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Why Business Organisations Need Employee Efficiency App Right Now to Beat the Recession Present in the Market?

Why Business Organisations Need Employee Efficiency App Right Now to Beat the Recession Present in the Market?


Simply because these companies have understood the demand of change way before the situation become too tense. They have redesigned their marketing strategies by using the latest tools provided by technology and created the sustainable environment for themselves in the market.

The way of conducting and managing business organizations have been slowly revamped by the modern trends of technology. The technology revolution has hit the method of operating business very hard and the companies who believe that the management of their employees with the old methods like emails, intranet, and other collaborative tools is sufficient. Well, those companies are highly mistaken because old methods of management aren’t anymore sufficient for growing businesses.

What is an Employee Efficiency App?

Employee Efficiency apps are the new technology tool that businesses can adopt to receive personalized, real-time, relevant and authentic information about their employees and employees can use it to connect with the company and retrieve important information whenever and wherever they want. The role of the employee efficiency app is very insightful on the functioning of the company as they can be used in multiple ways to make the workplace efficient for the employees. This app can offer you numerous benefits such as –

  1. The app makes sure that management can allot weekly or monthly task planner to employees .
  2. It enables remote employees and desk employees are always connected.
  3. Employees can send the picture with the geotagged once they have completed the given task.
  4. Managers can monitor the status of employees daily work at the end of the day which is generated by app automatically after receiving feedback from employees in the Excel file formats.
  5. It helps managers to collect the accurate metrics related to the employee's performance so that the correct employee's performance evaluation report can be created.
  6. The real-time tracking enables to guide their remotely working employees and make them more efficient.
  7. Employees can fill out forms present in the app to get quick feedback from their seniors.
  8. The task allocation can become very simple.

Get Employee Efficiency App Today

The mobile technology has been blooming very fast that today you won’t find a person without the smartphone. The evaluation of smartphones has changed the dynamics of the business operations as now all the business tasks can be easily conducted with the help of a smartphone. Today, all your employees and managers have smartphones with them so if you install the employee efficiency app on their phones, then this will increase productivity, workflow, management and efficiency of the company dramatically.

However, if you are still not convinced about the employee efficiency apps, then you need to understand the different benefits that you can drive from them. TrackOlap always recommend their clients to use customized employee efficiency apps as they can drive following benefits by having the company’s employee app –

1. Not all employees work on a desk

In the business organization, several different job positions are available that means, not all employees are working at their desk. There is a large number of deskless employees working in business organizations. The vast majority of the world’s 2.7 billion workers – 80 percent – don’t sit at desks every day only tapping away at keyboards. Employees are working on the factories, hospital wards, on agriculture field, delivery goods, operating a retail store, selling products on the field and much more offsite jobs.

Most of the desk less employees don’t have access to the intranet or company’s email, especially the contract workers as businesses are more relying upon them. However, all these employees have one thing common with the – the mobile phone. With the employee efficiency apps, workers can get their daily scheduler, information and can perform their job more efficiently. The mobile phone here works as the desktop computer of the remote employees where they can receive their daily tasks and they can submit their daily work progress as well.

2. Quick task allotment

When employees of an organization are scattered at different business locations, then it becomes challenging for project managers to allot daily, weekly or monthly task to each employee separately. Moreover, it gets hard for managers to follow up the progress of their each employee as they can’t waste their entire day on following up after every single person. So, in that case employee efficiency apps are very useful and can reduce the work allotment stress of the manager.

For instance, if a manager has two sales employees – A and B are working on the field, then by using the planner, managers can create separate monthly task schedule for both employees. The planner will automatically save in the employee phone which they can daily refer to check their tasks. Employees can even share geotagged photos and forms with their managers after completion of their each task. Moreover, managers can send quick reminder to their employees if they haven’t completed due task yet.

3. Management of employees attendance

It is a very complicated task for multinational organizations to manage the attendance of their every employee. In the corporate structure - in time, out time and leave time of every employee is different, especially for the remote employees. When managers don’t have the correct data of their employees attendance, then they can’t create the correct employee management reports.

But, when employee efficiency apps are installed on every employee's phone, then they can use the app to enter there in time and off time which will immediately tell managers when an employee has started work. Moreover, using the app employees can send leave request to their seniors and can also check the status of their previously used leaves.

4. Creation of employee efficiency reports

Every company wants to have the efficiency report of their employees at the end of the day. The performance report help management in making the important decisions like promotion, demotion, firing of employees. The employee apps are highly trained to produce the daily employee efficiency report in the Excel format.

Employees add every small detail in the customised forms created by the management through mobile app and sent the geotagged information to them. So, at the end of the day, the app will automatically process the data submitted by employees like how many meetings they have attended, what have they discussed in the meetings, how many new clients they have made, etc., All this Information will be compressed in to an Excel worksheet which will help managers in evaluating and comparing the performance of their employees individually.

5. Real time feed of employees

This is the main concern of the managers - what their employees are up to right now? Especially, when employees are working on the site, then they can’t fathom whether their employees are working or just lazing around. Sometimes employees use the extra-long route to reach the clients unnecessarily to waste their working hours.

To avoid such loses and make sure that employees are working efficiently, you can use the apps. The apps offer the tracking tools that share the entire geographical history of the locations where they have visited from the selected period on the map. It will help out mangers to know the activities of their employees in real-time. They can make sure that employees aren’t unnecessary wasting their time. The real-time monitoring also helps managers to ensure that employee reach on time for the important business meeting.

6. Survive in the competitive market environment

Every business industry is today facing a high level of competition due to easy business policies. Nowadays, new firms can easily enter the market, thus it has become very important for business organizations to use dynamic methods to increase their employee's efficiency and performance. Today’s business environment requires to provide the easy simple user interface to their employees and customers so that they can always stay connected with them.

The mobile app is an easy way to keep in touch with internal employees and external customers at one time. By creating the custom form on the apps, companies can ask quick feedback from their customers and employees. This feedback will further help top management in making effective business strategies to beat the danger of the growing competition and make important business decisions based on the real-time data retrieved from the direct customers and employees.

Today, business organizations can use employee efficiency apps in multiple different ways from connecting with their employees to evaluating their performance. Business organizations need to opt for the method of mobile applications to manage their staff and increase their efficiency quickly. However, if you have any concerns about the employee apps and can’t understand how it will benefit your business, then you can contact the team of TrackOlap and they will help you in designing your custom employee efficiency app.


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