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How can Field Tracking Software Impact your Sales Operations?

How can Field Tracking Software Impact your Sales Operations?

In a highly competitive landscape, sales teams are often under pressure to leverage evolving market trends and meet customers' expectations and needs. However, streamlining sales reps or making strategies count can be difficult without seamless visibility with back-and-forth reporting and follow-up. You can quickly address this concern by incorporating field tracking software into your strategy to track activities and take the right action plan in real-time. 

In addition, with the growing demand for doorstep delivery, optimized instant purchases, and remote assistance to consumers, this is the right time for companies to adopt new technologies and techniques to meet trends and stay competitive. Whether your goal is to acquire maximized lead conversions or streamline sales reps with timely delivery, you can rely on field sales rep tracking software, which aids in monitoring employees’ movements with a map view. 

In addition, optimizing sales operations through sales employee automation software isn't only about tracking the team’s movements but also about maintaining transparency with the employees and ensuring the efficiency of sales reps in acquiring and maximizing targets seamlessly. 

Sounds interesting? In this blog, we will explore essential aspects highlighting importance and ways to enhance effectiveness of sales operations through a centralized live tracking system for employees

How can a Field Tracking System Help in Driving Better Results?

A field tracking system can help businesses transform their sales operations and drive better outcomes by focusing on improving efficiency, productivity, and sales performance. Let us explore ways a field sales rep tracking software can significantly drive results. 

Focus on Quality Leads: A live tracking system for employees aids in identifying and prioritizing leads based on a few metrics which allows sales teams to focus on [promising leads for acquiring better conversion rates. 

Gain Customer Insights: Sales employee automation software offers a complete overview of the history of customer activity and aids in determining consumer needs, buying patterns, and preferences, which results in building effective sales strategies to achieve maximized customer satisfaction. 

Live Tracking: Continuously tracking activities enables managers to compare sales efforts with conversion rates immediately. This aids in identifying emerging issues and taking the right actions at the right time to prioritize achieving better sales performance. 

Enhance Sales Efficiency: Understanding the overall time spent to complete specific sales reps aids managers in identifying the efficiency levels of every employee. Also, by accessing these insights companies can provide constructive feedback to the team for improvement or re-allocate their strategies with resource allocation. 

Streamlined Task Allocation Process: A sales employee automation software optimizes the task allocation process by delegating accurate tasks to the right employee, reducing confusion and work stress, and ensuring that specific tasks are completed on time and with transparency. Managers can also pre-schedule these tasks to manage sales operations seamlessly. 

Improves Cross-functional Team Collaboration: Through live tracking solutions, companies can foster seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams with robust features such as real-time communication to discuss inconveniences, file sharing, details of task assignments, and more. This aids in boosting work efficiency and coordination. 

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Benefits of Incorporating Field Tracking Software into Sales Reps

TrackOlap’s field tracking software enables organizations to follow a goal-oriented approach to streamline sales reps and achieve specific targets through unique features. In addition, with continuous tracking, this software helps sales managers access insights in real-time and enhance decision-making for various aspects. Let us explore a few perks of live tracking for sales operations. 

1. Streamlined Sales Activity Status

Field sales rep tracking software autonomously updates the employees' activities and overall sales operations in a centralized dashboard. With instant updates, sales managers can quickly understand progress on each task, measure effectiveness, and identify drawbacks to ensure targets are met efficiently. 

Instant Task Alerts: A sales employee automation software sends essential information to team members and notifies managers whenever an employee begins completing a task or if inaccuracy occurs. 

Insights into Target vs. Achieved Aspects: Accessing reports based on targets vs achievement per employee aids managers in measuring employees’ efficiency and evaluating the operations' effectiveness. Additionally, these insights assist in making informed decisions when assigning tasks and responsibilities to the employees, planning monthly sales targets, and more. 

Analytic Central Dashboard: Sales managers can quickly glance at diverse field activities and overall team performance through the centralized dashboard offered by field tracking software. It entails specific metrics and charts and simplifies analyzing factors from attendance, sales reps' efficiency, and task completion status to expense management. 

2. Fosters Simplifying Decision-Making

Field sales managers can seamlessly evaluate data such as total distance traveled, fuel usage, task progress, the effectiveness of sales strategies, and more. These data-driven, accurate reports make making informed decisions at the right time more accessible and make enhancing sales operations with the right resources manageable. 

