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How to Deal With Employee Burnout in the Organisation?

How to Deal With Employee Burnout in the Organisation?

Are you afraid of this new industrial virus? Employee burnout is a common term in the era of industrialization; even though covid 19, this term has been used frequently. There are several factors related to employee burnout. It has a long effect both on the help of the industry and the employees. And if you’re seeking to ease your employees’ hassles, this blog will help you!

Employee burnout has been worse over the past year: more than half of respondents (52%) report feeling burned out, and more than two-thirds (67%) think their feelings have gotten worse since the pandemic began- according to Indeed.

This pandemic has created much dismissal and chaos in every sector of life. Work culture has changed. The security of work has much increased. Besides, various stress factors related to health are also high. So in this situation, burnout symptoms are very prominent. Trackolap’s employee monitoring software can easily track the condition of an employee, working pattern, and leave requests, helping managers discover any signs of burnout before it gets worsen. 

What is Employee Burnout?

'Burnout isn't a medical disease', but it is related to depression, work stress, and mental and physical exhaustion resulting in the loss of personal identity. Family problems and personal and professional life imbalance are also related to employee burnout.

Symptoms of Employee Burnout:

There are some common symptoms of employee burnout. It can be seen in every sector of industrialization; some of them are discussed below. Let's examine them in detail. 

Isolation: Work-related stress sometimes causes long-lasting depression in the mind of the employee. As a result, they may be isolated from personal or professional life or even social life. An employee location tracker may help in identifying such situations.

Exhaustion: Isolation and depression cost the employee physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. It may develop serious health issues, and they can not concentrate on their work. It is a serious alarm for both the employee and the management of the workplace.

Being Absent: Long-lasting symptoms of burnout results in being absent for long days in the office. The employees intentionally try to find a way to avoid work or projects and stay away from the workplace. Field employee attendance software can be a helpful tool for finding out such employees.

Some Physical Symptoms: Exhaustion, depression, and mental stress are directly related to serious health issues. Chest pain, high blood pressure, headache, panic attacks, and insomnia are common symptoms of burnout. Loss of appetite and losing weight are also related to this. They may need medical supervision as soon as possible.

Disengagement: The more isolated the employees become the more chances of disengagement increase the more. The field staff tracking app will help to locate such employees. They try to stay away from the workplace, stop participating in meetings, or try to avoid new projects. A sense of disconnectivity and isolation surrounds them all the time.

Less Productivity: As the condition worsens, productivity and performance decrease comparatively. Lack of concentration and stress factor keeps a heavy burden on them. A field employee monitoring app would be a helpful tool to identify the employees’ productivity and strategies to improve it. 

High Sensitivity: Employees with burnout syndrome are very sensitive and take criticism very seriously. Slightly negative criticism may hurt them, and in serious cases, they may also become very aggressive. Any constructive feedback seems to cast a negative feeling on them.

Possible Causes of Employee Burnout:

Many causes are related to employee burnout. In different spectra, different causes can be found here; we will discuss some of them in general. Various factors related to employee burnout are as follows:

Unsure Job Expectations: When the employee isn't sure what the supervisor wants from him, this type of doubt may appear. It will result in a sense of uncertainty and uncomfortable in the workplace. Lack of confidence may also arise from such a situation.

Monotonous Activity: When your job isn't interesting, you may find it monotonous. There is some field monitoring employee software that can be useful in identifying this situation. Energy is drained away, and tiredness and job burnout result from such an environment.

Imbalance in Professional and Personal Life: If an employee can not give much and needful effort in his professional life and can not fulfill his responsibilities in his personal life- such situations may arise. It will lead to stress and depression very soon. The employee will burn out quickly, and the situation lays a burden on his shoulder.

Lack of Control: A burnout employee feels it problematic to arrange his schedule properly. Indecision, workload, lack of concentration, and lack of self-control are the result of it; as a result, his productivity can be chaotic and possess a massacre. 

Unsupportive Colleagues: If the colleagues in the workplace are unsupportive and born to criticism, the employee may feel burnout. It creates a long-lasting impression in his mind. Field staff management software plays a large part in understanding the employees in such cases.

Lack of Social Support: When the employee can not get support from his personal and professional life, he may feel stressed out. It is the main reason for burnout which can consecutively result in depression, isolation, insomnia, loneliness, disinterestedness, etc. This type of employee is in serious need of special care and support.

How to Handle Employee Burnout:

To handle employee burnout, the following measures can be taken.

Ask For Support: If you are feeling any symptoms of burnout, take mental from colleagues or friends.

Mindfulness & Concentration: Try to focus on the work you have given with patience and mindfulness.

Have Enough Sleep: Taking rest is the best medicine to fight depression and anxiety related to burnout.

Evaluate Yourself Continuously: Compare and evaluate your performance which will help to boost your interest.

Try to be Relaxed: Do not lead the stress heavily on your shoulder. Stay relaxed and focused while working.

Have Some Exercises: Regular physical exercise is the best energy booster. It also deals with the stress factor.

Role Of Remote Work to Prevent Employee Burnout:

Especially after covid 19, the culture of working from home is increased, which has greatly impacted the employees. On the one side, it increases the industry's productivity, followed by lessening job insecurities. With the help of field employee attendance software , managers can track employees productivity even from home. It has also increased to achieve goals by seating in a comfortable place, thus reducing burnout. 

Wellness Programs for Preventing Employee Burnout:

To fight mental illnesses such as employee burnout, wellness programs can sometimes be arranged at the workplace. It will help to increase the emotional waiting system. The employees will also get a confidential place to discuss their mental health. Expert advice will boost their confidence and relief them from stress. They will be much more manageable, enthusiastic, and concentrated on their work. Field employee monitoring app also has the same effect on the employees.

How Trackolap Helps Burnout Employees:

Burnout is a condition that occurs when employees feel overworked and underappreciated. When employees feel burned out, they may not show up to work, become distracted, or even lash out at their coworkers. If your employees are becoming less productive or showing signs of burnout, you should consider using a field staff tracking app.

With our tool, employers can keep track of their employees’ productivity, assign tasks and improve performance with an analytical dashboard. This tool allows employers to monitor how much time employees spend working, what they do while at work, and whether they are meeting their goals. Employers use these tools to help them determine if their employees are being productive, how many leaves they are taking, and if they need to make any changes to their job duties or schedules. 

Using employee monitoring software can benefit both employers and employees. Employees who use this tool have access to information about their productivity and performance, giving them a chance to improve their skills and learn new things.

In nutshell, by using this tool, you will be able to identify problems before they turn into bigger issues. You can also use this tool to motivate your employees and ensure that they are doing everything possible to meet your company's expectations.


Employee burnout is not an incurable situation. However, with gradual support and attention, it can be cured. The field employee monitoring app is a helpful tool to fight this situation. We hope this article will help you recognize that this 'disease' will encourage immediate action to curb employee burnout. 

To empower your employees with our robust employee monitoring software to constrain corporate burnout and boost employee retention, contact us today !


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