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10 Signs That Your Business Need Sales CRM Solution Today !!

10 Signs That Your Business Need Sales CRM Solution Today !!

If you are a small business surviving through the COVID-19 crisis, you probably already know the importance of customer relationship management systems. CRM is software that can elevate your marketing and sales efforts while helping to establish a good relationship with your customers.

This one software can help you manage your customers, follow potential leads, customize your marketing strategies and improve your sales workflow in a go.

Despite knowing CRM benefits, many businesses are still reluctant to use CRM solutions because they consider it—

  • Costly
  • Highly-technical
  • And irrelated to their business sector

Now, all these are misconceptions that TrackOlap has already cleared. We have created a simple, easy-to-use, affordable, and compatible CRM solution that every business organization can use today. Be it a manufacturing company or corporate office; our CRM is useful for everyone.

Though, if you are still not sure whether to spend your business resources on getting custom customer relationship management software, observe your workflow properly. And if you found any of these signs in your work cycle, it means you need a CRM solution. 

Sign 1. Your customer database is scattered all over the place

Customer databases are a gold mine for modern businesses today. To create personalized marketing campaigns and prepare individual sales pitches, customer information is extremely vital for both sales and marketing teams.

But here, infinite Excel sheets won't be ideal for recording your customers' data. That's because finding the relevant information through multiple columns and rows will take ages. Additionally, in the remote work environment where teams are working in different locations, it is hard to access data through various spreadsheets.

So, if your team is struggling to find the relevant information, leading to poor marketing and lead generation rate, it is time to get custom customer relationship management software for your business.

CRM dashboard will store all your customers' information in a centralized format. Authorized members from your team can easily access the database and retrieve the right information.

Customer relationship management in marketing will help you personalize your marketing strategies and generate more leads.

Sign 2. Organize sales team

The impact of CRM on sales is unavoidable. The CRM helps to organize and streamline sales team efforts.

Every sales rep follows a different method to record data and chase leads. Over time, when different sales reps join the team and follow vivid methods to manage data, it can build huge data silos in the organization. At one point, it will become complex to maneuver through all the data silos.

Here if you are on this point already, it's high time to use CRM software.

The importance of customer relationship management software is that it can track, monitor, and analyze salesperson activities individually. This way, you can ensure that every salesperson in your team will follow the same system to maintain data. You can analyze sales rep's progress with CRM to improve your lead generation rate.

Sign 3. Streamline communication with customers

Nowadays, businesses offer different communication ways to their customers like emails, calls, etc. Providing different contact options allows customers to interact with the company via convenient channels.

But this can create chaos in the organisation. It will become so hard to document customers' queries coming through different channels and then taking timely action on them.

In all this chaos, providing real-time customer support will be impossible. Thus, if you are today unable to address your customers' complaints on time, you need CRM software for sure.

This software will help you manage different digital communication channels through one centralized dashboard. Further, you can assign an employee to address the particular query and monitor to ensure that customer's problem is addressed in real-time.

This practice will help you to build a customer brand, which is crucial to retain your customers in today's competitive environment.

Sign 4. Zero coordination between sales and marketing teams

If your sales and marketing teams have zero coordination among them, it is a big sign that you need a CRM solution. That's because sales teams today depend upon marketing teams' data or vice versa.

Sales reps require potential customers' intel in real-time from marketing teams to create a sales funnel. Similarly, marketers need salesperson ground information to understand the buyer's persona better.

Thus, a smooth flow of information is important between marketing and sales teams to build a strong customer relationship. But if both departments maintain different spreadsheets, it will become hard to share information in real-time.

And that's where CRM helps. The software will help you centralize databases for both sales and marketing teams. All the employees, regardless of their department, can access the same information in real time. Further, the CRM software can allow different team members to communicate with one another freely. 

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Sign 5. Personalize communication with special clients

All clients aren't the same. Some are more valuable than others. And to those special clients, you have to offer a faster and personal communication system, so they never leave you.

Using the CRM solution, you can prioritize special clients and ask your employees to help them first. In most CRM software like ours, you will get a priority button that will allow you to assign urgent tasks to your team members. Once you prioritize a task, your employees will automatically know that they have to complete a certain task first.

Additionally, you can monitor and track your employees' performance in real-time via time tracking software. This way, you can make sure that your special clients are receiving super special services from your team.

Sign 6. Your lead generation rate is diminished

The market is already quite slow right now due to the global pandemic. In this, if your lead generation rate is continuously declining, it is a sign to use CRM.

The CRM software will prevent leads from leaking through small cracks in your sales funnel. And you can make sure that your employees are following the hot leads on time.

Using a CRM platform, you can capture, nurture and convert your leads through a dashboard. This way, you can boost your sales even in this slow economy.

Sign 7. Poor reporting system

If your reporting and decision-making process has become a painstaking task, you are in desperate need of a CRM solution. Today, data is useless unless it is organized in the proper readable format.

So, here CRM software stores your data in an organized format and also turns it into reports. You can get daily, weekly, or monthly performance reports using CRM software. Leveraging this information, you can make sure that your employees remain productive throughout the process.

Further, the analytical reports can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your individual team members. This, in return, will help you boost your team's productivity and grow your business in no time.

Sign 8. Manual data is lengthy and error-prone

Maintaining a manual database is time-consuming and error-prone. You might find yourself struggling with numerous errors in manual systems like duplicates, typos, or simple compliance mistakes that can impact your business in the long run.

Using the CRM, you can record customers' data via custom forms and automatically upload it to your system. This way, you don't have to manually import your customers' or employees' databases to your system.

Also, the CRM software can be integrated with multiple other tools like emails, calendars, etc. So, you don't have to renter information anywhere once it is uploaded to the CRM software.

Sign 9. You need to save on operations

Every small business is today going through a financial crisis. Thus, if you can save up on operations right now, it will be great financial relief for you.

As CRM can save time, it means your admin and management expenses will reduce too. Using the right CRM tool also allows you to onboard more staff with fewer training overheads, as they only have to learn one dashboard instead of several.

Also, you only have to deal with one vendor, which can save time and resources spent on managing different vendors.

Sign 10. Overflowing lead funnel

If you have more leads coming your way than you can handle, it is a sign to get a CRM. Using CRM, you can easily filter the hot leads and prioritize them. This way, your team will only follow the easy leads rather than wasting their time on hard leads.

You can add comments and notes on the CRM software to make sure that your sales reps focus on the right leads. And you can always monitor their progress in real-time via the CRM platforms. 

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Final Remarks

Customer relationships management software isn't a luxury anymore for businesses. In fact, it is a necessity for businesses to connect with customers, boost productivity and build a strong customer brand.

All in all, you can't grow your business in 2022 without a CRM solution. So, to test the benefits of CRM software, contact the TrackOlap team today and book a free demo to understand CRM better.


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