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How Field Force Problems Solved with Geofencing Technology

How Field Force Problems Solved with Geofencing Technology

Are you finding it difficult to manage your mobile workforce regularly? Do you squander hours attempting to track down absent employees? Taking care of a workforce that is on the go can be difficult. Numerous issues, such as workers being unable to locate one another in a crowded city or forgetting to clock in or out, are possible.

A practical field staff tracking app like TrackOlap that can keep workers connected and organized is becoming more and more necessary as businesses shift away from traditional office setups toward a mobile workforce.

Fortunately, geofencing apps can address many of these typical problems. These apps are an excellent option for businesses of all sizes because they offer a variety of solutions for common issues involving mobile workforces.

In this article, we will examine 11 of the most typical issues affecting mobile workforces and how geofencing can help. Discover how geofencing apps can help you organize your business operations by reading on! However, you might be curious to know what geofencing is. To find out, continue reading the next section.

What Exactly Do You Mean by Geofencing?

The technology known as geofencing creates a fictitious geographic boundary using the Global Positioning System (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID), allowing software to be triggered when a mobile device enters or exits the area. The majority of geofencing software uses GPS, but some also make use of RFID, Bluetooth LE beacons, or Wi-Fi signals. 

Geofencing is a tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as monitoring a person's whereabouts while at work, keeping an eye on children or elderly parents, or even preventing crime by notifying property owners when someone enters their property without authorization. Customers can receive coupons or discounts when they enter a specific store location using geofencing for marketing purposes.

The following are some major advantages of geofencing:

1. Increased Engagement: When individuals are near a geofenced area, they are more likely to notice and respond to targeted content.

2. Enhanced Targeting: Businesses can target ads and content to people who are physically present in certain locations by using geofencing.

3. Greater Precision: Businesses can target advertisements with street-level precision using GPS-based geofencing.

4. Increased ROI: By directing advertisements to audiences who are most likely to be interested, geofencing can help businesses increase the ROI of their marketing campaigns.

The Top 11 Mobile Workforce Issues That Geofencing Apps Can Address

Monitoring and Management of Labor

Field staff management software is a vital tool for tracking h ow much time your employees are spending on different tasks, which can help you coordinate multiple moving parts and ensure that you have the most visibility into your operations possible. 

For instance, some of your employees might need to drive from site to site, while others might only need to be outside during particular hours.

A good geofence time tracking app will help you keep track of who is where and when they are supposed to be there, and it will immediately notify you if anyone is not where they should be. 

Understanding which crews or drivers need more assistance to complete their workday will enable you to streamline operations and keep costs in check. This data is essential for managing labor effectively.

Time Clock Monitoring

When using a time clock, a team member manually inputs their time by punching in and out on a card reader. This is laborious and prone to mistakes made by humans, especially when several team members are involved. 

An alternative solution is to use geofencing software to track employees' clock-in and clock-out times automatically. 

Improved employee morale, knowing where your staff is at all times, reducing time theft, and even better working conditions due to reduced commuting are all advantages of geo-tracking field employee monitoring software. To track employee hours and manage your workforce more effectively, sign up to try the best geofencing attendance software.

Scheduling for Employees

Do you provide your staff with a geofence app to aid in time management? Because it gi ves employees more control over their time, which decreases their propensity to slack off, this can be a massive help to both them and you. For those who have after-work commitments, many scheduling apps also allow for shift swapping. 

Granting employees freedom lowers overtime expenses while boosting morale. Self-scheduling improves not only the financial performance of your business but also the morale and engagement of your workforce.

Workplace Security

By keeping track of employees' locations and alerting employers when they leave the designated worksite, geofence time-tracking apps can improve job site security. The app will notify management, for instance, if a worker leaves the workplace to go to lunch so that they can make sure the worker is safe. 

Additionally, these apps can keep an eye on employees in hazardous environments like mines or construction sites. This makes it possible for managers to act quickly in an emergency.

