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How Can Good Customer Service Impact your Business Success Amid the Pandemic

How Can Good Customer Service Impact your Business Success Amid the Pandemic

Being a SaaS owner, you must've already experienced the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on your business growth. As of March 2021, over 10,000 firms in India have voluntarily shut down their operations amid the pandemic.

So, things are bad right now in all the business sectors. But what's the solution?

Well, it's right in front of you — Good Customer Service.

Yes, in chase of improving product quality, marketing strategies, and sales, most businesses forget about the importance of good customer service. And that's a big mistake! According to a study, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times more compared to new customers. On top of it, acquiring a new customer is 6-7 times more expensive.
So, today, when you have a physical distance between you and your customers, Employee Time Tracking System is the best move to revive your business growth.

Don't believe it?

Then, let's scroll down and check out how does good customer service can contribute to your business success. Also, know how to set up a propelling customer service team working from home. Let's dig in.

Reasons to Invest in Remote Customer Services

Increase your revenue
Revenue is every business owner's prime target. Businesses success or failure is determined by revenue. And currently, revenue numbers aren't great. Thus, you need to align your customer service work from the home team.
That's because 84% of companies that worked to improve customer service have observed a significant increase in their revenue. While it's harder to predict how much revenue customer service can exactly boost. But if you track your revenue growth correlation to customer service, you'll definitely see a positive connection.

Build a better brand reputation

It's common knowledge that a positive reputation is equivalent to an elevated growth rate. Having a great reputation attracts more customers, employees, partners, and even investors.
Here customer service is an excellent way to build your business reputation. In fact, after a positive customer experience, 69% of people would recommend the company to others. So, today social media marketing or paid ads might be a trending reputation-building method, but nothing can beat the good-old customer experience.

Influence customer retention rate
When you are catering to all your customers' needs, why would they go anywhere else?
Most companies are so focused on acquiring new customers that they totally forget about their existing ones. And that's a mistake.

Acquiring a new customer require huge marketing and sales efforts. In contrast, retaining existing employees only required phenomenal customer support. So today, when you are already running out of resources, divert your attention to existing customers is the best solution.
Strengthen your company culture
When your company's motto is to serve people, it will also inspire your employees. The production department will support the sales department. Marketing teams will help customer support reps. Overall, good team culture and coordination will elicit your company culture.
Now, you don't need to write customer experience buzzwords on your office walls. Just simply show in your actions and policies how much you value your customers. It is sufficient enough to motivate your employees so they can go beyond their capabilities to serve customers.

No need to market your brand

Once your customers start marketing your brand, you don't need to spend thousands on marketing. Instead, you can save money and time with every loyal customer.

Your satisfied customers won't only buy more, but they will also tell their friends and family members to buy from your company. In many recent studies, 64% of marketers indicated that Word of Mouth is the most effective marketing strategy.

So, today, if you move your marketing budget towards your remote customer service team, it will benefit you more.

Whether it's retaining customers or increasing revenue, a good customer service impact on your business success is unavoidable. As now you know, how does customer service helps companies, the next stop, understands ways to manage a remote customer service team.

Ways to Manage your Remote Customer Service Team

Adopt cloud-based management tool

Indeed, emails are an easy and instant way to communicate with your remote team. But when you wish to deliver prompt customer service, it's not a good choice.

In fact, infinite email exchange between remote teams can create confusion and delay customer experience. Suppose your customer requested to fix some technical issues in your program. Then, you have to bring the customer service team, technical team, and sometimes financial, in case of refund in the loop. All this remote communication through emails won't let you serve your customer instantly.

Here to address this problem, a cloud-based project management tool is highly useful. For instance, with Remote Team Management Software, you get the opportunity to communicate in a centralized environment. Additionally, you can assign work to remote employees and check their progress status in real-time. This way, you can serve your customers quickly, even in a remote environment.
Centralized information base

As per the American Express Customer Service Barometer, 99% of customers agree that getting a satisfactory response from a knowledgeable person is essential for a good customer experience.

Therefore, you have to invest in maintaining a centralized information hub along with a centralized communication system. Your remote customer service team needs to access all the customers' related information at their fingertips. Otherwise, they can't provide solutions in real-time.

However, not many companies are making efforts to centralize their information hub, which is derailing customer experience. That's why on our remote team solution, we let you store information on the cloud servers. This way, you can allow authorized employees to access and manage customer data from anywhere.

Schedule regular meetings

Do you conduct regular meetings with your remote customer service team? We know the only handful of you does. Now, it's not your fault too. As you have to manage hundred other things too.

But companies, take time for your customer service team working from home. They also need constant guidance and assistance from you. Plus, customers' preferences change frequently, and you have to change your policies accordingly.

So, use the calendar feature on our software and book meetings with the customer support team at regular intervals now.

Understand change in customers preferences

Usually, people assume that only the marketing or sales team needs real-time customer data to prepare their strategies. But that's not true. The customer support team also required customers' data to provide them a better experience.

Considering this fact, we took the liberty to add the call record feature in our remote work solution. This option allows customer service reps to analyze cold calls made by sales reps. They can understand what type of concerns customers raise before buying your services. And work on finding the solutions for the customer problems that don't even exist yet.

To stay ahead of your customers, understanding them is the best plan.

Streamlining your customer support team

Sometimes the person dealing with the particular complaint area is on leave, due to which you can't solve customer issues on time. Now, the problem is genuine, but it's not the customers' problem that your employee is on leave.

So, in that case, you can use our tool to grant leaves to your remote customer service team and assign on-leave employee's duties to someone else. This way, your customers never have to wait.

Solution within the given timeframe

If you have promised a one-day solution to your customers, you should deliver that. However, in the remote work chaos, you might not get sufficient time to monitor each case and ensure that your team has solved customer's problems within a given timeframe.

In that case, automatic alerts will help you a lot. Whenever your employees miss addressing a case on time, you will receive automatic alerts on your dashboard. This way, you ensure that all your customers' complaints are addressed within the given timeframe.

Unfortunately, if one of your customer reps can't address the case on time, you can assign it to someone else. Or, you can find some other way to solve the problem. But, no matter what you do, always serve your customers on time to offer a good experience.

Rewards for the best performers

To build a customer-centric company culture, you can reward your star customer reps. Through the analytical dashboard, you can analyze the performance of every remote customer rep. Then, you can offer some special rewards to employees who quickly and effectively help customers and never left any pending tickets.

With this practice, you can also motivate other employees to go the extra mile to serve your customers.

Parting Thoughts

The customer is a King! And you should never forget to treat them like one. Right now, your customers are like life support for your struggling business. So, make some efforts to provide a good experience to your existing customers and strengthen your remote customer service.

For a remote case management solution, you can request a demo from the TrackOlap team anytime and keep on growing despite all odds. 


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