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What Is Mobile CRM -Everything to Know About Mobile CRM

What Is Mobile CRM -Everything to Know About Mobile CRM

What is Mobile CRM?

A Mobile CRM is a system quite similar to your desktop software, but besides the traditional functions, the mobile CRM offers some additional benefits to the field workers and managers to track down their every move. The best mobile CRM app facilitates field sales forces to perform all the CRM functions while moving without any restriction. It also empowers field workers to send or receive live lead insights and plan their schedule in a better manner.

Mobile CRM apps are the third eye of the managers and keep them informed about all the activities performed by field sales reps remotely. The perfect mobile version of Sales CRM software has all the features to take your business to the new heights of excellence. Mobile CRM features are packed with numerous functions that help in easing the workflow for managers and field employees. The best mobile CRM apps like [TrackOlap]( are powered with features like geotracking, route planning, communication channel and so much more.

Mobile CRM vs Traditional CRM – Which is Better

If you are already using traditional desktop CRM in your office and assuming it is sufficient for your business growth, then you need to briefly understand what mobile CRM offers more than your traditional CRM.

Reactive vs Proactive

Traditional CRM software was first introduced in the 90’s and since then it has been based on data-oriented solutions only. The data solution helps a lot of businesses in tracking the progress and success of the sales of marketing campaigns. Managers can use data to make modifications in the field forces. However, data is very important for business, but mobile marketing CRM isn’t the only feature of the software. This makes the solutions more reactive rather than proactive.

Thus, mobile CRM intervention becomes necessary here as it will represent statistics and charts. This will proactively guide users towards guidance and direction to achieve the solution. Moreover, the sales rep requires a mobile app that eases out a workflow for them, not over complicate it. When the right software is utilized by the businesses, then it will bring ease in the daily operations and provide proactive assistance to perform daily activities.

Real-time vs Batch Processing

Daily, a business organization has to align so many operations and ensure that all the operations are running smoothly. From meeting clients, scheduling purchase orders, preparing sales pitches to order merchandise – workload of a business organization is very overwhelming. So, here businesses seek the help of the software that can make the workflow a simpler process and helps in maintaining the fieldwork.

The traditional CRM software offers a series of data to the managers to make dynamic business decisions based on the chronological data derived from a location or other strategies. But, this is old data on which managers work to find solutions. Now, here, businesses fail to solve the current problems in the hands of field workers. And, mobile CRM eliminates that problem by offering real-time status to managers so they can assist field reps in real-time.

Long-Lasting vs Short Term

Software development technology is booming with the rapid increase in its demand. Today, young entrepreneurs are trusting software to help them out a lot. Thus, businesses want a Employee Time Tracking Software that can be beneficial for their entire operations rather than focusing on one part of the company. Undoubtedly, traditional CRM has been popular in the beginning, but they fail to meet the ever-changing curve of the business landscape. That’s why businesses are ditching the one-sided and reactive CRM software and adopting mobile CRM solutions.

Mobile CRM focuses on simplifying field operations such as purchasing, merchandising, and client sales. It offers quick solutions to the sales reps by providing cloud technology in their hands that enables them to retrieve any document, photo or file in real-time. It also ables field workers to look at the notes shared by their coworkers or superiors on the clients. This helps them in fully preparing themselves before meeting a new client. This tool is powered by numerous digital management features such as they can get the digital signature of the client after completion of the job or can take a picture to get the approval of the sale.
Mobile CRM Features

The best mobile CRM app is loaded with features. The reach of mobile CRM software goes beyond the reach of data tracking and syncing. It is a great way of managing your business as it’s loaded with plenty of effective solutions.

Synchronized Workflow

When a mobile CRM app is installed on the mobile devices of all the sales reps, then the work synchronization became a lot easier. The managers can share the calendar with all the field workers with daily or weekly schedules. Workers can follow the schedule and perform their tasks on time. However, if managers found field employees showing latency in job completion, then you can send reminders to them. With the syncing feature, back office and field workers always stay connected and work allotment becomes a simpler and effective process.

Updating Lead

The mobile marketing CRM app can keep your team one step ahead of warm leads. Whenever managers find a lucrative opportunity, then they can quickly contact the field sales reps from the database and check the schedule and location of all the employees. With the location and schedule data, management can easily appoint the nearest located sales rep to follow the lead and turn it into the potential client. Additionally, management can forward all the lead’s details to the rep so that he or she can prepare a customized sales pitch based on real-time information.

Generate Report

Evaluating the performance report of individual field employees can be a tough task as managers don’t foresee the performance of field workers physically. Thus, the generation of performance report solemnly based on past data isn’t good enough idea for the company and employees both. But, with the automatic report generation feature of the mobile CRM, there’s no issue in creating performance reports.

When all the data is shared and received through a single platform, then the app can easily process the data and generate a performance report. The app can generate daily, weekly or monthly performance reports. So, managers just have to tap a few keys and they will get real-time performance reports of their employees to make effective decisions.

Building a Team Culture

For field workers, it is impossible to be part of the team when they hardly spent any time with their colleagues. They are always away from the office, thus they lose touch with the company and their coworkers. And, they start to feel more detached towards the company and their core operation. However, with the constant touch of mobile CRM, field workers can always stay in touch with their colleagues and managers. They feel more involved in the work process when they are communicated frequently by the back office. It helps in retaining the customers as well.

Save up Time

Field workers a lot of time can be saved with time management. Using mobile CRM, managers can send a route map to the field officers and ensure that they are following the route on the map. Moreover, when management finds that the employee has taken the long route, then the app will automatically send the alert. Apart from that whether field employees have to send a leave request or send an expense claim to the financial department, they can do everything by using the mobile CRM app without visiting the office.

Improved Customer Relationship Quality

By having access to extensive and up-to-date information, sales representatives can better meet the expectations of their customers, which puts them in a better position to drive sales (cross-selling/upselling). Turnover can increase by 5 to 10%. Moreover, real-time feedback can be retrieved from the customers and shared among seniors to make effective decisions based on customer data. A customer relationship is the foundation of the sales department and with the mobile CRM app – it can be amplified a lot.

Enhanced Productivity

When managers know what, when and where their field employees are, then they can work better on improving their productivity. With real-time geotagged feedback from customers and the automated performance reports, managers can understand the productivity level of all the employees and set the accountability of employees. Moreover, management can raise a ticket to the underperforming employees through the app and demand them to improve their productivity. Similarly, managers can reward the employees who showed optimum level growth in the last few months.

Mobile CRM – A Future of Business

After carefully understanding the comparison of mobile CRM vs traditional CRM and bubbling mobile CRM features, it can be gracefully concluded that mobile CRM is the future of the business industry. Thus, if you want to improve the efficiency of your field sales workers and create a productivity environment in your organization, then you should get a mobile CRM setup definitely. This one tool can help you in achieving your numerous business goals overnight.

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