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How To Track Field Employees Performance and Increase Productivity using Right Technology

How To Track Field Employees Performance and Increase Productivity using Right Technology

If you are worried about the performance and productivity level of your runner/field employees, then you should definitely install efficiency apps to regulate every activity of your outside office working employees.

When employees are working within the premises of an office, then it is quite easy to monitor and control their performance. But, what about the situation where employees have to work on multiple locations to perform their duties? Such type of employment can be named as runner employee who has to work remotely. These employees have to go out of the work premises to perform numerous activities like paying bills, handling customer queries, visiting other offices and much more.

Managing employees who are working on the field requires the help of special tools and programs that can assist managers in observing runner employees. With the help of Field Management Software , companies can keep a keen eye on their field workforce. It is a primary goal of any business organisation to make their employees better at their jobs and encourage them to deliver high quality services, which can't be possible if employees are not being constantly motivated.

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Technology Helps in Tracking your Runner Employees

Today, every company has runner employees who have to perform an array of tasks related to the business operation on the field. The success of a business 60% depends upon the capable hands of these runner employees because they are providing your services to the end-user. These employees have to perform cash collecting services to the customer's care services in their career. They are basically go-to guys for the companies and have to perform any kind of task given to them by their seniors such as collecting payments, paying bills, handling customers queries, depositing cheque, etc.,

The runner employees are the backbone of the back office that's why it is very important for managers to control their services as one failure on employees part can affect the entire company's reputation badly. But, when employees are working on the field, then it is quite impossible for executive managers to monitor their activities. So, managers have to just believe what employee says and that could be anything.

Now, thanks to the fleet management and employees efficient technology offered by TrackOlap , the process of tracking and monitoring the runner employees performance was never been easier before. By using different tools, managers can track the route of their employees and ensure that they are completing the maximum amount of jobs on time every day. Apart from monitoring the efficiency of field employees, technology-oriented software can solve multiple other problems of mangers also such as –

Making the Runner Employees Productivity

This is the number one concern of managers when they send employees on the field to run some errands that they can't directly monitor the productivity of their employees. So, managers who want to ensure that their runner employees are utilizing every second efficiently should adopt technology to increase their productivity. Technology can improve the productivity of employees in the following ways;

Track their Route - With the help of different software, office managers can track the route of their field employees on the map in real-time. Executives can easily monitor the route taken by their employees to perform the instructed services so that they can eliminate any tardiness on employees part and reduce the usage of fuel.
Responsive - When a manager has to send any employee to perform some urgent work, then he can locate the real-time location of the employees using mobile apps and assign work to the employee who is near the job location. Moreover, whenever runner goes to get payment collection, then he can put amount in the app so that managers can monitor the total collection.
Better Customer Experience - A customer who is paying to receive your company's services or products want nothing less the best experience. So, when managers know the current location of their field employees, then they can quickly send employees to handle the queries of customers which leaves a good message among the customers. And, managers can also make leadership after compelling the number of visits runner employees made to a customer.
Case study - A very interesting data has been shared by Enterprises Mobility Survey in 2015 that out of 332 executives, apparently, 30% found that implementation of technology in their organization has increased the efficiency and productivity level of their employees. This study clearly narrates that technology is making business operations more efficient and also increasing the productivity level in employees.

Stay Connected with your Field Workers

It is very important to complete a job effectively that runner employee and back-office stay connected with one another all the time. Suppose if you have sent your employee to collect payment from your supplier, but to issue the payment supplier would like to see your stock report which your employee doesn't have with him. And, moreover, your employee can't connect with the back office because of the data network problem, then apart from coming back to the office and collecting stock report, your employee will have no other option.

This problem could have easily solved if your company has an inbuilt two-way communication system. With the customized two-way communication software, you can seamlessly connect with your employees and can provide helpful reports and information to them anytime. On the other hand, with proper communication tools, your runner employees can send you latest update on the work like they can send you an image of received payment, etc., Plus, there are a variety of communication methods available such as texting, video calling that managers can use to always stay connected with their field workers.

Establish a Bond with Customers

Customer is a king and he needs to be given royal treatment. If you provide quick and high-quality services to your customers, then they will definitely come back to you. Here, once again with the help of tracking tools, you can make sure that your customers receive the best services from your employees. Tracking tools can help you in multiple ways in providing the best quality services to your customers such as –

- Tracking program helps in manager knowing that employee delivered services on the right time or not as it is responsibility of runner employees to deliver services or products as well.
- Tracker assist managers in providing quick services to their customers.
- Customers can directly rate and leave remarks on the performance of an employee which will help management in accessing the performance of that employee.
- Managers can reply to the customer's remarks, this will establish a bond between the customers and the company.

On-Time Work Completion

When executives know where their employees are working currently, then they can help them in reducing the wastage of time and money. For example, if the employee has to reach a bank at two of the clock, but due to the traffic on the road employee can't reach bank on time, then the manager can easily locate the other employee working nearby and ask him to handle the job. This way the designated work will be easily accomplished on time and all this because of the real-time tracking tools.

Performance Evaluation

This is one of the biggest reasons that encourage businesses to support technology to make their employees highly productive. By automating the work structure, organizations can make sure that their employees are utilizing every second of their work hours in an effective manner. When an employer can analyze all the activities of their runner employees, then they can easily distinguish between hard-working and lazy employees.

Moreover, when managers know detail work report of their employees, then they can reward the employees who are taking extra steps to satisfy their clients and on the other hand, can lay off employees who aren't working appropriately. The correct evaluation of employees performance can be very helpful in retaining your employees.


It is indeed very convenient for business organizations to track every movement of their runner employees and enhance their performance and productivity. But, the important thing here in this equation is the availability of the right tools. The organizations can only track the activities of their employees if they have the correct tools and skills to do that. And, to get all these perfectly designed employees efficiency programs, managers won't have to go far, they just have to visit TrackOlap website.

Business owners can easily find a solution How To Track Field Employees Performance down minute activities of their employees with the help of different tools like performance evaluation tools, and Employee Time Tracking Software. Plus, you can customize your app according to the requirements of your employees like if your employee has to capture photos of bills or cheques, you're your app will automatically do that for. Now, companies can easily send their employees to run different errands and keep a tab on their every single move.


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