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How to Increase Sales For Your Business In 2022 ?

How to Increase Sales For Your Business In 2022 ?

Do you want to boost your sales in 2022?

 Of course!  

Then, TrackOlap can help you generate high-value leads, nurture them, and convert them into your paying customers. We have fully automated all the sales processes to shorten a lead generation cycle. 

Using the TrackOlap toolkit, companies can hire competent sales agents, monitor their performance, and help them convert more leads. Really? 

If you have any doubts, scroll down to see how TrackOlap suits can amplify your sales in 2022. 

Hire Competent Sales Representatives

Sales is a human process. No matter how many tools or techniques you use, a competent sales agent can fully change the game. Therefore, the first step in improving your sales is hiring the right workforce. 

Hiring has become a lot harder lately. Due to the pandemic, virtual recruitment and onboarding have become common. But this doesn't mean virtual hiring is easy. Lack of physical connection has made it complicated to hire competent sales reps. 

But you don't have to worry about it. A TrackOlap team has developed the Best HR management software for Indian and internation al firms. In addition, our HR management software is designed to support virtual and offline recruitment processes. 

Recruiters can maintain potential candidates' logs, schedule interviews, and assign training tasks through the centralized dashboard. In addition, HR management software helps you generate insightful reports. That helps you hire the right candidates at the end of the probation period. 

Smoothly Manage Field Sales Activities

As we all know, salespeople must often work in the field to meet new clients, address customer queries, etc. Thus, it is a bit challenging for managers to monitor the productivity of sales reps when they are on the field. For example, they have no way to determine whether sales reps had attended the meeting on time or were customers satisfied with their performance?

But that was all in the past. Now, with TrackOlap field sales management software, managers can monitor the minute activities of their field workers. For instance— 

Live tracking. The software is enabled with GPS tracking technology. That allows you to know the real-time location of your individual sales worker on the map. 

Route mapping. Managers can use geofencing features to define a route for salespeople so they can move within the set boundary. 

● Assign tasks. The field sales management software has a built-in task allotment feature. From there, you can easily assign hot leads to sales reps who are working near the lead's location. 

Mobile friendliness. Our field sales management software can be easily downloaded on iOS and Android mobile phones. This facilitates sales agents to mark attendance and communicate with their peers with a tap. 

Insightful productivity reports. The software can generate automated performance reports of individual field workers that you can share with them. This helps field sales workers to understand their low-performance points and improve them. 

Constantly Manage Your Sales Worker, Not Micromanage

Today, if you search for "employee monitoring software" on Google, you will find plenty of options. But we can proudly say that among all the employee monitoring software available online, we are the best. Do you know why? 

Because we care for both employees and employers. We have not designed employee monitoring software that empowers employers to maximize their staff productivity. No, we have developed software that empowers employees to self-evaluate their performance and improve their efficiency equally. 

For instance, the application and website usage feature are a perfect example here. This feature allows both employees and employers to understand where they are wasting their time. This way, employers can help employees to better manage their time. 

The best thing is the software monitors employees' activities in the background. It will not disturb your employees while working. In addition, the software will generate shareable monitoring reports that employees can check to know what and when management has tracked their performance. This will help to build transparency in the organization, leading to gaining employees' trust. 

Better Customer Support

Word of mouth is one of the best lead generation strategies. When your satisfied customers rave about your services to their friends and associates, they will also be motivated to check out your services. That means you will get a well-nurtured lead on your doorsteps. 

But for that, you must first satisfy your current customers with your fast and easy customer care support, which is easier said than done. It is impossible for sales reps to manually address customer queries in real-time when you have a large customer base. 

And that's why we have developed a robust customer service management software. This software can enable sales teams to address customer queries instantly and impress them. So, they won't hesitate to share positive reviews about your service or product. 

TrackOlap customer service management software is a comprehensive platform that lets you:

● Customize workflow to resolve queries or complaints in real-time. 

● Simply add a case to the dashboard for swift management. 

● Assign the case ticket to the right person who has the capabilities to address the problem. 

● Seamless cloud calling systems to manage call logs and create cases accordingly.

● Centralized dashboard to monitor each ticket's progress and ensure queries resolve within a given timeframe. 

Focus on the Priority Tasks

All the leads present in your sales funnel are not ready to convert. Some leads are not even properly nurtured; thus, there is no purpose in sending your sales agents to chase those leads. It will only waste your sales worker's time and energy. 

Instead, you should focus on hot leads that are ready to convert. This way, you can quickly turn them into your customers. But this doesn't mean your cold leads are useless. It is just that they require more work and nurturing that will take time. 

To simplify the lead targeting process for sales reps, we have developed a project management system. This allows management to assign priority tasks to sales agents with a timeline and instructions.  

This way, managers can assign leads to agents based on their position in the sales funnel. As a result, you can improve the conversion rate in your organization. 

In addition, the project management system lets you track the progress of your individual team members in real-time. This, in return, will leverage you to ensure that your sales agents are nurturing and converting leads in the right order. 

Empower Remote Sales Process

Remote workflow is not going anywhere. In fact, with the hybrid workflow introduction, it will become more prevalent. Thus, you must empower your sales teams with appropriate tools and technologies to support remote work. 

We have launched the remote team management system to support remote sales operations. It is a comprehensive platform that allows sales agents to perform their duties remotely. Also, a powerful remote tracker is embedded in the solution that helps managers to monitor and track remote sales reps' performance in real-time. 

Here's how you can better manage your sales team using TrackOlap remote team management system:

● Set a clear communication policy. Remote management software provides dual-communication support. Sales reps and managers can communicate via a centralized dashboard. This will reduce miscommunication and latency issues in the remote environment. 

● Define expectations for remote workers. Using the software, you can build a transparent work environment by clearly stating your expectation to employees. You can add a timeline to complete a task, set priorities and mention other details to complete a project. That way, sales reps know what and when they are supposed to do. 

● Train and connect remote employees. Our remote employee management system has made it easier to provide timely training to your staff. In addition, it can help connect with remote workers, so they don't feel alone while working from home. 

● Effectively manage projects. Assigning tasks and monitoring progress with automated reports have been super simplified with the remote monitoring dashboard. You can now improve your remote team's productivity and efficiency in no time. 

Declutter Your Sales Funnel

Chaotic sales funnel with unclear goals, and lead stages will unnecessarily complicate your sales operations. Thus, get a complete lead management system that can help you: 

● Systematically organize leads 

● Assign leads to the right person 

● Manage sales pipeline 

● Set priorities straight 

As you might have guessed, we have a lead management system ready for you. Just get the powerful lead management dashboard and never miss a lead in 2022. 

Ready to Boost Your Sales in 2022? 

If you are all set to boost your sales in 2022, we are also all set to support you. As you can see, the TrackOlap team has worked hard to build a dynamic automated sales management toolkit. 

Be it a remote or in-house sales team; we can provide you with the best tools to track, monitor and analyze your sales operations. And when you have full control over your sales reps, it becomes easier to enhance their productivity. 

So, people, it is possible to boost your sales in 2022. You just need the right tools and techniques in your hand. 

To know more about the TrackOlap sales kit, call us anytime! 


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