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How to Build a Strong Team In The Office?

How to Build a Strong Team In The Office?

Each of us has had some fun times at work. Some of them are interesting, while others are dull or entirely off the mark. However, the objective is always to increase informal teamwork and collaboration within the firm. Few think team-building exercises are frequently perceived as a waste of time and resources - are you one of them? Then you must understand the consequences of a poor team on a business. A strong, happier team helps foster an effective & productive workplace culture.

Every team is unique, so your organisation's team-building program must take that into account. You can increase team collaboration, productivity and time management at the same time with the help of the field staff management app

It takes time, patience, and the capacity to spot an organisational fit to build that team. You won't find the "ideal" team waiting for you, but you may be able to fill the responsibilities and skill gaps you have with the appropriate people. For a variety of reasons, your company should place a high priority on developing stronger teams. 

By 2024, organisations with collaborative and intelligent work environments will outperform their rivals in terms of productivity, revenue per person, and employee turnover by 30%, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). 

Thinking about how to build a strong team within your company? For the past couple of days, Trackolap has talked to enormous business leaders and found they are suffering from the lower productivity of the employees. And guess what? We have discovered that their team is not organised, collaborative and strong. Some team members lack motivation due to unequal distribution of work! With our field employee monitoring app assigning tasks and monitoring productivity, leaves of employees become easy.

So you want to build a robust team? Do check out the strategies that we have mentioned in this blog.

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What Are The Benefits Of a Strong Team

In a Salesforce survey, 86% of employees and executives blamed workplace problems on a lack of teamwork or communication. A successful team is one that functions effectively as a unit, is capable of achieving organisational objectives, and supports one another. This can assist you in lowering turnover, raising the quality of your output, and greatly easing the management process. Only when everyone on the team works well together, recognizes a common purpose, and communicates well even when there are disagreements, true teamwork takes place.

The way that various personalities interact to form a team dynamic is what determines whether certain teams are more successful than others. It matters how they interact with one another, how motivated they are outside of formal gatherings, and how the task is completed in a team. To create and carry out successful team-building programs, it is essential to comprehend the distinctive qualities and characteristics that each team has. Your ultimate goal is to boost business growth with a strong team. Isn't it? With field employee monitoring software , you can track the performance of each member of your team and analyse their strengths and weaknesses.

What Traits And Qualities Define A Successful Team?

Focus On The Goals:

For a team to be effective and work together, they must share goals and outcomes. Your team will be more likely to work together to achieve that common goal if everyone is goal-oriented. 

Distributing Responsibility and Ownership equally:

 To avoid single-handedly blaming someone in the event of a failure, always distribute all accountability, responsibility, and ownership among all teams within the organisation. Everyone joins in and provides their aid when a team member needs assistance in fixing a challenge.

Building Mutual Trust And Support:

How much psychological safety does a worker feel around their co-workers in your company? If there is a high level of mutual trust and respect among team members, the group will perform better. Start promoting this by conducting polls or just asking staff members how they would want to see more workplace relationships. You can examine the team's chemistry as well as how they handle disputes.

The Habit Of Learning - Makes Your Employees Updated:

Businesses undergo ongoing and frequently quick transformations. You'll have less trouble implementing best practices, implementing new software, or adhering to other business criteria when your staff is prepared to accept changes and learn new things.

Diversity As A Part Of The Game

Teams that are diverse in their backgrounds, personalities, and traits are more adaptable and better equipped to serve consumers and solve issues. A team's diversity can prevent it from becoming stale and stagnant.

Best In Communication:

According to an article on CMSWire, 97 % of employees think that communication affects their ability to complete tasks on a regular basis. Any work that needs to be completed requires effective communication. Great teams go above and beyond by being transparent about what works, where problems are, and how to fix them. Their teams thrive and complete tasks together when managers make an effort to maintain pleasant and constructive communication. 

How To Build An Strong Team In Your Organisation

High-performing teams emerge from nowhere. A team leader who has a clear understanding of the team's values, objectives, and code of ethics must cultivate them carefully. Your employees are just co-workers without this top-down leadership. You must form a genuine team for them. You can also take help from a field staff management software to track each employee’s productivity and efficiency which will help you build a strong & organised team. If you are running a business of sales & service, you’ll discover some employees are good at sales while some are at services. 

We Trackolap has cited some steps to strengthen your team for our clients that will work wonderfully with the combination of our field staff tracking app . Let us drive deep!

Always Set Objectives And Make Plans For Your Business

Clearly state to the team what you want to achieve, whether it's acquiring more clients or enhancing the success of the upcoming marketing campaign. Take a review of team members’ efforts and address the concerns. After that, you should start developing your strategy for achieving the business objectives. You'll be able to catch any gaps or modifications you need to make as a result with the help of a field staff management app to review your team members' performances on a regular basis if you need to gather information about their performance.

Give Each Team Member Their Specific Roles

 When you have a robust team, determine who can do each duty and alter assignments as necessary to meet the business goals. When hiring, consider both the experience and abilities which is necessary to carry out the duties at hand as well as the skill sets needed to fit each role. Everybody must be aware of their responsibilities. Clearly defining roles and responsibilities can significantly impact your team's success and you can achieve the best results.

Boost The Abilities Of A Team Member

A great leader knows and uses each team member's abilities and capabilities well. Review each team member's talents, taking into account both their strengths and limitations manually or with sales employee monitoring software promotes a positive work culture and less turnover. To make your team members a winning team give them support, and recognition to enable them to perform at their highest level. However, as a team leader, you can quickly increase the skills of your team members after gathering information from Trackolap’s employee monitoring software apps to increase their abilities.

Always Make A Schedule Before Beginning

Fun projects are simple to overdo, and if you implement too many, your team may start to complain. Therefore, set up a program in advance, either daily, weekly, or twice monthly. We advise choosing a weekly activity that doesn't significantly interfere with regular employment.

Set Expectations From The Scratch

After defining roles, you should describe to your team how their objectives and needs will be successfully met. Your staff will better comprehend what is required of them if you set expectations for their roles and assign them specific projects. You can keep projects on track and guide them to completion by outlining expectations upfront. Additionally, it helps prevent delays and accusations that someone failed to recognize that a particular activity was their responsibility. Communication is the key to establishing expectations. Give them clear instructions on how to get started and state clearly what you expect from them. 

Give Your Team Enough Freedom To Perform Experiments

You might find something that performs better than current approaches, is more economical, or even opens up a new market for business. Or perhaps you won't. No experiment or risk comes with a guarantee of success. Your responsibility as a manager is to steer these initiatives, keeping them within your business's financial limits. However, if you let someone take a chance, you should praise them for it regardless of how it turns out. Encouragement will help employees feel comfortable trying something new. As a result, you'll have a better understanding of the capabilities and weaknesses of your team. You'll also get to see how various employees approach their work when given responsibility.


Thousands of studies have been conducted to examine high-performing teams. The fundamental tenet is that teams perform most effectively when everyone is working cooperatively towards a single objective. Fun and relaxed team-building activities promote the principles of effective teams. Most importantly, team-building exercises inspire participation and learning among team members rather than preaching. 

It is time you build a strong team and steer the wheel towards success. Trackolap helps businesses achieve their goals, build a robust team and improve productivity with its dynamic employee management app. Book a demo with us today and transform your ordinary team into marvels. 


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