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How to Amplify Employee Loyalty in the Post Pandemic Period?

How to Amplify Employee Loyalty in the Post Pandemic Period?

Almost 26% of workers are planning to leave their current job after the pandemic. According to Prudential Financial's Pulse of the American Worker survey,1 in 4 workers is already looking for new work opportunities.It is found that 80% of workers are worried about their career advancement and 72% say the pandemic has made them rethink their skill sets.That also means your competent employees might submit their resignations anytime. And you already know how time-consuming and expensive it is to hire and train new people in this economic condition.

Then, what's the solution?
Simply focus on improving employee loyalty. Building loyalty among your workers will help to boost retention and productivity.

But how can I do that?
Let's scroll down to know the best ways to increase employee loyalty, engagement, and productivity in the post-pandemic era.

Improve Employee Engagement
Employee loyalty is equal to employee engagement. If your workers don't feel engaged in their job, it will affect their performance and productivity in the end.High disengagement can further lead to higher turnover rates. During the pandemic, remote work solitude and social pressure have also contributed to the low employee engagement.Thus, it is important for management teams to find ways to connect with their team members and keep them engaged. In this situation,TrackOlap productivity management software can help you to a great extent.You can monitor your individual employee's progress through analytical and real-time reports. This will help you see shifts in the employee's productivity and performance over the period. So, whenever you find an employee's performance declining, you can instantly make efforts to find reasons behind it. This way, you can tackle the employee engagement issue before it can take a serious turn.

Emphasis on Employee Recognition
Who doesn't like a little pat on the back for good work done? Thus, you should make it your priority to acknowledge a job well done by your workers.However, it is not easy to keep an eye on the performance of individual team members, especially if you have a large team consisting of remote and hybrid workers.On top of it, following a clear and unbiased performance recognition module is humanly impossible.Fortunately, using the best employee tracking software, managers can easily recognize and reward their teams' major accomplishments.Employee tracking software can help record minute details of every employee working in the firm, such as:

When did they take a break?
How long do they spend on completing a project? Etc. All the data is collected via automated employee time tracking software.Thus, no personal bias or latency issue will cause a problem.Eventually,when you recognize and reward your teammates based on unbiased reports, it will boost their morale and productivity.In fact, it will also motivate other team members to do good work and receive recognition from management.

Harness Transparency
Transparency is a cornerstone for earning your employee's trust and loyalty. When you share the same information and equal workload among your team, it will help your workers view the company as fair and employee-centric.A transparent workplace environment also reduces employee conflict and resentment issues. Creating a transparent work environment is hard in the modern corporate world, where some employees are working remotely and some in-house.

But, at TrackOlap, we offer a series of features that can help you build a transparent workflow, such as:
Task Management System: Using the centralized task management system, managers can distribute work equally among their team members. You can share the equal workload, deadlines, and other work details with everyone.

Equal Payroll: Online payroll management systems allow employees to easily access their payslips and other important details. This will create a clear pay structure in the organization.Transparent workplace policy. You can use policy management software to create a clear transparent work policy discussing all the important factors, including working hours, rates, and other details.This will allow you to earn the trust of new employees and build a positive employer brand.

Instant and Constructive Feedback

Feedback is a crucial element to improve your employee engagement and loyalty.This will allow employers to make employees understand their weaknesses and strengths.In fact, many employees prefer instant and constructive feedback so they can self-improve themselves. But unfortunately, not many managers provide instant and constructive feedback. Most feedback comes late and is critical, which negatively impacts employees' morale.Therefore, if you use employee time tracking software, you can share quick feedback reports with your staff members. You can share individual performance reports with the concerned person. This will reduce your workload and help workers self-evaluate their performance.

Create a Flexible Work Environment
Nobody likes to be bossed around. Especially your professional and experienced employees don't want you to constantly regulate their operations.In fact, with the introduction of remote and hybrid work culture, more workers prefer a flexible work environment where they can manage their own work boundaries and schedules.Therefore, you should delegate some basic responsibilities to your employees. Allow them to build their own work schedules, set deadlines, and more.Now, all your employees are not equally trustable and self-driven. Many of them required a preset schedule and constant monitoring to deliver projects on time.In that case, employee time tracking and monitoring software can be extremely helpful for you. This software can monitor your employees' working hours and share timely details with you.For example, you can check which website and application your employee has been using during working hours. You can also check for how long they took a break and what they have achieved during the day.This way, you can give some flexibility to your team without compromising their efficiency and productivity.

Offer Personalized Perks
Perks and additional employment benefits have always been the best way to improve employee loyalty in the workplace. But, due to the pandemic, people's basic needs and requirements have changed.Today, many people might want more sick leaves or family leaves rather than increased remuneration. Or, many workers prefer remote work options so they can work within the confined environment of their houses.So, you need to first understand the requirements of your employees and accordingly offer them some additional perks.For this, you can use policy management software. This software will allow you to gather instant feedback and opinion from your team members. That will help you create a personalized work policy in your organization.

Listen to Your Staff
If your team member can't reach you at the time of need, this will reduce their morale and demotivate them.So, it is crucial for companies to provide a two-way communication system to their employees. This will help them connect with the right person at the right time.When your employees know that they can reach out to you any time, it will make them feel more connected and involved in the company operations. Especially for remote and hybrid workers, getting listened to by the senior management is a very important thing.Here you should build a proper communication policy and use a centralized communication platform like TrackOlap to better listen to your employees.

Increase Employee Involvement
Employees often complain that senior management doesn't consult them while creating important work policies.This, in return, develops feelings of resentment and anger among employees.Therefore, managers should take absolute responsibility to involve each employee in the important decision-making process of the company. They should consult individual workers while creating important workplace policies and get their consent before introducing a new policy.Once again here, policy management software can help you a lot. Using this software, you can share policy details with every employee working in your company. Employees can read the policy documents, provide suggestions and sign them.

Invest in Training and Development
Training and development programs will not only help you gain the trust of new employees. But, it will also allow you to keep your current employees in the loop and improve their efficiency.Today, many employees are struggling to adjust to the new remote work culture. So, if you provide them with a proper training and development program, it will help them a lot.For this, we have a special onboarding and training dashboard for you. Using our onboarding dashboard, you can create different training and development modules for your staff and keep them engaged.

Parting Thoughts
Employee loyalty is an important thing today. But unfortunately, not many companies are making efforts to improve employee loyalty in their organization.In fact, many small companies consider it an unnecessary burden on their HR team. However, we just want to inform modern companies that employee loyalty is highly important for you today. If you don't want to lose your competent employees and waste resources on hiring new employees every other month, pay attention to your employee loyalty program.We have already developed a series of tools that can help you improve employee loyalty in your company. You can use different tools to enhance employee loyalty from robust employee live tracking software to policy management software.

Let's book a demo with our team and get started with employee loyalty today! 


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