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How Employee Time Tracking Software can help managers set realistic Business Goals

How Employee Time Tracking Software can help managers set realistic Business Goals

As remote or hybrid work is becoming the new normal, managing remote teams and tracking their work efficiency and productivity has become more important for managers. Fortunately, one tool that cuts the complex procedures for team leaders is employee time tracking software . TrackOlap assists managers in monitoring remote team’s activities during working hours, tracking overall progress, and accordingly aids in setting realistic goals for each employee. 

With advanced algorithms and machine learning, remote workforce management software offers valuable insights into how employees are spending their time, managers can analyze varied factors through customized reports on the employees facing challenges to complete tasks, and where bottlenecks are occurring. 

TrackOlap’s employee productivity tracker is not just a simple clock-in or clock-out tool, but a centralized software to aid managers in making data-driven decisions to improve their team’s workflow procedures. In addition, you can set realistic goals for breaking down the tasks into simple steps to motivate them to complete targets effectively. In this blog, we will explore more features of employee time-tracking software to help team leaders optimize workflow easily. 

How can Team Leaders benefit from employee time-tracking software?

Utilizing accurate real-time data, managers can identify potential bottlenecks and set clear objectives to achieve business goals in a streamlined process. If you are wondering what this process looks like? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Set realistic expectations

Consider communicating with your team by highlighting the importance of your project and business goals. Based on your team’s strength, set clear and realistic deadlines with the guidelines to be followed. You can analyze each employee's strengths, and weaknesses through employee efficiency software by the time they take to complete each task .

Evaluate real-time Data

Regularly review data to recognize the productivity pattern of your team, and analyze where exactly each employee spends their time effectively. You can utilize the analytic dashboard of the employee productivity tracker to make informed decisions and take suitable actions at the right time to avoid any unwanted disturbances in the team.

Align your project plan

If your team takes longer to complete a specific task, then you need to adjust your project plans accordingly. Based on the performance of your team, managers have an insight to set ideal deadlines to ensure work gets done serenely. In addition, employee time tracking software helps managers maintain accurate schedules with real-time data and access to monitor each activity. 

Consider the top 7 factors of Employee productivity software to set realistic goals

Managers need to keep track of the employee’s activities to allocate workflows and project tasks effectively. TrackOlap employee time tracking software offers detailed reports to improve productivity, workflow efficiency and identify areas for improvements. We are listing a few factors that will help all team leaders manage their projects and set ideal goals to maximize work efficiency. 

1. Focus on important tasks with employee performance

When team leaders utilize employee efficiency software smartly, employees are encouraged to stay focused, manage their time accurately, and reduce distractions. This will lead to enhanced employee performance, as when employees are aware that they are being monitored, they stay accountable for their work, and focus on weak points via valuable feedback and guidance by their managers. 

Impactful tips to improve your employee’s performance

Encourage your team to track their time per task persistently. This will help your team understand the average time taken to complete a project, leading to self-improvement. 

Evaluate real-time data to identify the task that consumes more time or more distractions via checking idle time. Based on data, motivate your remote employees to optimize their workflow

Offer a few resources or tools to simplify their work, or schedule a timely training session to upscale their skills. 

2. Maintain clear communication with your employees

Time tracking fosters frequent check-ins, discussions about tasks, and constructive regular feedback. Through remote workforce management software, team leaders can check on the task their team is working on, and assist them when required to ensure all the employees are on the right track. 

In addition, TrackOlap provides centralized computer applications to seamlessly connect with hybrid or remote teams ensuring clear communication. 

Actionable tips to maintain effective communication with employees

Schedule regular check-in meetings with your team to discuss real-time data inputs, and support each employee with valuable feedback and assistance to push them towards their potential.

Build a trustable work environment, wherein employees feel comfortable discussing their challenges and suggestions for the project. 

Schedule regular training sessions to make sure your team stays updated with industry trends, and keep room for comfortable space for sharing perspective, ideas, and more. 

