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How IoT & Mobile Workforce Assists in Developing the Post COVID World?

How IoT & Mobile Workforce Assists in Developing the Post COVID World?

Importantly, when an organization like WHO says that we might never get rid of COVID-19, it is a clear indication that we should prepare ourselves for the post COVID world where things are going to be different – a lot different.

In the post COVID world, our way of leading life and performing economic activities will take a 360-degree turn. Work from home, online education, virtual meeting are a few changes that we have to endure in the world where corona infection is going to live with us. To survive and grow with the COVID-19, we need the help of some dynamic technological forces such as IoT devices.

Why is IoT Called Post COVID Technology?

Lockdown and social distancing are two weapons to beat the coronavirus. But, unfortunately, these two weapons have completely tarnished the shreds of the world economy and scum the developed nations on their knees. When developed nations like the USA and UK are struggling to sustain their economy, the under progress countries like India have no room to grow as the Indian economy is expected to hit the lowest mark of 2.5% in 2020.

In this situation, where coronavirus and economy have to survive together, technology is the best solution to beat and grow in one shot. Being a leader in the employee efficiency and desktop monitoring software development sector – TrackOlap has recommended that technology, especially the Internet of Things, could be used as an essential tool to fight the spread of such pandemics and contain it with minimal economic loss and disruption.

IoT is a mobile workforce system of interlaced computing devices, digital equipment, and mechanical objects to provide unique ability to transfer data over a network without any human intervention. Data is collected by sensors installed on the user end, which is sent to cloud servers to make decisions. The feature of ubiquitous connectivity is the foundation of IoT.

In the Post COVID World, IoT’s ability to transfer data without human involvement can help in creating an environment where the economy will boom, but without human touch. The benefits of IoT can help in creating a progressive environment with coronavirus in multiple ways.

The benefit of IoT in the Context of COVID-19

IoT is one of the powerful futuristic technologies to overcome coronavirus because from controlling infection to a growing business with coronavirus – everything can be achieved with IoT devices. The power of IoT technology can help us in living with the coronavirus in multiple ways.

Identifying Coronavirus

Early identification of coronavirus is the best way to control the pandemic. But, the urbanization has thrown a new curveball to monitor and contain the crisis. Today, with the availability of the fastest means of transportation, identifying the infection carrier and containing it has become a significant challenge. However, by focusing on the traveling pattern of the people, it is possible to curb the spread of the disease.

IoT tools such as Geographic Information System (GIS) can help identify the infection early. Once the virus is detected, it is easier for healthcare workers to isolate and control the disease. The first stage of coronavirus detection can be easily controlled with IoT devices.

Treatment of Patients

After identifying the infected patients, the next step is to treat them. In the treatment phase, IoT mobile devices can provide predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory assistance to healthcare professionals. The IoT devices will be connected to the centralized database, which will facilitate to all the healthcare workers. All the data of the patient's medical history, along with the AI-generated diagnoses, will be easily shared among healthcare professionals.

IoT will establish a dual communication system between the doctor and patient. With this technology, mildly infected patients can get treatment from their homes and help prevent the spread of the disease. IoT technology can work as a shield between doctor and corona patients to control the spread of the disease.

Regulating Life

Monitoring, controlling, and treating is a critical part of the world with coronavirus. The government has to aim to cover the economy gap, maintain the supply chain, and create policies for daily wage labor, students, businesses, and agriculture. In the process of getting back life on the track, the mobile workforce system empowered by IoT devices can help the government reestablish its governance.

Maintaining Essential Supply Chain – Due to lockdown panic, the problem of hoarding and stock limitation has occurred. But, if stores invest in digital payments, eCommerce, and IoT apps, the question of maintaining the essential supply chain won’t be an issue.

Education Sector – The schools and colleges have been shut down since the first knock of the pandemic, which has severely affected the studies of students. By using the blockchain-based application to track students' performance and learning strategies, educational institutions can create a virtual learning environment easily. Moreover, they can conduct tests online and issue digital certification as well.

Compliance of Rules – To keep the infection under control, numerous governments around the globe have laid down some ground rules like no large gatherings to prevent the communal spread of the virus. Thus, to ensure compliance with the rules, governments can track down the smartphones of their citizens and establish better governance.

Rolling the Economy

After getting back regular life on the track, the next phase towards making the Post COVID World is to get back the economy. From the past few months, big industries to small cottage businesses – all the economic activities have been on hold, which has resulted in unemployment, job cuts, salary cuts, and so on. The situation of daily wage labor has become a significant problem for the nation.

Overall, the economy needs a pump to grow and bloom with coronavirus. From all the futuristic technologies to overcome coronavirus, IoT technology can become a boon for the industries to grow their business. Benefits of IoT in economic revival can be seen in multiple ways –

Work from Home System – For the companies where the majority of employees work from their desktops need to shift their work environment. They need to set up a system where their employees can efficiently work from home while following social distancing norms. The centralized employee efficiency tools based on IoT technologies can help employers in monitoring and controlling the workflow of their remotely working employees. From assigning tasks to recording attendance of the employees – everything can be quickly processed with the smart IoT platform like TrackOlap.

Virtual Meetings – Due to lockdown, face to face meetings with clients won’t be a feasible solution anymore. Thus, redefine your business structure and conduct virtual meetings with your clients using the numerous tools. Nowadays, IoT and AI-empowered applications can help business owners share their desktop screen with their clients so that they can effectively conduct business presentations. Moreover, there are plenty of different group meeting apps like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet available to attend virtual meetings properly.

Sensor Detection – All the governments have developed their dedicated COVID-19 awareness spreading and tracking app. So, by making it mandatory for your workers to download IoT based coronavirus apps on their smartphones, you can easily detect your workers with maximum or minimal infection risk. This way, you protect your workers from catching an infection and quickly start production in your factories.

Sanitization Tunnels – If a person is thoroughly sanitized from head to toe before crossing the threshold of your office, you can easily keep infection out of your office. IoT sensors can help make an automatic sanitization tunnel, which will automatically spray disinfectants by detecting the human presence. Moreover, you can install electronic thermal sensors to record the temperature of all your workers.

IoT Helps in Living with Coronavirus

We can’t forever live in the lockdown, and the vaccine of coronavirus is nowhere ready yet. Experts predict that we have to practice social distancing till 2020 for sure. So, if you need to find a way to live with corona and even grow, in this, IoT is one of the booming technology that can make it possible. From controlling coronavirus infection to working in the coronavirus crisis, you can overcome all the challenges thrown by a pandemic with just one technology solution.

Automation is the way to live with coronavirus and create the Post COVID World. IoT and mobile devices can make that position, so be ready to see a wave of automation and digitalization in the upcoming days.


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