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A Comprehensive Roadmap to Location Intelligence & Automating Sales Operations

A Comprehensive Roadmap to Location Intelligence & Automating Sales Operations

According to research, businesses spend 5 times more to acquire new customers or to make sales operations effective. This is why it is important to ensure your sales workflow is optimized and enhance efficiency with the field workforce. It's time to revolutionize your approach to managing sales reps and tap on the opportunities at the right time. How? By tracking sales force in real-time, using field sales automation solution.

Sales executives can leverage location intelligence-based tools or Geofencing solutions to optimize sales operations, gain insights into sales reps' progress, and consider maximizing the team's output by extracting details like customer needs and market trends and streamlining routes for added efficiency. 

In addition, by implementing field force automation software, businesses can make better decisions related to sales targets and objectives, stay ahead of the competition, maximize efficiency, and bridge the gap between missed sales opportunities and cluttered sales operations to achieve more targets seamlessly. 

Sounds interesting? In this blog, we will explore more about location intelligence and how field sales tracking software can maximize efficiency and profit for sales reps. 

What is Location Intelligence? And How Can Businesses Implement in Sales Operations?

Location Intelligence is yet another term for a live field force tracking tool , which utilizes GPS features to extract insights on sales reps and the status of employee efficiency. In short, by accessing field sales operation software, businesses can analyze varied factors through reports using geofence-based tools, determine factors like loopholes in sales operations market trends, identify missed opportunities, and more. 

In addition, location intelligence can be utilized to streamline sales performance, define location boundaries to make sure field employees achieve targets seamlessly, improve resource allocation management, identify new leads through field sales automation solutions, and prioritize quality leads and sales opportunities. 

Location intelligence or field sales operation software's data-driven analytics helps managers answer a few questions to plan sales operations seamlessly. Questions include:

Where to sell the products?

Which areas to focus on?

How do we optimize routes for sales reps?

This approach allows businesses to take the right actions at the right time, reduce sales journeys with automated operations, and acquire better leads in minimal time. 

Why Do You Need a Field Sales Tracking Platform?

Utilizing robust solutions like field force automation software can help you bridge the gap in your sales operations, identify errors in real-time, and access insights seamlessly, which may take the time or feel daunting while using traditional sales tracking methods. Let us explore a few factors that location intelligence solutions assist you to tap on under one click. 

1. Recognizing Missed Sales Opportunities

Without an optimized sales workflow, your field force team would find it difficult to monitor leads, follow up with potential leads at the right time, and achieve sales targets efficiently. This often leads to missed sales opportunities. 

Whereas a field sales tracking tool aids in accessing insights on inventory data, prioritizing quality leads, and revolving sales reps accordingly. When your sales employees have the right information at the right time, they can upsell or cross-sell products to potential leads to avoid missing out on sales opportunities. 

2. Evaluate Sales Performance At Your Fingertips

Whether you want to compare the revenue generated through sales and lead generation in the previous 3 months or determine efficiency in the field force's performance, TrackOlap's live tracking tool enables managers to identify and highlight areas of improvements, re-adjust the sales strategies and optimize resource allocation based on the sales team's performance.

Maintaining or accessing databases for sales outcomes feels time-consuming and frustrating when you utilize traditional methods. However, a location intelligence solution or field sales tracking system simplifies the process by offering details under one dashboard and the capability of segregating reports based on specific reports within a few clicks to save your time for analytics and decision-making. 

3. Real-Time Insights on Sales Activities

Get rid of constant follow-ups with your field force and instead access insights on how many potential leads your team targeted, the average time taken by each employee to complete a certain task, tracking vehicle movements to ensure safety compliance, tracking idle time or total breaks obtained by your team members, and more. 

A GPS tracking system helps managers understand the workflow pattern and shift their strategies based on the hurdles faced by the sales team in the previous week or month. By accessing real-time insights, sales executives would determine the exact reason for missed opportunities, sudden drops in efficiency, and unachieved sales targets. 

4. Enhance Sales and Marketing Strategies with Valuable Insights

By accessing field force automation software, businesses can benefit from varied aspects like reduced sales operational costs, automation of tedious and repetitive sales activities, improvement of lead management procedures, and more. 

Managers can consider automating administrative tasks, saving time and cost by eliminating repetitive tasks, and focusing on sales activities that have the potential to bring better revenue. In addition, with precision insights, businesses can manage, prioritize, and enhance lead conversion solutions. 

Lastly, acquiring these insights and building detailed reports isn't a big task with TrackOlap . Managers can measure average conversions per month, the sales team's performance, progress with sales targets, and the source for leads, as well as identify better opportunities and repeat errors in the current workflow. 

How to Optimize Sales Operations With Field Sales Automation Solution?

Optimizing sales operations isn't a daunting task anymore! Bridge the gap between inaccuracies in your sales workflow and common patterns for unachieved targets through the data-driven reports of the Sales automation tool. Here are a few factors that will enhance your outcomes with streamlined strategies. 

1. GPS Route Optimization

Based on the insights from the previous month's reports, consider targeting areas with better potential to acquire leads. Optimize resource allocation revolving around these territories. This approach aids the field force in maximizing efficiency and traveling to areas with high sales potential. 

In addition, seamless communication and sharing insights through a centralized platform make it easier for managers to handle urgency or re-align location whenever required without having to manually contact every employee. 

2. Streamlined Task Scheduling

Managers can save time by using a pre-scheduling method. You don't need to manually allocate tasks for sales employees every morning; instead, choose to pre-schedule the task allocation process at your convenience. It can be two days prior or even a week. 

Due to delays and inefficiency in the scheduling process, you may find delayed delays or unachieved targets. Employees may not completely utilize their working hours to target potential leads, which may lead to maximum missed sales opportunities. 

3. Acquire Sales in a Minimal Time

By tracking employee's activities on the field, prioritizing leads status, and automating a few tasks that consume more time with repetitive manual tasks will give you more time to enhance your strategy to enhance sales outcomes. 

Nurture your leads, follow up with them using personalized communication, irrespective of which stage your lead is in, and make sure through effective marketing efforts, every lead receives equal attention to encourage them to consider your product or services. 

While handling all these sales and lead management activities may seem time-consuming, thanks to field sales automation solutions, all these activities can be managed under one platform. 

4. Focus on Effective Sales Planning

To optimize sales operations, managers need reliable data on varied factors to identify potential opportunities, determine market trends, customer demographics, needs, and expectations, and align the sales workflow with marketing campaigns. 

Sounds like a hectic job? Well, not anymore! Using TrackOlap's solutions, you can track varied sales activities through location intelligence or geofencing features with map overview, get insightful reports, and more. 

Leveraging all these factors will assist you in enhancing your sales strategies and pinpointing areas with high revenue potential that might be missed due to a lack of visibility into the sales ops. 

Transform Sales Reps with TrackOlap's Solutions

Optimizing routes, consistently tracking sales activities, prioritizing high-quality leads, accurately allocating resources, and measuring results through data-driven reports can help you identify certain opportunities, which can turn out to be a detailed roadmap to your sales operation's success. 

Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about how field sales automation solutions work. Or ask for a free demo today !


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