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What is an Employee Location Tracking System? & It's Different Methods

What is an Employee Location Tracking System? & It's Different Methods

What is an Employee Location Tracking System?

The employee tracking system allows a business to track employee activities and monitor worker engagement with workplace-related tasks. The business using the Employee Live Tracking Software can monitor, regulate, access productivity and record attendance of their employees remotely and ensure that employees are working as per the given instructions around the clock. 


TrackOlap is the Field Sales Automation Software that can create a shield a ro und the corporate employees through which management can always keep an eye on their employees. The tracking software gives a tool in the hands of management that they can use anytime and anywhere to check the performance of their field as well as in house staff. By regularly monitoring the performance of the employees, corporate companies can identify the weak links and weed them out before it gets too late. That's because wasting company resources on incompetent people is nothing more than an economical suicide.
Methods of Employee Location Tracking Systems

Today, managers and owners are firmly aware of the benefits of the employee tracking system and how can they improve the efficiency of their business. But, not many business owners know that the employee tracking system can be implemented in numerous different ways in the organization. From free sales employee tracking app to a customized field tracking app - plenty of different options have been provided by technology to the business owners to track their employees.

Now, if you are new in the industry and don't know which employee tracking method will be beneficial for your business organization, then we have listed down the trending employee location tracking setups that you can use to increase the productivity of your employees.

1. Online Activities Tracking

Job descriptions have been changing nowadays. Today, employees have to constantly work online or even on social media platforms to promote or interact with customers. Thus, it became very difficult for management to identify when employees are working and when they are wasting time on the internet. On the top, if the employee is sitting in front of the manager, then they can even monitor the activities of the employees, but when employees are working on the field, then it gets impossible for management to check the online activities of their employees.

But, thanks to the Employee Time Tracking Software , now management can monitor the browsing history of the employees anytime and track down when they are working and leisure. On the top, the company can block links of certain websites or social media platforms on the employee's devices so that they won't waste their time on leisurely surfing on the internet.
2. Direct Tracking

This is a very straightforward method of tracking down the location and performance of the employees. Traditionally, companies used to manually record the attendance of their employees to know their attendance record and working hours. But, with the increase in the operational area of the companies, today's traditional method of recording attendance won't work because some employees work on the field so they don’t report in the office.

Thus, the field employee tracking app comes into existence that lets employees record their attendance by tapping on their phones. Moreover, the real-time attendance data with the geotag will be transmitted to the manager's app that notifies exactly when and where the employee recorded his attendance. This way management can make sure that employees won’t roam around leisurely in the working hours.

3. Field Tracking

The substantial sales are driven from the field. No sales employee can sit in his cabin and convert potential leads into the sales. To target the customers and conduct meetings with prospective investors, sales employees have to work on the field. But, when employees are on the field, then managers can't properly track their performance in real-time. Moreover, if employees face any problem while working on the field, then they can't immediately find assistance.

However, the utilization of field employee tracking app has eliminated all these problems. As employees can stay in touch with the back office through the app and send messages quickly when they required any assistance. Employees can send the notification before going for the meeting and update the status of the meeting quickly through the app as well. Moreover, all this data is geotagged so managers know exactly how much time has been spending by an employee in the meeting. On the tap, managers can mark routes for the employee on the map so that they won't roam around on the field.

4. Email Tracking

Today, multiple email platforms and instant social media apps are available. Your employees can waste their plenty of time on personal messaging and chatting - if you don't monitor their activities on the basis of their location. But, if you are using the same apps to communicate in the organization, then it will become very difficult for you to determine when employees are using the app for personal use or official work.

Thus, with the fully functional employee tracking software which comes with the inbuilt communications system, you won't have to ever worry about your employees wasting time on sending personal emails. All the work-related communication will be regulated and monitored by management so employees won’t take chances of sending personal emails during work hours. Moreover, it will protect confidential data of the company getting exposed to the external sources.

5. Network Tracking

It is the responsibility of the corporate organizations to avoid any sort of cyber harms. With the proper tracking of incoming and outcoming traffic, the business identities can make sure that no employee surpasses the tight network security walls. In the employee tracking software, firewall protection is used to read the networks and content that's going out or coming inside the company server.

Sometimes when employees are working on the field, then they use third party networks on their devices that can jeopardize the entire security of the company. Thus, when a secured security dashboard is used by the employees to work, then the network security of the company's database can be maintained. Apart from this, the network tracking shows which file is accessed by whom and what modifications are made in the files. It is a very important part of the tracking system.

6. GPS Tracking

Geographic location tracking of the employees isn't complete without GPS monitoring. This is the real-time location tracking system that enables management to check the current location of their individual employees. With this tracking, employees can be tracked by managers anytime and details of their travel history can be retrieved. This data helps management in multiple ways such as -

* The fuel expenses of the employee can be monitored and controlled through real-time feedback.
* Efficiency in the fieldwork can be brought by keeping an eye on the employee's locations.
* Right directions can be sent to the field employees, in case of an emergency.

7. Performance Tracking

The main purpose of installing employee location tracking software in the company is to monitor the performance of employees. With the employee tracking platform, management will get the automated performance report based on the work submitted, work completion time and other real-time factors. Moreover, management will get the daily performance report of their individual workers that gives them a clear insight into the productivity of the team. With the timely performance analysis, managers can effectively make important decisions like whom to fire, who needs warning and who needs to be awarded. The location-based performance data eliminates any room for error.

Employee location tracking is a very complex science that can solve numerous problems of the business organization – if this science is implemented perfectly. It is important for business organizations to select the right method of employee tracking system so that the best results can be drawn from this practice. 


The utilization of location science is a professional work and to get the maximum benefit from the employee location tracking software in your organization, you need to consult the experienced people who know how to use this technology. Thus, to perfectly implement the employee tracking software in your organization, you can contact the TrackOlap team as they are best in the industry.


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