Distance Traveled-based Reports: Field managers often trace employees' paths to understand their traveling distances and reimbursement aspects. However, managing this aspect through traditional methods becomes chaotic, whereas a live tracking solution enables companies to gain real-time visibility and simplifies evaluating the employees' on-ground movement. 

Employee Efficiency Reports: Data-driven offers sales reps a clear picture of sales activities and efficiency. Furthermore, it allows improved resource utilization and makes intelligent decisions to optimize sales procedures. 

Assist in Pre-scheduling Sales Activities

While you continue monitoring sales activities, managers can easily schedule upcoming sales targets to streamline sales operations through a live tracking system for employees. Implementing this approach enables sales managers to simplify resource allocation effectively. 

Access Previous Reports: Based on the targets achieved in the previous month or week, you can consider scheduling sales targets and overall workflow in advance through field tracking software. Consider identifying loopholes, strengths, and weaknesses in the sales performance in the previous cycle. This helps address specific issues, drive better sales, retain customers, and streamline sales operations without stress. 

Intuitive Route Planning: Managing fleets can be complex; hence, you can use field sales rep tracking software to select ideal routes for your employees. This will ensure delivery in minimal time, ensure employee safety and compliance, and make monitoring their movements easier through geofence features. Based on such updates, updating customers is made convenient. 

How to Improve Sales Operations via Field Tracking Software

A field sales rep tracking software offers a range of benefits to organizations. By leveraging its features like seamless visibility, distance tracking, route optimization, lead management , and more, revolutionizing sales reps is probable now. Sounds interesting? Let us explore a few impactful strategies focused on driving better growth over time.

1. Define Measurable Sales Driven Goals

Before streamlining sales operations, you must define your goal. Do you want to drive more sales, improve lead conversion rates, enhance brand image, or boost customer retention rates? Based on the insights of previous sales cycle, consider building specific goals and strategies by including:

Specific: Your sales goals must be clear, concise, and easy to track. For instance, we will boost sales by 30% instead of increasing sales.

Measurable: You must know how you want to measure sales goals. For example, boosting sales by 30% is measurable. However, making customers happier is not measurable, as there isn't an exact metric to gauge happiness.

Attainable: Your sales goals must challenge your employees without pushing too hard. This will help improve their morale and encourage them to achieve better results. 

Relevant: Every sales goal you set must align with your company’s objectives. For example, seeking to increase upsell opportunities by 15% is good, but only when upsell opportunities bring tremendous value to your company. 

Time-bound: Lastly, your gols must have specific deadlines. For instance, you must define a goal like - we will boost sales by 30% in the next six months. If your goal isn't time-bound, the sales rep may be ineffective without any target. 

2. Streamline Sales Procedure

After setting clear goals, the next step includes defining the sales procedure. This procedure aids in meeting your overall objectives and makes the journey of driving optimal results complex-free. 

When your field employees know what needs to be done for each rep, they are more likely to stay efficient. As a manager, it is your job to build impactful sales strategies, utilize accurate resources, train employees for every situation, optimize the entire workflow to enhance timely delivery and acquire better sales. 

So focus on your target audience, and what would make them like your offerings? Based on these insights, set effective strategies to convert quality leads effortlessly. 

3. Track the Action Plan

Once your strategy is ready, consider automating the resource allocation process through reports of live tracking solutions. Here is how you can monitor the effectiveness of your sales strategy:

Tracking Sales Activities: Track varied employee movements and locations to identify opportunities and inaccuracies and evaluate sales performance.

Identify Opportunities: Look for hidden details. Through insightful reports and collaboration with field employees, identify potential sales opportunities for further cycles.

Collaborate with Other Teams: Regularly coordinate with other teams and educate field sales employees with accurate data, lead or customer insights, and route details to simplify their tasks. 

Optimize Sales Operations with TrackOlap’s Features

Focusing on streamlining sales operations through field tracking software can drive profitability, improve customer satisfaction, attract more sales, and simplify workflow. From automating attendance records, optimizing routes, GPS tracking, and prioritizing quality leads to accessing customers and other insights, this software helps transform sales reps effectively. 

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