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How to Address Real Estate Customer Service Delays in Real-Time?

How to Address Real Estate Customer Service Delays in Real-Time?

There are numerous field workers, including agents, brokers, and sales representatives, in the real estate sector. Managers face impossible tasks when it comes to managing these agents and improving field operations. What steps do they take to address this issue then?

According to a report, by 2028, the market for field force management software is projected to reach USD 8.06 billion with a CAGR of 13.9%. 

This is due to the fact that businesses all over the world have realized how useful the software is for raising employee performance and productivity. The same is true for the real estate sector! 

What Problems Do Real Estate Companies Have to Deal With?

Real estate managers unquestionably have a lot on their plates, including paperwork, client and property management, real estate agents, etc. The biggest difficulty they encounter is controlling field agents and making the most of their abilities. They typically encounter numerous obstacles while doing this.


Setting up agent visits to properties is a challenge for real estate managers. For customers to view properties, managers must select the best agent. Additionally, it is critical to schedule the right employee because deals depend on the agent's selling abilities.


Most of the time, real estate agents are out in the community, promoting homes and other properties to potential buyers. As a result, they are required to carry numerous documents, including contracts, legal documents, and licenses.

The hassle these documents create is something agents frequently gripe about. Always being extra cautious around them is necessary. As an added challenge, issues like theft and rain-related document damage present themselves.

Barrier to Communication

The secret to their success is effective communication between managers and employees. But regrettably, there is frequently a communication breakdown between the managers in the office and the real estate agents out in the field.

Managers may experience increased stress if field agents do not return phone calls for any reason. When managers do not give agents access to crucial information, an imbalance may develop. The agents may have set their phones to airplane mode or were in a no-network area, depending on the situation. 

Delayed Reimbursements

The care and upkeep that field agents need are frequently overlooked by managers. Agents on the field may become impatient with a slow reimbursement process. 

Thus, the field agents perform poorly. Employee turnover in real estate has increased by 28% as a result of this.

Difficulty in Tracking

If managers must manually monitor field agents, it will take a lot of time and effort. When their phones can not be reached, it becomes even more difficult. Managers may get sidetracked from current tasks that are more crucial as a result of this ordeal. 

While field agents are working on their tasks, frequent calls from the manager can annoy and demoralize them. 

Why Field Force Management Software Is Necessary for Monitoring Real Estate Agents

What exactly does the field force tracking software assist managers and realtors with? The software supports a variety of tasks, including shift scheduling, task delegation, attendance tracking, and more. In a nutshell, it keeps a useful field force in place.

Operations are made more automated by this software. The solution aids in removing the requirement for carrying out repetitive tasks and maintaining manual reports. This narrows the potential scope of errors, speeds up the process, and encourages more assured decision-making. 

What Benefits Can Field Force Management Software Bring to Your Real Estate Business?

The fact that managers and employees gain from a field staff management app like Trackolap is its best feature. Employees benefit from the convenience and transparency that come with being able to assign tasks, track performance, and list property remotely, while managers get to do these things as well. 

Real estate agents can benefit from complete automation thanks to the extensive feature set that Trackolap provides. 

Let us see how the system's suggestions can be of assistance without further ado.

Insights into Real Estate Agent’s Expertise

In the past, managers were required to wait a quarter or a year before evaluating the performance of their agents. However, not anymore. The manager can monitor the location and performance of the agents in real-time thanks to field force management software.

The system provides accurate and insightful reports that can be used. They are useful in identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each agent. As a result, assigning properties is simple because the manager knows which real estate agent has experience selling which kind of property.

Share Property Information

A powerful field force tracking and management software provides real estate companies with the invaluable tool of creating custom forms. These tailored forms are designed to meet the specific needs of the company, ranging from customer satisfaction surveys to feedback forms. 

The mobile app feature allows employees in the field to effortlessly access and complete these custom forms on their smartphones or tablets in real-time. This immediate data collection empowers real estate companies to gather instant feedback from customers, enabling them to promptly address any concerns or issues, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and service quality.

Moreover, utilizing custom forms ensures standardized data collection, as all required fields are included, simplifying the analysis process. The collected information is automatically stored in a centralized database, reducing the risk of data loss or errors associated with manual data entry. 

Customizable Reporting Features

TrackOlap's customizable reporting features empower real estate companies to generate detailed and tailored reports, presenting data through charts, graphs, and tables for easy visualization. With the ability to apply filters and segments, companies can conduct comparative analyses, track key performance metrics, and identify trends and areas for improvement. 

The platform allows for scheduled report generation and automated distribution, ensuring stakeholders receive up-to-date information regularly. Reports can be exported in various formats, facilitating data sharing and transparency with external partners. 

Accessible in real-time from any device with an internet connection, our reporting tool aids in data-driven decision-making, optimizing field force operations, and delivering superior customer experiences.

Real-Time Tracking of Real Estate Agents

The main problems managers face have been effectively resolved by sales tracking software . Managers can easily follow field agents in real-time thanks to the software.

The manager can also keep tabs on the status of the tasks as they are being updated by the agents. It is no longer necessary to call constantly as a result.

The manager receives real-time information about the battery, cellular network, distance traveled, shortest distance through maps, and mode of the phone. As a result, field agents find it difficult to get away with making up reasons. 

The battery-friendly nature of Trackolap, an app that does not consume a lot of battery life, is what makes it impressive. 

Automated Attendance Management

With attendance management being a critical aspect of field force tracking, TrackOlap provides a seamless solution to efficiently manage attendance for real estate companies. The platform empowers field employees to easily punch in and out their attendance from anywhere, using the mobile app. 

This flexibility eliminates the need for physical attendance tracking systems, enabling employees to mark their attendance on-the-go, whether they are at a client site, property location, or on the move. 

Real estate companies can effortlessly monitor and track attendance data in real-time, streamlining HR processes and ensuring workforce accountability. The ability to record attendance remotely enhances productivity and allows for a more accurate and reliable attendance tracking system that fits the dynamic nature of the field force.

Appointment Reminder for Real Estate Agents

Field agents frequently have multiple meetings with clients looking for properties, and they are required to arrive on time for each one. To develop a positive reputation with customers, punctuality is crucial. 

Like a true BFF, Trackolap begins sending reminders an hour or so before each meeting. For the duration, types, and days of the week of meetings, among other factors, these reminders can be tailored. 

Let TrackOlap Support Your Real Estate Company

It is better to be safe than sorry. Now that you have identified the obstacles that prevent real estate agents from closing deals, it is time to implement the solution: field force management software. 

The software is beneficial in automating task allocation and streamlining the company's operations in a timely and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, it is beneficial to real estate agents because it increases productivity.

Why not include Trackolap in your field force management software investment? Trackolap is a market-leading solution, offering top-notch field force software. Don't hesitate – request a demo right now and experience its powerful capabilities firsthand!


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