Asset Protection

Employers can set up a safety zone for their mobile workforce using geofencing apps. An alert will go off to let you or any other designated person know if any of your employees or assets leave or enter a predetermined boundary. 

When workers are delivering delicate equipment, working in hazardous environments, or transporting materials outside of regular business hours, this might be useful. 

You can be sure that you will be notified in the event of an emergency outside of normal business hours by setting up geofences around these areas and instructing your app where to send alerts.

Customer Service

Businesses can guarantee customer satisfaction by using geofencing technology to send their customers notifications that are timely, relevant, and contextual. 

Customers could receive push notifications, for instance, when they are close to a pizza restaurant using a geofence around the establishment. The customer would then be able to find out when their pizza is prepared for pickup.

Businesses can also follow the whereabouts of their clients by using geofences. To determine which areas of the store are most frequently visited by customers, a clothing store might, for instance, use geolocation tracking. By placing popular items there, the layout of the store could be improved using this data.

Advertising and Marketing

Geofencing technology can be applied in a variety of marketing and advertising campaigns. Businesses can, for instance, focus on people who are close to their store or office as potential customers. To achieve this, send coupons or exclusive offers to those customers' mobile devices. 

Additionally, potential customers' movements can be tracked using geofencing to better understand their purchasing patterns and target them with more pertinent marketing materials. Last but not least, companies can use geofencing to track the movements of rivals and spot potential encroachments.

Tourist Attraction Management

By enabling administrators to create boundaries around points of interest, geofence time-tracking apps can aid in managing tourist attractions. The app will notify managers when users enter or leave the specified area once these boundaries have been established. 

This enables the management of tourist attractions to be done more effectively and efficiently. In addition, geofence apps can be used to monitor individual user movements within a defined area, which is helpful for crowd management and security.

Traffic Management

Field employee tracking tools, which are typically used for marketing or advertising purposes, use the location of a user's device to create a virtual boundary around an area. However, geofencing applications could also be used for traffic control.

For instance, if a city made a geofence app that alerted drivers when they entered or left a specific area (like a congested zone), this could aid in enhancing traffic flow. Furthermore, if cities collaborate with the car- or ride-sharing companies, the geofence app could point drivers to the closest parking space or loading zone.

Event Planning

Creating virtual boundaries around the venue using geofence apps is a valuable event management tool. To keep tabs on attendees' arrival and movement around the venue, event planners can use geofencing. Based on where visitors are located within the event space, you can also send them targeted information and advertisements.

Event planners can enhance the visitor experience by using geofencing, which can offer insightful data on crowd behavior. Sending out instant notifications if any visitors enter prohibited areas, can also aid in reducing security risks.

Notifications of Early Arrivals/Late Arrivals

With the aid of field employee monitoring software, geofencing can be utilized to create alerts for when employees enter or exit a specific area. This can help monitor an employee's whereabouts while on the clock or make sure they arrive on time for their shifts. 

By setting up a geofence around the workplace, employers can receive a notification if an employee arrives late or departs early. Using this information, appropriate disciplinary measures can then be taken, such as giving the employee a warning or terminating their employment.

Geofencing can also be used to keep an eye on worker efficiency and adherence to company rules. For instance, if an employee is supposed to be working in one location but frequently leaves that location during business hours, it could be a sign of subpar performance or rule-breaking behavior. 

In this situation, the employer could use geofencing to follow the employee's whereabouts and look into the matter.


It is very challenging to keep track of who was where and what was done with field services teams. Even more challenging is continuing a line of dialogue and openness with your clients and customers.

Keeping lines of communication open and informing your clients and customers frequently can also help to ensure that a project runs smoothly and that you are providing the high level of customer service you demand.

Are you looking for a top-rated field employee monitoring software that offers geofencing features?

TrackOlap is here. A feature-rich field employee monitoring app to help you cultivate a natural sense of trust and loyalty with your customers, depending on the degree of transparency you want to have with them.


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