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5 Tips to Improve Employee Experience to Grow your Business

5 Tips to Improve Employee Experience to Grow your Business

Many companies forget that a better employee experience model can drive 2.5 times more revenue. Thus, if you want to grow, you have to study the best employee experience examples and try to push the experience level of your employees. They don’t think how their poor employee experience management will impact productivity, performance, retention rate, and workspace culture.

In this article, TrackOlap would be covering all the important factors related to what is employee fleet tracking software and how to improve employee experience in your firm. By the end of this post, you will know exactly how to provide a better experience for your employees and improve their productivity.

What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience is a very broad term - it is related to every aspect of the employee’s journey. From employees' interaction with their employees, team, software to other parties related to their work. It is a holistic term that covers the full spectrum of an employee’s experiences throughout their entire time at a company.

One of the best employee experience employees would be studying it through the counter opposite concept - customer experience. In a way, customer experience starts the moment a customer enters your work premises - physically or digitally. Similarly, employee experience begins when you hire an employee and put them on your payroll. Similarly, the employee experience ends when an employee leaves your website.
Why Is Employee Experience Management Challenging?
It is always challenging to understand human nature. Predicting how a certain person will behave under a given situation is a very hard job. However, with the right management, one can predict employees' needs to a certain extent, but no one can still fully predict their behavior.

When management doesn’t have control over their employees' behavior or needs, they can’t provide them the perfect experience. Thus, the number one challenge in employee experience management is understanding employees' needs and behavior traits.

While working under one roof, employers can still figure out the needs and requirements of their employees over informal cafeteria talks and spontaneous meetings. But, now the virtual wall has created a barrier between employee and employer that it is getting very difficult to provide a good employee experience.

Due to work from home and remote working culture, it is becoming tremendously challenging for management to practice the right employee experience model. With this change in work culture, numerous new challenges have been surfaced that employers need to overcome for providing an improved employee experience.

Tips to Improve Employee Experience Right Now

Today, employers might have to deal with different employee experience management problems due to the pandemic. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your employee experience in the new normal. We aren’t saying that it will be easy, but if you follow the right tips to improve employee experience, you can indeed gain the trust of your employees.

There are plenty of different ways to enhance the experience of your team, but the instant tips to improve employee experience is -

Setup Right Communication Portal

Around 47% of employees know how to communicate with the top management in case of a crisis? That means 53% of employees have no clue how to communicate with management urgently. And it is one of the worst employee experience points.

When employees can’t communicate with the seniors properly, they will feel more stressed and annoyed. Thus, to provide a satisfactory experience to your employees, you have to establish a centralized communication platform where they can easily connect with their seniors.

In a traditional office work environment, employees can book a meeting with their seniors or can directly approach them in their cubicles. But, virtually, it is difficult to communicate through call or text messages, and there’s a high chance that management won’t get the message at the right time.

That’s why centralized communication software is the perfect way to instantly communicate with management. Employees can send messages to their seniors, and app notifications will automatically alert the person that an employee wants to urgently contact him or her. This way, all the communication barriers between the employees and management can vanish in one go.

Easily Grant Leaves

Basically, one employee has two needs - timely remuneration and leave when they have an emergency. Now, if your employee’s wife is sick and he has to take her to the hospital urgently, he won’t have time to physically apply for leave and wait for the approval. He simply wants quick and easy leave processing.

And you can provide that by giving an app to your employees from where they can easily apply for the leave. Through the mobile app, employees can check how many leaves are left in their account, and they can apply for the leaves with one click. The leave request can be swiftly rejected or accepted by the concerned person.

When your employees can get their leaves approved with one tap without any hassle, it will automatically improve their experience. With this small mobile leave management facility, you can provide comfort and ease to your employees.

Provide a Personalised Experience

Employee experience is related to the emotion and feelings of your employees. If you can stimulate your employees’ emotions in any way, you can enhance the level of efficiency. When your employees feel that you care for them and they mean a lot to you, winning over the emotions of employees becomes very easy.

For example, if you send personalized birthday greetings or a small gift to your employees, this small gesture can help you in winning the heart of your employees. The best employee experience examples are those that trigger the emotions of your employees.

Now, when you have more than 1000 employees working in your office, remembering each employee's birthday would be a tricky task. But, if you have stored a database of each employee in the centralized software, you will automatically be notified about your employee's DOB, and you can do something special for the birthday employee.

This might seem like a small gesture, but when the CEO of your company wishes you on your birthday, it helps in winning a loyal employee.

Better Onboarding Experience

As we have already said that employee experience begins the moment you employed a person in your company. Thus, you should provide a better onboarding experience to your employees so that their overall experience improves.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 33% of new hires look for a new job within their first six months on the job, and this can be largely attributed to their employee onboarding experience. Furthermore, low employee retention increases your financial burden and spreads the wrong message about your employment policies.

There are plenty of different options to design a better employee onboarding experience through employee efficiency and monitoring software. Such as you can easily assign tasks to your new employees through the dashboard, you can monitor their performance using screenshots and multiple other reports.

With the software, you can generate multiple different performance reports, which helps in understanding the growth level of a new employee. Even if you hire new employees today in the midst of coronavirus, you can provide them virtual onboarding training. Thus, when you provide an elevated employee experience from the start, you won’t ever have to worry about retaining your employees.

Reduce your Employees Backpack Weight

When your sales or field employee has to work on the site, they have to carry a large backpack with them, including numerous files, documents, and their laptop. Especially when they have to give a sales pitch to a potential client, they have to carry all the relevant documents with them so that they can give a perfect pitch.

But, this is quite chaotic for employees to carry so many files and laptops all day long. So, you can enhance their experience here by storing all the files, data, and communication tools in one mobile app. You can replace your employees' big backpack with a weightless app.

With the mobile app, your employees can perform all the functions related to their work like -

* Employees can receive the address of clients on their mobile app, and they can easily navigate it through the GPS system.
* Field employees can send their location to the back office so that they can receive help at the time of need.
* Additionally, employees can retrieve all the company files from the cloud server anytime.
* They can even send clients signed documents and feedback forms to the back office for verification etc.

One mobile app can ease employees' workload in plenty of different ways. And, when employees can work easily, it will automatically boost their experience.

Bottom Line

From retaining employees to improving their productivity, the employee experience model is just required. When your employees are happy and content with your work culture and policies, they will never leave your company. Never forget that your employee has made your company, and without them - you are nothing! So, respect your employees by providing them the best experience.

TrackOlap app can help you in many ways to provide a better experience to your employees. To know more about our software, contact us today, and request a demo anytime.


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