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How Employee Time Tracking Software Will Align your Different Teams?

How Employee Time Tracking Software Will Align your Different Teams?

When you are running a progressive firm to provide the best quality services to your customers, then you can’t achieve excellence with a handful of competent employees. No – to scale up your business operations, you have to set a full team of skillful employees.

From field workers to in house staff, you need to set up different teams in your company so that all the company’s operations won’t clash together. However, to establish a different team in your company based on their operations like sales, purchase or finance – you have to face one new problem ahead of you -


Yep, if you have a large employee base scattered among different teams, then how will you individually monitor and control their performance. Now, you can’t hop from one department to another to evaluate the performance of individual employees – you won’t be able to get done anything.

Thus, to keep a timely record of your every employee’s performance irrespective of different teams, you have to use employee time tracking software. With the best employee time tracking software like TrackOlap, you can monitor the desktop of your employees and effectively establish control over their activities. What, when, and how your employees are working will be presented to you in an automated Excel report by employee tracking software.

How Can Employee Tracking Tool Align Different Teams?

According to scale and the operations, every business organization has different internal teams like HR, finance, customer service, and so on. When the nature of all the teams is different, then establishing a centralized control won’t be useful. Thus, individual performance assessment of employees is an effective solution. And, when you have the support of the employee tracking software, then this becomes easier.

In a regular business firm, there are three main types of teams are working - in house staff, office staff, and telephone staff. These three teams are today present in all the business organizations irrespective of their size. So, when you want your field sales employee and in house sales employees to work together, then you have to monitor whether their workflow is aligned together or not. With the one employee time tracking software, the strong grip on your employees can be established.

1. Field Employees

Field teams are the most integrated part of a business organization. They might not be physically present in the office, but they are constantly working to achieve business goals. From following the prospective leads to running important errands, field workers have a great work cut out for them.

However, when you can’t see the performance of your field employees with your own eyes, then you can’t fathom whether they are working as per the given agenda or not. Thus, it is essential for management to use the time clock app with GPS to record minute progress of their field workers. Now, with the effective desktop tracking system, you can monitor numerous activities of your field workers such as –

  • Mobile Attendance – If you install the mobile version of the best employee time tracking software into the smartphones of your field employees, then they can punch in their attendance from anywhere. When they mark their attendance using the app, then their working hours will automatically start recording. Thus, whenever your field workers take breaks or deliberately waste their work time, then the software will automatically record it and generate an attendance report of an individual employee to evaluate.

  • Live Tracking – If you want your employee to attend a meeting at a fixed time, but you can’t contact the employee to confirm whether he or she has left for the meeting or not. Then, you can use the time clock app with GPS to track the location of your employee and check whether the employee has left for the meeting on time or not. If you find that the employee hasn’t attended a meeting on time, then you can issue them warning using the same app.

  • Leave Management – It is a huge trouble for field workers to visit the office every time when they have to apply for a leave. Thus, if you provide a tracking tool to your employees, then they can easily check the company’s leave policies and apply for the leave with one tap after checking the status of remaining paid leaves. Expense Management – Similarly, like leave management, your employees can send expense requests to the concerned finance department with just one click. Moreover, they can check the status of their approved and unapproved expense claims through a mobile tracking app as well.

  • Task management – From allotting tasks to examining the performance of your field employees, everything is possible with the tracking app. Plus, if your employees require any assistance from you or they are stuck somewhere, then they can take a screenshot of the particular task and immediately share with their seniors to get help from them.

2. Office Employees

Office employees or desk employees are those who work inside the confined environment of office under your strict guidelines. The office employees have to coordinate with field workers and clients to achieve the given target of the company. They have to provide timely input to the field workers so that they can immediately take action. Moreover, some departments like HR, finance, and other employees have to work from their desktop to work efficiently. But, once again you can’t watch your all office employees like a hawk as you have other hundred things to do of your own.

Thus, the employee hours tracker app can surely benefit you to keep a record of your office employees performance such as –

  • Desktop Based Attendance – To maintain the proper attendance record of your office employees, you have to record their correct attendance data. Now, manually it isn’t possible to record attendance of your entire office at one time. Thus, when you have installed customized employee tracking software on the company’s computer, then whenever an employee “on” his computer – attendance will be automatically punched in. The manual attendance system can be completely eliminated this way.

  • Screenshots – Employees can take screenshots of their desktop screen and share with their seniors with one click. This way employees can themselves analyze their performance and take actions to improve their productivity. Or, management can guide employees regarding their performance and provide constructive feedback to improve it.

  • Total Idle Time Management – When you have hired competent people to work for you, then you expect them to deliver 100% results during the working hours. But, if employees are using their working time to play games online or shopping online, then it is a wastage of your resources. So, if you use an employee hours tracker, then you can find out when your employees are wasting their time.

  • Total Productive Time – Some employees are highly competent and they don’t hesitate to push their boundaries to achieve high productivity. And, this kind of employee deserves an appreciation from the company. Thus, when you have real-time productivity data of the individual employee, then you can easily appreciate the highly competent employees.

  • Total Time Spent – Today, social media apps and productivity tools, both are installed on the desktop of employees. Now, you can’t manually check for how long your employees have been using a certain app on their computer. But, when a detailed report has been generated by software on how much time your employees have spent on which app, then you can easily check whether your employees are wasting time on social media apps or they have been actually being productive.

3. Telephone Employees

In modern workplaces, the telephone employee's team is one of the important parts. From making calls to potential clients, addressing questions of customers, providing information to new clients on the telephone to communicating with other employees – all the communication work is handled by them. But, the million-dollar question is how can you know when employees are on official call or personal call. Tracking software can help in this –

  • Timely Attendance – These types of employees sometimes have to work from the field as well. So, the option of desktop attendance and mobile attendance both are highly useful for telephone service providing employees.

  • Calling Numbers – The software will maintain the proper call log with the information of all the numbers dialed or received by the employees. This will help you in checking whether employees are making official calls or personal calls during the working hours.

  • Duration of Calls – The duration of calls help management in understanding how many hours an employee averagely spend on addressing queries of their customers. If employees don’t have sufficient call duration, then it indicates that they aren’t addressing queries of their customers properly.

  • Number of Calls – The data of the number of calls daily made by an employee is properly maintained. This data will show the productivity of telecommunication employees as management can compare data of calls with the number of leads generated. It will help management to understand how many calls an employee has to make daily to generate a lead.

  • Call Log – All the calls are recorded by the software so that management can analyze the behavior of employees during the calls. The call logs can be used by field and office employees to further interact with their clients.


It doesn’t matter whether you have field workers, in house employees, or telecommunication staff working in your firm, you can completely channelize your team with the touch of employee time tracking software. When you have a proper tool to analyze idle time, work hours, leave applications, and other daily activities of your employees, then you can guide your team to be more proactive and effective.

If you want to get the best employee time tracking software immediately to improve your workflow, then call TrackOlap to get a demo today.


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