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How Project Managers Can Benefits from Intelligent Task/Project Management Software?

How Project Managers Can Benefits from Intelligent Task/Project Management Software?

A project manager is the part of the management system who has lots of responsibilities from planning, procurement, and execution of the particular project of a company. It comes under the work profile of a project manager to define the nature, scope, beginning and ending of a project. They are the first persons who are contacted when anything went wrongs or team needs some expert advice.

In nutshell, a project manager has the responsibility of a project and the high-end priority of a project manager is to produce the result anticipated by the management while maintaining the progress and mutual understanding among his entire team. From the definition, the role of project manager seems quite straightforward, but in reality, to achieve the high-end results, managers have to perform various smaller tasks such as

Define the project's objective
Commute the objective of a project with the entire team
Procure all the project requirements like the task force, information, raw materials, legal documentation, essential technologies and much more
Constantly arranging the three pillars of project management - cost, timeline, and quality
Meeting the requirements of clients, etc.,

The layers of project managers duties are very complicated and each layer is highly important. However, if we pin out the one primary responsibility of a project manager – to achieve accomplish the project as per the prefixed plan. And, to get the desired results, managers have to arrange their workforce in a manner that they can produce the results as per the planner. This seems so easy, but it can make difficult with a large number of employees and different work locations and makes it impossible for managers to complete their projects. 

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Helping Hand for Managers - Task Management System

Today, if you are working as a project manager, then you cannot excel in your job unless you have the intelligent task management system with you. The nature of work and the requirements of your clients have changed with time, so it is time - you should also change your old methods of task management. You need new technology aided project management tools so that you can deliver high caliber results by binding your workforce.

Project Management System - a customized software created by organizations to manage their projects. In this software, various elements of project managers work like planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and employees efficiency evaluation can be managed. This software is a weapon in the hands of project managers and other stakeholders to regulate the cost, manage a budget, maintain high quality and keep the company organized.

The intelligent task management system can benefit project managers in multiple ways and improve their result-driven ideology. Like –

1. Easy Delegation of Tasks

A manager can't know about the skills possessed by every employee who is working on the project. So, you need to access their skills every time before delegating them a task. But, when several employees working on a project in hundreds or thousands, then via task management system it becomes easier to find a person and delegate the task to the right employee. It is possible because details of every employee along with their past work performance are stored under on platform which makes the job of the manager easier to delegate the task to the skilled employees.

2. Time Consistency

When you work as per the customized software, then every project of the company remains scheduled. Employees always complete their job on time. Project managers just have to insert the start and end time of the project and employees will automatically get to know the timeline to finish their task. They can even send alerts to the employees. This way they will be able to complete the project before the deadline.

3.Flexible Environment

The best benefit of using the software is that it brings flexibility to the workplace. All the details related to the project are stored over one platform which eliminates the need for maintaining different paperwork. This way managers can easily access different aspects of the projects like scope, budget, available financial resources, acquisition of resources and much more with just one click. Using the available data, managers can instantly take several important decisions and ensure that the project is moving on the right track.

4. More Efficiency for End Clients

With the use of customized software, the level of work efficiency can be increased. It gives a road map to the managers. It will increase the efficiency of employees so that work can complete soon. Employees become more focused and determined towards their goal as their every activity is recorded by the software like in time, out time, work hours, leaves, meetings schedule, etc., The focused employee can deliver the highly efficient work to the clients. This won’t only increase the internal workflow of the company but also increase the external work efficiency towards the company’s clients.

5.Easy to Use

The software is designed with the very interactive and easy to understand user interface which can reduce the workload of managers dramatically. With the one-click, project managers can know the status of work allotted to a particular employee, moreover with the live tracker installed in the software - managers can locate their employees from anywhere and anytime. Plus, the user-friendly interface brings ease in the workflow.

Moreover, managers can broadcast work to their entire team using one chat option. Managers can create weekly or monthly schedule for their entire team at once and forward it them. They can share planner with all of their employees at once which saves them from lots of trouble and saves their time. With TrackOlap app , managers can easily integrate task to their employees in bulk and get report on the completion of the work.

6.Helps in Setting the Priorities Straight

Project prioritization is beneficial to any organization independent of shape, size of focus, as it enables you to prioritize project related work against each other to define a sensible, optimized order of work. It is a crucial process for the growing business as using the limited resources of the company and turning them into the successful project is a very exceptional challenge. The priority settings will help managers to quickly identify the risks involved in the project and allow them to reduce or eliminate the risk before it gets too late.

7.Uninterrupted Communication

According to one survey, 62% of project managers have claimed that poor communication is the biggest hurdle that they have to across. With the project management software, this hurdle can be removed pretty easily as the software comes with inbuilt communication tools which keep managers always connected with their team members. The two-way communication channels will encourage the team members to share their problems with managers and similarly, managers can contact their team members when they required their urgent assistance. Rich communication can increase the efficiency of a project by 50% more.

8.Improved Accessibility

The software has the potential to improve the accessibility level of the project as the data related to the project can be stored offline as well as online. There are online tools like cloud computing technology is present which enables managers to access every minute detail regarding the project from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, if the online system isn’t working, then the project managers can still access the data from offline data stored in the software. When managers have every information at their fingertips on their mobile devices, then this will give them great accessibility which eventually increases their productivity.

9.Enhanced Customer Satisfaction Level

When an organization uses the project management software , then it will impart lots of benefits on the company as the project will complete under the predetermined budget and before the deadline. So, when the high quality work under the limited budget is completed, then it will increase the satisfaction level of the clients. A happy client is equal to the profit of the company. Thus, proper task management can improve the relationship between the company and the customers. Moreover, today, with the help of custom forms, project managers can ask feedback of their customers on particular details and use the direct feedback data to improve their services. Admin can design form according to their need, they can put conditions, they can make drop down menu type forms.

10.High-End Security

If you are using the technology-based task management system, then all the data related to your project will remain secure. This system is highly secured as protected servers are used to maintain the confidentiality of your project. Additionally, you can customize your software with extra security features according to your requirements. If you ever lost any of your information regarding any phase of the project, then you can easily retrieve it back from the backup server. You can easily backup your important files on the cloud and use it anytime and anywhere.


By automating and streaming business operations through the task management system, project managers will be able to achieve more under limited resources. Better communication, effective employee management, easy delegation, collaboration, flexibility, accessibility, and high-end security can be easily retrieved with the help of technology-based task management. These benefits can make a humongous difference between the successful execution of projects by the managers.

So, if you want to implement successful projects under your limited resources, then you should get the custom task management tools for your business from TrackOlap at affordable rates and make your project manager’s life super easy.


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