts to improve their productivity.

#2. Figure out How Your Employees Are Slacking?

When you go to doctors, they first understand your problem and then accordingly provide treatment. Similarly, you should first figure out the reason behind your employees' laziness and then find a solid solution to fix it.

Using the Employee Live Tracking software , you can generate minute details about your employees' work activities like when they took a break, how often they reported late to work, etc. 

Besides this, the application and website tracking feature will allow you to check which mobile app or website your employee was using during working hours. If you find your employees wasting time on gaming or shopping sites, you will know where they were exactly lazing around. 

Using this information, you can either ask your employees to stop wasting their time or block distractions around them. 

#3. Gather All Facts

Before approaching employees with a laziness issue, you should arm yourself with all the facts and statistics to prove your point. If you approach an employee without significant facts, it can reduce your image in front of your staff. Your employees will stop taking you seriously if you accuse them based on speculations.

In this case, a productivity monitoring tool will help you generate automated reports based on pre-set conditions. The software will measure the performance of individual employees on the same grounds. This way, your employees cannot claim that you are fabricating facts.

Secondly, you can communicate with other team members using the software to gather their input. Since our tool allows you to have one-on-one interaction with each team member; thus, you can quickly receive information from dedicated employees. 

When you approach your employees with pertinent facts and details, they cannot deny your claim and even allow you to help them.

#4. Review Your Employees' Responsibilities

Another effective way to detect lazy employees in your organization is to constantly monitor individual employees' responsibilities. This will help you understand which employee's job is more challenging and which employee has less work on their plate. 

This comparison will help you weed out slackers in the tight bunch. In fact, you can assign more responsibilities to employees who are slacking in their work. 

When slackers get more responsibilities on their shoulders, they either break or learn to perform better. In both situations, it is perfect for your organization to lessen the burden of lazy employees. 

#5. Track their Time

Employee time tracking software is a gold mine to identify slackers and improve their performance. It doesn't matter whether your employees are working from the office or home; time tracking software can easily monitor every minute spent by your employees working or lazing around.

If you use our time tracking software, you can gain deep insight into your employees' working hours, such as:

● When did they start working?

● When do they take their lunch break? 

● How many leaves have they taken in the last few days?

● How many extra hours did they work?

● Which task took them longer to complete? Etc. 

#6. Provide Real-time Feedback

One of the most common reasons behind lazy behavior is insignificant feedback. When you don't provide timely feedback to your employees, this can delay their work and make them lazy. 

Therefore, it is extremely important for employers to provide instant feedback to their employees. This will help detect early low-performance signs and quickly fix them. 

That's why we have created a dual communication system. Using our employee efficiency software, you can provide feedback in real-time to your staff. In addition, employees can quickly connect with you if they need any specific information related to the feedback. 

#7. Impose a Reward and Punishment System

A reward and punishment system is a simple strategy to make your lazy employees hustle. Under this method, you first have to set a certain performance bar and tell your employees that they will receive certain punishment if they perform under the said performance limit. On the contrary, when they overachieve, they will receive rewards. 

This simple strategy will tell your employees that you will not tolerate poor performance in the organization. In addition, when your lazy employees see high performers receiving incentives and rewards, this will motivate them also to step up.

#8. Provide Learning & Growth Opportunities

When your employees don't get sufficient learning and growth opportunities, this can also contribute to their laziness. They will start to feel unmotivated and bored in their job. This, in return, will make them lazy. 

Therefore, being a company owner, it is your responsibility to create a thriving environment in your organization. You have to provide new learning and growth opportunities to your staff constantly.

To do so, you should consult with your team and understand their requirements and futuristic goals. Based on that, you can offer training programmes, promotional structures, and other advanced learning systems for your employees. 

For this, you can use the policy center installed within our productivity software. This will help you receive real-time feedback and suggestions from your employees to create a challenging and progressive environment in the workplace. 

#9. Set Workplace Boundaries Straight

Most employees are not lazy by nature. But other employees or workplace distractions make them lazy. For example, if a team member often stops at others' desks to have a meaningless chit chat during working hours, this will impact productivity. 

In that case, you have to detect those time gobblers and help them understand they can’t distract other people. Setting some workplace boundaries can help with it. 

For example, you can set a break time for an individual employee for a day. This way, when a person takes longer breaks than allowed, you will find your time gobblers and take suitable action. 

With the help of employee time tracking software, you will get automatic break reports. This will help you know precisely how long a person took a break on the spreadsheet. Further, you can show this document to lazy employees while confronting them. 

#10. Train Your Staff

The final suggestion that we would like to share with our readers is to provide significant training to your employees. Especially if you hire freshers in your organization, it is important to provide them with adequate training to avoid time gobblers and manage their time efficiently.

Once again, using the time tracking software and real-time reports, you can train your employees. You can find out the exact reason behind your employees' poor performance and provide them with practical solutions to overcome those challenges.

Parting Thoughts

There you go, people! You now know 10 powerful strategies to turn your lazy employees into productive ones. All you need is a feature-loaded employee productivity tool, and you are set to weed out lazy and time gobbling employees. 

 You can anytime Book a free demo with our team to learn more about employee efficiency software. Our team will also suggest some realistic solutions to enhance productivity in your organization. So, let's not wait and book your free demo today.


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