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What Are Current Trends in Business Automation?

What Are Current Trends in Business Automation?

With modern technologies, the world has undergone a tremendous transformation. Many businesses have begun to adapt to a flexible and remote working environment, and employees enjoy it. Process or business automation Software is the most recent trend that is being applied all over the world.

Automation does not imply laying off employees and relying solely on software. Instead, it is one of the methods that might help your employees focus on more critical concerns rather than conducting repetitive tasks. According to Zapier's research, 94% of employees claimed they undertook redundant, time-consuming functions as part of their employment. This study demonstrates the significance of automation in today's environment.

Automation can be advantageous in a variety of ways. It lowers human error, streamlines operations, and, most significantly, allows employees to focus on more critical tasks. When a company implements automation technologies, its overall operating expenses are reduced, resulting in considerably higher profits. According to Zapier's survey, 88% of small businesses said automation enabled them to compete with more giant corporations. At the same time, 9 out of 10 employees believe that automation has enhanced their working lives.

There are several business automation technologies from which a corporation can choose, such as a sales automation app , or location tracking app. These apps can help you complete most tasks on time with little human intervention & errors. Let us see some of the top automation trends that are followed across the industry.

Automated Reports

A lot has changed in how a business or organization operates since the commencement of COVID-19. It all started with online meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype. Attending the conference is one thing, but compiling the minutes is quite another. At each session, one person is in charge of taking care of the MOM. That is no longer necessary with automation.

You are investing in a report automation technology that allows you to use that spare resource on something more substantial. You can use it for meeting purposes, but you can also prepare department reports. People are utilizing automation solutions that update the minutes and publish and mail accounts. With the click of a button, the TrackOlap Analytical dashboard will provide you with a complete 360-degree picture of all your monitoring data - from sales tracking to employee productivity. These automated solutions can also aid in the preparation of all other charges.

Lead Management Automation

Despite rising marketing costs, corporations are spending less than before the pandemic. According to Gartner, marketing budgets as a percentage of total company revenue will increase by 9.5% in 2022. In this scenario, marketing leaders intend to free up resources to accomplish end-of-year marketing targets.

Lead routing, tracking, and scoring have risen to the top of the most automated marketing procedures list. Straightforward lead management software enables companies to gather and monitor leads via a dashboard. Trackolap lead management software helps you keep your lead pipelines clutter-free, thus allowing you to track, nurture and follow them until they convert or disappear. 

Salespeople may instantly transform qualified leads into paid customers thanks to the comprehensive reporting of qualifying leads by our Lead Management Software. By centralising the entire database in one location and reducing the number of tiers in the lead management process, this solution has made it easier for authorised individuals to communicate information and assign duties to one another.

According to Airtable, leaders want to free up at least 13 hours of operational duties that they are now performing and our software helps the leaders unlock their quality time so that they can focus on other business aspects. 

Automation of Processes and Departments

IT used to be the most automated department, but that is no longer the case. Departments such as sales and marketing, finance, operations, and human resources are all racing to be automated. According to data, the finance department is the number-one department with automated processes, followed by the IT department.

Free tracking software is one of the automated solutions businesses can invest in to keep a close eye on their personnel. There is no need for manual involvement from individuals logging in to report their daily activities with this program.

Employee Wellness Tracker

Every time someone enters the office building, they are thoroughly screened to ensure they are fit to report to work. With COVID-19 came a lot of restrictions at personal and professional levels. Writing to work with mild cold and flu-like symptoms is no longer appreciated. Many cloud-based technologies are available in the market which can monitor employees' health before entering the office premises, eliminating the need for an extra person. 

In such platforms, the employees will have to log in to share their health-related information in an online platform they can access at entry. With such automated tools, you can provide your employees with a safe and healthy workplace. These automated tools can also educate your people on taking care of their health and ensuring they comply with the office norms.

Stock Management Tracker

Keeping a close watch on your stock is critical in a sales environment. Stock management assists in determining how much is available for release into the market for customer consumption. The sales statistics also show which product is in demand and whether you have enough stock to meet that demand. Human interaction in stock management may result in errors or missed opportunities; automation technology will eliminate these scenarios. 

Instead, use an automation tool, such as a sales tracking app, to determine which products are the most popular and which are the least popular. A sales tracker will also assist in determining how much inventory is ready and how much more needs to be produced to control the demand and supply gap. Managers and field staff can benefit from using the TrackOlap sales monitoring tool to optimize all sales activities and enhance customer experience.

With live tracking, monitoring, and reporting options, our Field Sales Automation solution will constantly keep you in to uch with your field staff. With the GPS field tracker, which provides you with up-to-the-second knowledge of each employee's whereabouts, you can dramatically change the way you manage your workforce. Your employees' locations and working hours are tracked, and you can also keep tabs on employee productivity. Additionally, to guarantee that your sales team are on the right track, you can easily follow their work status as well as locations.

Keep a record of every appointment you have, including one with the client. Plus, sales representatives have the option to confirm their attendance when scheduling a meeting through email or a mobile app.

Why Should You Do Business Automation?

An organization should do more than go ahead and deploy automation because it is the latest trend in the market. Instead, should understand how it can help its organization. According to Zapier's report, due to automation, 65% of knowledge workers are less stressed at work. And in addition, two-thirds of those workers would also recommend automation to other businesses.

Below are listed are a few of the benefits that automation can offer you and your business:

1. Lower Operating Costs

Software and apps do not require much maintenance and, once purchased, will last a long time. Furthermore, the time an employee spends working on that task would be covered by the automated procedure, saving money.

2. Time-Saving

Business process automation saves your staff time and allows them to work smarter rather than harder. Employees can take time to concentrate on projects that necessitate critical thinking, creativity, or the personal touch by delegating repetitive, rule-based tasks to automated apps.

3. Increased Productivity

Organizations that use technology to automate operations find increased productivity. The fundamental reason is that software can do numerous jobs simultaneously, speeding up processes.

4. Error Reduction

Even the most talented and skilled employees make errors. Your employees' performance may be hampered by a lack of focus, distractions, and multitasking, especially while doing repetitive tasks. Computers don't forget as people do. They never get tired or distracted, either. As a result, automating processes significantly reduce the likelihood of human error.

5. Increased Adaptability

Manual procedures need to be more scalable and can quickly stifle business growth. For example, manually invoicing a hundred clients would require far more resources than billing ten, and businesses can only sometimes keep up. Automated procedures, on the other hand, are extensible. Business automation software can accomplish numerous things at once, considerably faster than humans with zero blunders.

Quick Wrap-Up

Automation is the new norm, and small and medium-sized businesses would benefit from investing in some of the best-automated software. 

To inform staff members of their work obligations in the past, managers had to manually send out emails, which added to their workload. Nowadays, numerous automation technologies, some of which have already been addressed, and others, such as field staff tracking , can come in handy and decrease the need for an additional employee to execute the work, send out email notifications when an employee gets a new task or a project, they're working on gets updated. Additionally, if a deadline is missed, automation tools can even alert staff through email.

For businesses wishing to automate their processes, TrackOlap is the best option. It is a comprehensive, top-rated, no-code business automation software for managing leads, keeping tabs on remote teams, and managing HR operations across various business domains.


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