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What is Employee Tracking? & It's 10 Wonderful Benefits

What is Employee Tracking? & It's 10 Wonderful Benefits

What is Employee Tracking?

Employee tracking is an intrusive process of collecting relevant information related to employee's performance at the workplace with the help of technology-oriented software. The employee location tracking system is a result of the harmony between hardware and software methods that can monitor every move of an employee.

The hardware tracking system defines the method of recording employee activities using video cameras, phone calls, digital interactions, etc., The software monitoring deals with encompassing an array of computer resources such as internet utilization monitoring, login/logout time monitoring, etc., The objective of employee tracking is to monitor the work activities to ensure that they are providing high-quality services to take business ahead. And,TrackOlap is here proud to announce that we offer the best employee live tracking software in the market to improve t he efficiency of your business organization. 


Advantages of Employee Tracking System

Tracking employees is considered as one of the effective ways of improving the efficiency and productivity of the business organization. But, still after understanding the advantages of monitoring system very small portion of companies are investing in employee tracking technologies. The pros of the employee tracking system are gigantic and beyond the benefit of recording attendance of employees. Monitoring attendance of employees is just a single benefit from the large pool of benefits.

By introducing your business with the concept of "what is employee tracking", you will be able to gain numerous benefits as listed below –

1. Address Attendance Issues

The main objective of introducing Field Sales Automation Software is to make an accurate attend ance record of the employees. There are multiple factors related to the attendance of an employee – off time schedule, start time schedule, arrival time, leaves, break times and so on. Apart from all this, the hourly work attendance is important to analyze the performance of an employee.

Employee attendance is still easy to record when all the employees have to report to the same manager. But, when multiple supervisors for different departments have to record attendance of employees scattered around the globe, then recording attendance become a huge trouble. Thus, to plan leave of employees in advance, it is essential to monitor attendance through a proper system. Few minutes of delay or latency in completing a job by employees can lead to a major downfall.

2. Controlling Unethical Behaviour

It is a dream of every business owner to have a hardworking and creative team. But, it is certainly very hard to have a fully competent team. There will be one or more employees in the team who don't follow the organization rules and work according to the given instructions. Thus, it is a first priority of superiors to identify those incompetent employees and weed them out of the team before they corrupt the other employees as well.

By monitoring employees in the workplace, the managers can obtain real-time notification related to employee's behavior and access how engaged they are in the workplace. This process will filter out all unethical employees so that management can take swift disciplinary action against them.

3. Rectify Errors Instantly

Employees don't always commit mistakes intentionally, they are also human beings and they can make some errors without realizing it. It is a very common scenario that employees misunderstood the instructions provided by the supervisors to complete a job. However, it doesn't matter whether errors are committed intentionally or unintentionally, the consequences of mistakes can be drastic in the business organization.

That’s why superiors need to keep a tab on employee's work so that they can identify errors before it gets too late. The advantages of monitoring employees include sending them reminders, occasionally checking their work and making sure that they are on the right track always. With the well-structured employee tracking system, the process of rectifying errors in the early stage became very easy. 


4. Work Remotely

If you are reluctant to embrace remote work culture in your organization, then some pros of employee tracking software can help you here. Establishing a proper workflow without direct supervision can be tricky, but it is not an impossible thing. When employers can track down the performance and attendance of remote employees easily using apps, then the authentication and accountability of remote employees can be easily set. It is a win-win situation for the management when employees can work remotely as they are working in the office.

The organizations which deal field staff for them tracking employees remotely is a very useful tool. As they can ensure that their field workers are working competently like their in house staff.

5. Prompt Off-time Requests

The most important aspect of maintaining a satisfied workplace would be promptly handling the time off requests of employees. If an employee has an emergency at home and he has to immediately leave the office, then no employee would appreciate going from one department to another to grant a leave request. This will affect the morale of employees also.

Thus, if a company introduces an employee tracking software that allows employees to track down their leave history and request leave, then this will boost the morale of employees very much. Moreover, it will save superiors time also - as they won't have to meet employees personally to grant their leave requests. With just one tap of a finger, leave request can be granted or denied.

6. Improve Strength

Management can't gauge the strengths and weaknesses of employees in one meeting. To systematically understand the creativity, decision making, and communication skills of an employee, management has to closely monitor employees in different situations. With the help of this software, managers are able to look at the big picture and can figure out who is thinking beyond the box. This will assist management in understanding which employees will be sufficient enough to handle a particular situation. The complete data on employee's strengths will help the company in using the traits of multiple employees at the time of crisis.

7. Providing Accurate Feedback

With the employee location tracking system, managers can provide the real, tangible and correct performance analysis to the employees. When managers have real-time statistics related to the employee's attendance, leaves, a project completed and so on, then they can provide the correct feedback to employees. Moreover, when automatic Excel reports are generated, then employees don't have many reasons to justify their wrong actions as well. On the top, employees can grow better in their careers when they receive accurate feedback from the industry experts.

8. Prevents Data Leakage

When employees turn evil against their own company and start leaking critical business information to outsiders, then this will cause irreparable damage to the reputation of a company. To gain personal profit, employees may become selfish sometimes and try to send the secretive data of the organization to the outsider or other company. However, when the strict monitoring protocols are followed in a company, then employees can't send confidential data to the outsiders. Thus, under the monitored work environment, the integrity of employees can be maintained and data of a company can be protected.

9. Enhanced Productivity

There's no doubt that when employees know that their every move is monitored by the supervisors, then they waste less time and keep their focus on the work. They won't get distracted by meaningless office gossips or personal tasks. In the absence of an employee tracking system, the managers won't have any idea about the whereabouts of all the employees as one person can keep an eye on hundreds of employees altogether.

10. Legal Evidence

If a conflict arises between the management and employees related to the wages or salaries, then the monitored data can serve as evidence in the courtroom. The properly maintained attendance record of employee's working hours and time off will support the case of the employer. In the absence of records, correct judgment can't be passed.

Tracking is Essential

All the business organizations which are looking forward to increasing their productivity, efficiency, and strength - need to invest in the employee tracking software. The employee tracking technology not only benefits management in evaluating the performance of the employees, but it also offers multiple benefits to employees also. So, if you want to grow, then introduce the employee tracking system in your organization today!

If you want to install the best and fully customizable employee tracking software in your company, then you have to contact TrackOlap and get your employees tracked today!


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