3. Strategize simplified team management

Remote team management software offers insights on how employees utilize their time amid the working hours, it becomes easy for managers to monitor work, set ideal objectives and balance overall workloads. 

By analyzing how employees spend their time per task, managers get an insight on how to allocate resources accordingly and maintain effective workflow in the team to acquire targets. 

Additional tips to prioritize team management effectively

Start with installing employee idle time tracking software , integrating with your business goals. Automatic activity updates of employees will assist you to understand the productivity level of your team, and optimize the task allocation process. 

As per the time tracking data, re-adjust your goals and conduct one-on-one meetings with your employees to understand the gap between performance downside and encourage them to deliver improved inputs to meet with the team’s goals.

4. Align Business goals with real-time tracking data

Whether you are considering launching a new product, expanding the team, or maximizing the productivity levels of your current team, you need insights into previous workflows. Before you set your next goals, consider data-driven reports through employee time-tracking software. 

An overview of resource allocation, workflow optimization, project timelines, and the previous month’s employee performance will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team. 

Actionable tips to align business goals with real-time tracking data

Gather regular data from the employee productivity tracker, and look for your employee's drawback points or overall workflow patterns like when they are most productive, or which task consumes more time. Accordingly, you can allocate your employees specific project work. 

Utilize real-time tracking data to understand the reasons for incomplete tasks, based on these data re-align your goals and set realistic deadlines.

5. Keep transparency in your workflow

Maintaining transparency with your team is important. Employee efficiency software helps managers evaluate slow-down factors in the workflow, find inefficiencies, and help identify the right solution to save money and increase productivity. 

If you plan out your business goals without identifying these factors, your goals will remain unachievable as without guidance and support your remote team would find it difficult to attract results within the timeline. 

A few effective tips to maintain workflow transparency to achieve goals

Are there any stages in your workflow where tasks end up piled up? Before you move on to setting out your next goals, as a manager your priority must include addressing these issues. 

Make sure all your team members have access to real-time tracking data based on their work and performance. This will foster them for self-improvement and motivate them to bring maximum work efficiency. 

Consider allocating tasks differently based on time tracking data, if a few employees find it challenging to deliver quality work within a designated timeline. 

6. Set clear goals and objectives with an employee productivity tracker

To set ideal objectives for your remote team, consider analyzing the average time spent on the task in the previous months. This will help you understand productivity levels for various activities. 

With these valuable insights, you will have a roadmap to plan out your next objectives and goals to acquire the desired results for your business endeavors. Whether your goal is to maximize revenue, improve your services, or to retain customers, remote team management software can be your hero tool to reach towards your expected target. 

Impactful tips to align your objectives with employee efficiency software

The first step needs to be breaking down complex targets into manageable tasks, and assign specific timeline for each one. This makes employees understand their role in the project, and pushes them to self-improve every time they complete the objective. 

Make sure you review the goals and progress regularly to acquire goals in expected time. If your team fails to achieve, consider re-planning the workflow or add more team members to rhea towards your goal. 

7. Acquire your revenue goals with smart task allocation

Remote team management software anticipates areas where resources are dispersed and offers solutions to cost-saving and more. This software becomes a platform to assess the activities that are responsible for bringing revenue to your business. 

To improve operational efficiency, managers need to monitor employee’s tasks and resource allocation to ensure workflow is intact. 

Impactful tips to maximize revenue goals with real-time tracking data

Develop effective KPIs catered to the profitability of your business. Keep track of these KPIs and real-time tracking data simultaneously to ensure your team invests their time in the activities focused on direct revenue. 

Prioritize in automation of your workflow procedure, as maximum productivity is put into the right tasks. 

Wrapping Up

Employee time tracking software can assist team leaders in keeping track of the productivity levels of the team, and identify the key points leading to the gap in work efficiency and desired results. 

TrackOlap provides a simplified and centralized platform, easy to access, and designed to save the efforts of managers. You can monitor your employee's activities, evaluate the team’s performance, and foster clear communication and collaboration within the team to ensure each employee is on the same page. 

To know more about time tracking software, get in touch with us or ask for a demo session right now !


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